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  1. Stradlater

    Shame on you Pakistan

    Our in form opener injured Our captain continuing with his usual chutiapa tried his best to gift you a win Our strike bowler out of the game after bowling a couple of overs And yet you dolts managed to collapse in a minnow like fashion. Shame. Shame. Shame.
  2. Stradlater

    Say sorry to Vijay Shankar right away...

    No doubt about that. Dunno why that hack is in the team.
  3. Stradlater

    Shame on you Pakistan

    Oh and did I mention we didn't even play our best swing bowler i.e Shami
  4. Stradlater

    Say sorry to Vijay Shankar right away...

    More like say thank you to inept Pakistani batting line up. The way he was bowling those freebies earlier on, any decent batsman would have thrashed him out of the park. The wickets he got were because of the pressure created by bowlers on the other end.
  5. Stradlater

    The streak continues, LONG IT MAY RAIN.

    You are right. Afghanistan has been a disappointment this tournament. Guess too much focus on T20s hurt them.
  6. Stradlater

    Shame on you Pakistan

    Kick Sarfaraz and other useless seniors out and hand over the captaincy to Bobby. Provide him a strong backing, start investing in your first class infrastructure and you would start to notice changes by the time next world cup arrives.
  7. Stradlater

    Shame on you Pakistan

    Not taking away any credit from Kuly who btw is the best spinner in the world right now, Pakistan had no chance after the start they got. Their supposedly best batsman were playing to save their place in the team. The reason they managed to drag it so far was because of pies bowled by Shankar and Pandya. Had Bhuvi been there, these minnows would have been bowled under 100.
  8. Stradlater

    Shame on you Pakistan

    Fantastic bowling. Truly a star in making.
  9. Stradlater

    The streak continues, LONG IT MAY RAIN.

    Don't understand why do we even bother with these minnows. Afghanistan would have given us a tougher competition.
  10. I would like us to bat first even with the overcast conditions. In such a high profile match it could be suicidal to chase.
  11. Check her out on pornhub. She bares it all. Even released her sex tape a few weeks ago. Was quite meh
  12. Good to see you bhai. Hope everything's good at your end.
  13. Stradlater

    The Official Kaanspiracy Theory Thread

    9/11 for me
  14. Might escalate into something real big if Russians and Iranians decide to involve themselves. World War three anyone?
  15. Stradlater

    Surf Excel Holi ad

    Dhimmi Hindus strike again.
  16. Surely he couldn't be worse than our current clueless Kaptan? How about him Captaining our test side? Is he the best Captain we never had?
  17. https://m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/last-of-burhan-s-boys-killed-marking-end-of-the-11-who-posed-in-viral-pic/story-Bn8f0IsDixrM4JvECFFhgN.html?utm_source=inshorts&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=fullarticle ______________________________ Fakhar hai
  18. Wow read his FB post guys. Truly shocking!
  19. It's the early indoctrination from the childhood and brainwashing which continues till adulthood that moulds their brain into believing in such way. Earlier I used to think that this chutiapa was only restricted to gareeb , uneducated Muslims but my opinion took a U turn when I first encountered Pakistanis on internet. Most of them came from well to do families with good educational background and guess what they were one of the leading proponents of this whole beghairat stuff that we tend to associate with Muslims today. They shamelessly called for persecution of Homosexuals as well as the other ideologies which didn't conform to their medieval ideals , while living and enjoying in West themselves!!! It's a deeper problem which would take generations to fix.
  20. Jiyo aur Jeene do yar. Why do people feel the need to care what other adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms as long as it's consensual and not harming them or society in any way? That's one thing that have come out good from the whole judicial overreach business from Supreme Court. The way they have tackled this issue is really commendable. Oh and I hope we completely switch to renewable sources of energy as early as possible so that I can see these rich bhen de takke 'Sultans' go back to middle ages(where they rightly belong) when the oil money runs out.
  21. I had really high hopes from him ever since I had seen his performance in Requiem for a dream. IMO the director and the script writer botched it all up. Jared Leto if given enough screen time and a nice background story could have been developed into a solid Joker.
  22. Having authoritarian Govt in a country as humongous and diverse as India was always going to be a recipe for a disaster. South Korea is probably the size of Punjab with a homogeneous population in contrast to India where even a small village in the distant corner of UP would exhibit more diversity. Thus unless you had mechanisms in place to deal with the rebellions that would have sprung up every other weekend to protest against the dictatorial govt , fat chance that Bose's plan would have seen the daylight.

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