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  1. swapnil123

    Congrats England!

    i dont know about fair result. After all i dont think you can fluke a test match like you can a t20. I mean if you want fair result then india couldve/shouldve won 1st 4th and 5th match but didnt happen so 4-1 is the correct result.
  2. idk why india has such a defeatist mindset where after every overseas tour where they lose, its always ''look at the positives''. This happened against AUS in 2014, SA in 2017 and now here. Why do they have such low expectations that they just need to compete? India has more double the population of all cricketing teams combined, and its the only sport india is good at while AUS has 3 sports, SA NZ have rugby and ENG has football and rugby too. So how is it too much to expect india to win overseas and not be satisfied with ''competing''? Youll never hear AUS or SA saying that
  3. swapnil123

    This team won't even draw a SENA series for next 10 years

    india is touring aus this year where no smith AND warner will be playing. If they still cant win the series (honestly i predict they wont even win one match) then there is no hope for the team
  4. India's Shaun Marsh. So much talent but but not enough to show for it
  5. swapnil123

    Zondo worst quota pick ever ?

    This. Imagine how wore the black guy (in this case Zondo, or bavuma in tests) feel like when they surely know they are not in the team for merit and just a quota player. Not good for both whites and blacks
  6. swapnil123

    If SA decide to walk off, then will they be called cowards?

    umpires decision, nothing to do with sa batsmen
  7. swapnil123

    Vijay finishes with average of 17, Rahul averaged 7

    very tough conditions though. give him some benefit of the doubt because almost everyone would struggle with these conditions
  8. 220ish should be a very tough chase. 250+ is india's game i reckon, even if AB plays a great innings this pitch is a minefield
  9. swapnil123


    wont be long where west indies will be finished. Cant really blame either side though when money is such an issue
  10. thats a big maybe based on what we saw in the 1st test. Besides thats only 1 bowler that you have named which is MAYBE better than philander. He's a much better bowler than you think
  11. which indian bowler do you think is better than him currently? He's better than all our bowlers

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