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  1. Stradlater


    I sincerely hope Pakistan qualifies for the finals. 3-nil would be nice.
  2. Stradlater


    No words really. I actually kinda feel sad. That's ultimate annihilation.
  3. Sorry. I accept defeat.
  4. I can give thousand examples of atrocities committed by Japanese on their citizens as well as on people of different countries. The honour code matters zilch.
  5. Stradlater

    Is Fakhar a Stupid man?

    He is a quintessential Pakistani. Most of them aren't exactly known for their brain prowess.
  6. I miss the era under Ganguly and Dravid. Man we have been on downhill since.
  7. Kohli is a full of himself, self entitled brat who thinks very highly of himself and thus don't want any other talented player like KL to brought into team lest he eclipses him in the popularity. He's a narcissistic prick for whom personal ego comes first before National duties. Would never respect this guy no matter how many runs he score.
  8. FFS When are we going to try Rahul and Khaleel? What has Rayudu and Karthik done to warrant a place ahead of KL and why couldn't we drop Chahal who has been pretty average with the ball so far and instead bring in Khaleel keeping in mind 2019 wc where the pacers will have a bigger role to play in team's success. I feel like punching Dhoni and Shastri in the face.
  9. Stradlater

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    Lol what a joke of a system this is.
  10. Stradlater

    Your Gay Interests Thread

    This thread is for sharing your guilty pleasure interests and the things that are too gay but you like them nonetheless. For instance I love this song from a forgettable Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore film.
  11. Stradlater


    How is Jack Ryan guys? I have always liked John Krasinski and felt he was a very good actor who hadn't been able to fully utilize his talent.
  12. Read about their war in Manchuria and Nanking massacre where according to various scholarly estimates more than 100K people were brutally killed. But nah let's bash Rajputs and call Hindus genocidal maniacs because of one alleged incident in Pallava kingdom.
  13. LOL one "alleged" case and all Hindus become genocidal. Wah!! LOL LOL LOL
  14. Indians genocided each other? GENOCIDE!! Man this guy keeps on outshining himself.

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