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  1. Rising cross border firing incidents , Increasing no of terrorists in Kashmir Uri , Pathankot etc Changing global politics and rise of China and it's adventures in Indio Pacefic If you think these concerns are small then you are clearly talking out of your backside. Yesterday only 3 jawans got martyred in Kashmir. It has become a daily occurrence and to top that you want our defence budget to be slashed? For an intellectual , you come across quite deluded at times.
  2. @Muloghonto if you seriously think we have no danger from Pak and China (since we have nukes) and are wasting our time building our defense infrastructure then you are an idiot and I don't wish to indulge in any sort of debate with you . My father , sister and brother in law are army officers and know a thing or two about warfare than someone who's sitting safely in Canada. Both India and Pak had nukes in 1999 , didn't stop Pakistan from launching Kargil. Oh and in case you dont know , the cross border firing incidents in 2017 increased by 200 percent compared to last 4 years. For you that might be a petty small thing but our jawans are dying on a regular basis in Kashmir. We need our defence expenditure to be increased. There can be no compromise on that front.
  3. They were Mariam. I'm not generalizing here , I'm quoting the exact report of The Hindu (The liberalest newspaper in India) who interviewed Chandni (the changed name btw) who refused to answer their questions. The other neighbors were quite shaken and scared as well . You can check today's Delhi edition .
  4. No it's not. India is too heterogeneous for that. European model simply can't work here . And a big lol at reducing defence expenditure , we are already woefully short of our required defence spending . We only have 32 functioning squadrons left in air force , lowest in a decade. The IAF needs at least 42 squadrons of fighters to protect it's Western and Northern borders with Pakistan and China .By 2019-20 , it will loose another 14 squadrons of vintage Mig 21s and 27s. Cutting down defence expenditure would be suicidal.
  5. Sadly Sikhism has been hijacked by Jatt supremacists . They poorly treat Mazhabis and other lower caste Sikhs and constantly try to downplay their achievements as well contribution to the rise of Sikhism. Anyone who thinks Sikhism is free of casteism is deluded. The most hardworking Sikh group I have found are the Khatris and Aroras , very humble and down to earth.
  6. Only Jats can save Delhi from this menace. Sadly most of their youth are into drugs and showbazi now a days . I would have said Gujjars a decade ago but a lot of them are too on the footsteps of their Jat brothers (Having recently acquired the riches by selling lands in greater Noida region) . Time for Rajputs of Ghaziabad to wake up and deal with this ****. IIRC the culprits in the Dadri incidents were Rajputs only.
  7. Agreed. A weak quam that deserves the beating it receives regularly at the hands of Islamists. Just today I read in the paper where they tried to ask questions to the neighbors of the guy killed , the scared parosis refused to talk to camera since the girl's family lived nearby and could harm them as well. Lol ye tab hai jab ye 80 percent h.
  8. Indian Media reaches new depths

    Wow just Wow! Expect Mada ji to let it swept under carpet as well . What good is it to have a nationalist govt at the centre when treason such as this regularly gets published in the main stream media. This is extremely worrying.
  9. You think BJP gives a crap? They are as bad as other political parties looking towards minority appeasement. Their crocodile tears for hindus were reserved for Congress Raj only.
  10. Any outrage from our liberal friends? Or are we still discussing Padmavati?
  11. Not only Dogras but other rulers too such as Scindias who actively helped British against Rani Lakshmibai.Most of the kings remained neutral and took no part in the rebellion. Khair that was a different period.
  12. The list is quite long. But since they were Hindus nobody cares.
  13. Battle of Sarahgari truly exemplifies Sikh bravery and valour. A handful of Sikh soldiers against a Pashtun battalion. What a glorious chapter in rich Sikh History!
  14. Gulab Singh was a Dogra Rajput.His General Jorawar Singh Dogra was instrumental in conquering Ladakh and adjoining areas thus giving the modern day J n K it's current shape.

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