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  1. Q De Kock : How bad is he in Tests?

    hes a wicketkeeper, they arent supposed to win u matches usually. There are only a few like Gilchrist and Dhoni who are match winners. WKs should be judged on keeping mostly, batting is a plus.
  2. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    we beat u guys and have fun wehn you loose
  3. you did no such thing brother muloghonto!!! all you did was claim there to be homosexual potatoes!!! show us those gay potatoes brother!!!
  4. no brother, that was u!!! i exposed you as a fake statistician!!! u ran away and said something about potatoes being scientifically homosexual!!! in which world are you living where potatoes are homosexual??? please show us !!! brother, we all know ur two-faced nature!!! on 1 hand u say u support democracy, on the other hand u support fascists in Europe against minorities. look in a mirror, see the mob in you!!!
  5. good that everything wit shami has been cleared !!!
  6. England's obesession with all rounders ruining its batting

    if they had any batting they would play em, seems the allrounders and batsman r off similar qualities, so added bowling is better
  7. Bangladeshi player kicking rail on the way to dressing room

    tigers showing their ferocious bites
  8. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    cummins and starc is best
  9. I agree with brother muloghonto, even though he thinks their r homosexual potatoes... democracy is the best policy!!!
  10. Pugs are the ugliest dogs !!!

    all dogs are such filthy, smelly creatures... as bad as pigs almost!!!
  11. brother muloghonto is playing general in this thread... so much military expertise by someone who knows even mor than israeli generals about the fitness of women in combat salute to the gernail
  12. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    looked like a mediocre bowler to me!!!
  13. How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    he has even surpassed all batsmen in ODIs
  14. Pak lovers

    no brother, saudis r one of the big weapons buyers from the US...
  15. NFL 2017-18

    we lost

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