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  1. Stradlater

    Who is your favorite Indian YouTube entertainer?

    Of course you wouldn't. They were bashing your Bollywood after all
  2. Stradlater

    Do you care if Dhoni retires now or not?

    I do since it's insulting to us fans seeing the man play his little games manipulating the cricket fraternity and masses alike. This could have huge ramifications for the future and if not checked would definitely lead to rise of more factionalism and internal dissensions in the dressing room . It's infuriating to watch andh bhakts on social media and real life blathering Dhoni chalisa with no regard for team interests whatsoever. His PR machinery has sickened me to the core and I can't even begin to describe how much I despise this low life who is hell bent on destroying Indian cricket from within. So Yes. I do care.
  3. Stradlater

    Top Gun Maverick 2020 Trailer

    Call me gay all you want but I really loved "Take my breath away" song from Berlin which was featured in the film.
  4. Stradlater

    Top Gun Maverick 2020 Trailer

    Had goosebumps watching it. Can't wait!
  5. Stradlater

    Who is your favorite Indian YouTube entertainer?

    There used to be these Bollywood movie review videos from Kanan Gill and Biswa. Pure gold. Never seen this much quality content from Indians before. Had me in stitches.
  6. Gotta give it to Dhoni, an epitome of a perfect politician. This move is aimed at his hyper nationalistic fanbase who would lap up this story asap and would use this argument to propagate his image of a desh ka sachha sevak. Man gaye MSD. You know how to play the game.
  7. Stradlater

    So they all got away scot-free

    Check out Kohli's Instagram if you have got time. Man seems to be having the time of his life.
  8. My favorite HBO series ranked: The Sopranos The Wire The West Wing Six Feet Under Boardwalk Empire Honorable Mentions: Deadwood and Band of Brothers.
  9. I can see a sequel named MSD:Vengeance in the offing.
  10. Yeah twas pretty decent though a tad too long but good nonetheless.
  11. Highly recommended. One of the best easily.
  12. Border by JP Dutta was pretty entertaining by crapwood standards despite the liberties taken with it. Though if I had to chose one, I would go with either of The Pianist or Schindler's list, esp the former. A true cinematic masterpieces.
  13. My blood boiled at the way they depicted Persians in the film as bloodthirsty savages when it couldn't have been further from the truth. The character of a great monarch such as Xerxes was reduced to a joke by those racist b@stards.
  14. He is talking about great movies.

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