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  1. Stradlater

    Rank MI films

    I like Craig as Bond. He has this aura of ruthlessness about him which distinguishes him from his 'soft' predecessors. If only the script writers could utilize his potential.
  2. Stradlater

    Rank MI films

    I love Sean Connery and Roger Moore ones. But Casino Royale has to be the greatest of them all.
  3. Ha subha sham do chammach. Gaay ka moot hai jahaan, Tandurusti hai wahan, RAMDEV!
  4. Umm there's something called basic structure doctrine which prohibits even the Parliament to enact a law which alters or try to change basic tenets of our constitution. So yes he has every right to appeal to the authority of Indian Constitution which has some unchanging, basic features that calls for giving considerable space to religion and curtailing rights of state to intervene in it's affairs.
  5. Plenty of young Bongs have called me names such as cow piss drinking Bemaru etc. I don't even like the taste of cow urine.
  6. Stradlater

    Rank MI films

    Spectre is the worst movie I have seen in the theaters.
  7. Stradlater

    Bigg Boss 12

    Anoop is dating a chick half his age. Tharki buddha
  8. Stradlater

    GREATEST song in the history of mankind

    What about the mesmerizing dance sequence by the ebullient side dancers at the beginning? Surely one can't ignore such a blissful scenery.
  9. Stradlater

    GREATEST song in the history of mankind

    Looks like a hybrid between Flash and Ray Mysterio. I like how he gently saunters towards her, arms wide, facial expressions hidden. Clearly more deeper in meaning than it looks on the first glance.
  10. Stradlater

    GREATEST song in the history of mankind

    It's quite popular in Delhi I have heard.
  11. Stradlater

    GREATEST song in the history of mankind

    Seen it before. While this is good too, the one in the op is head n shoulders above the rest due to the mind boggling lyrics alone. No mortal could come up with such a fine poetry.

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