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  1. Stradlater

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Can't compare India with Venezuela , an almost insignificant country in terms of geopolitics which happened to had little bit of oil.
  2. Stradlater

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Biggest disappointment for the country in 21st century.
  3. They had all been allowed to grow and patronised under Congress. For so long the aam janta put these pseudo intellectuals on a pedestal and viewed them with reverence. I'm glad that growth of social media has exposed their true face. More the people know about them , early the demise would be. BJP as expected has been really disappointment in tackling this menace. They couldn't even change the syllabus or put their own people in JNU/DU History departments which are still heavily dominated by radical leftists.
  4. Stradlater

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    All 3 openly backing their Prime Minister while our Bollywood Shuperstars hide behind "condolences" and "RIP" . Isliye I don't watch the chewtwood anymore.
  5. I'm absolutely fine. On Pakistan hate mode right now . Please stop killing us. Thanks.
  6. Yar tujhe koi aur kam nahi hai kya bakchodi karne ke alawa?
  7. Like Mishra ji said hume shanti se rehne do. Baki tum jano
  8. You don't see Indians awarding Bharat Ratna to the likes of him , do you?
  9. Too many Pakistanis masquerading as Indians these days.
  10. That's right. No such thing happened.
  11. This is what description of Nishan-e-Pakistan on wikipedia says. The Nishan-e-Pakistan, unlike other honours, is a highly restricted and most prestigious award and is only conferred for the merit and distinguished services to the country, international community, and foreign relations.
  12. That's how the Veto system works Bhai. During Cold War , Russians and Americans used it a lot for their respective vested interests.
  13. Stradlater

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

  14. Stradlater

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Saw some Indians agreeing with Pakistanis and giving credence to the theories that Modi/Army orchestrated this attack. One particular person even called it Godhara 2.0 धन्य हो
  15. Apologies Bhai. Didn't mean to generalize at all.

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