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  1. With the Aussie batting as it is, and btw I think it is absolutely awesome line up with massive hitters all the way down, does Steve Smith get back into the team? I personally don't think so and I think this is going to start herald the removal of players like him who are quality but just haven't got the force really the brute power even. Williamson today against NZ was poor, made 8 off 13 chasing 190 odd, but NZ seem to stick with him - he isnt a t20 player. Players like root, they have played some quality knocks in t20 cricket as has smith in the ipl to be fair but what do you guys think? I was gonna say Kohli as well but he has fantastic consistency and runs so well between wickets that by the time he does go to up the tempo he's doing good on strike rate anyway. But then again don't like him coming in at 4... What are your guys thoughts?
  2. Are those guys any good? just looked at their squad, some new names like smuts, hendrinks dala etc who tbh I know minimal about. Obvs they still have the likes of AB, Miller, Morris etc but any more info on how they play as a t20 team. Are we gonna give them a good hiding again or will it be a lot closer, obviously knowing that the shorter format helps to level up the teams anyway, but are SA as weak as they look on paper?
  3. Valid criticisms of Virat Kohli

    what is your point? lol, every human being has weaknesses or whatever... and what.. he takes selfies like a kid? ermm ok pak troll
  4. This series win has been quite spectacular. And it feels so much sweeter for so many reasons: - The odi series' in SA that we have been to before when we have been bowled out for 150 odd numerous times, its been embarassing and not even worth watching it has been that bad in the past. - The ease that we have done it. Not just the 5-1 scoreline but the wins have been utter thrashings, its like we are playing minnows. - The haters - Michael Holding, Paks etc Unbelievable series win in SA, and yes we have faults of course we do but are we a sensational ODI team? Yes and the rankings (on this occasion) do not lie. Thoughts?
  5. India are too good in odi format
  6. Inexperienced lol - at least he came back with a nice slower ball got the wicket in the end !
  7. Thakur came back strong then good slower ball , well bowled!
  8. Haysman saying 240 is par. HAhaha no it's not 280 is. Man is clutching at straws - poor guy
  9. Embarassing from SA - India way way too good
  10. Phehkulawayo will be lucky to make over 10 lol
  11. Zondo is slowing down way too much
  12. SA will be lucky to make 220 now lol

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