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  1. No candle marches by buddhijivi varg. No pictures of bollywood celebrities with placards saying "Hindustan hum sharminda hain". No shouting by liberal media anchors about growing hate and intolerance in the country. No statements from bollywood ****suckers who in Kathua case went full retard blaming everything from India's culture to religion. Can anybody tell me the reason behind this selective outrage?
  2. Stradlater

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    Who the f is this chick?
  3. Stradlater

    No Indian citizenship, many Hindus return to Pakistan

    I think Modi is a populist leader with huge charisma and support base and probably among the very few politicians in the country who can get people behind him on virtually any issue. Compared to him Sushma is a nobody and Modi can easily bypass her and no would bat an eyelid. Thus it's clear that this decision has tacit approval of the supreme leader no matter how much we try to absolve him of it.
  4. Stradlater

    No Indian citizenship, many Hindus return to Pakistan

    I call Bullshit on that. To Matlab jab BJP me sab kuch acha ho tab to Jai Modi Jai Shah and whenever **** hits the ceiling it's Rajnath and Sushma's fault. Sahi h bhai
  5. Stradlater

    No Indian citizenship, many Hindus return to Pakistan

    Hindus deserve to get exterminated.
  6. I'm a sex deprived lonely man with no one to comfort but internet and it's wonders.
  7. I have been a regular watcher of porn ever since internet became a household thing after the smartphone revolution. So far my mind and soul seems intact. But please tell me more about it's harmful effects on my 'soul'?
  8. I suppose with that logic you should have no problems accepting awards of caste based Khap panchayats as well since thats how the members of a certain castes choose to resolve their issues? It's Republic of India and not some medieval kingdom where communities are given personal autonomy to deal with their issues so long as they don't intervene in state's affairs. In a democratic society rule of law should prevail. With such courts getting more acceptance it would mean life becoming much harder for Muslim Women who are already way behind in many of the social indicators. It's a step backward in every sense imaginable. And numerical superiority doesn't give Muslim clerics any right to arm twist laws as they want. Where do one draw the line anyway? Next they would want something even more outrageous, what then? This madness needs to be stopped right now and with a chewtia govt at the helm I don't see any hope for the future.
  9. Stradlater

    How did Chahal get this far ?

    Physically Handicapped.
  10. Stradlater

    List all your phobias !!!

  11. Stradlater

    Deepak Chahar

  12. Stradlater

    Deepak Chahar

    In the same game another debutant outbowled him fair and squarely. Anyway I hope you are proven right as his career progesses but I see no hope.
  13. Stradlater

    How did Chahal get this far ?

    PH quota

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