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  1. Dhoni: Ye rokega. Aankh band kar k rokega. Side change kar k dal . Kuldeep obliges and the prediction proves right lol.
  2. Dream on. Ye kahin nahi jane wala wc se pehle itni asani se.
  3. Pakistanis are better fielders than this pathetic lot and that's saying a lot.
  4. Stradlater

    Is Rayadu worst fielder in this Indian line up?

    More like worst player. At least Jadhav can part time bowl a bit. This hack otoh has to be the most pathetic out of all the available options.
  5. I would pay to watch that. Yes I'm that disgusting.
  6. Asked the fielder on point to come inside a bit.
  7. The only possible explanation could be that he has in his possession sex tapes of both Kohli and Dhoni.... together.
  8. Chahal strikes as expected.
  9. Finally. I was starting to get worried thinking this Shankar might actually turn out to be good.
  10. Let's agree to disagree then. And since it's almost likely that BK will be in the final squad for the WC , here's hoping he proves you right in England.
  11. India's Faheem Ashraf bowling.
  12. He's definitely better than a guy who averages almost 37 after playing over 100 games for India as a main strike bowler.
  13. Even his face is so punchable. Tell me one single good thing about Rayudu. I bet even his girlfriend hates him.
  14. Commentator: Interesting to watch Taylor attacking from the get go. He usually starts slow and builds his innings . Probably has to do with the easy pitch. SunnyG: Yeah also probably because there are only 2 fielders outside the 30 yard circle . Umm Sunny the power play rule has always been there. How does mentioning it just for the sake of it explains Taylor's attacking mindset today? What a bunch of retards Indian commies are.
  15. Rayudu. Can neither bat nor field. Complete waste of space.
  16. Stradlater

    We should try to fit Shami in Worldcup XI

    Bumrah-Shami-Pandya-Kuldeep combo. Mouth watering.
  17. I don't have much expectations from him either way. He's a liability in ODIs and should be discarded when we get Bumrah and Pandya back.
  18. Phenomenal achievement. Dhoni should learn from him. They are both the same age but look at the difference in quality.
  19. To put things in perspective Bhuvi has 106 wickets in 100 games compared to Shami's 56 odd!
  20. Both Guptill and Munro could have been devastating on this pitch and outfield.
  21. These two wickets were such a sight to watch. Superb bowling from Shami Bhai. Wish we had him and Bumrah bowling in tandem. Instead we are stuck with Bhuvi.
  22. High quality bowling from Shami. He's getting the movement. 2nd for him
  23. Jiyo Shami! What a champ.

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