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  1. That's two players carrying a niggle in the squad. Shouldn't we be naming a replace ment for Bhuvi at least?
  2. Pandya_Power

    Rate my performance as a 6 on 10 against Pakistan - KL Rahul

    To me the pull shot he played off Amir in the 5th oevr was the shot of the match. We now have 3 players with the ability to take the attack to the short pitched stuff!! We have come a long way since the T20 WC in 2009.
  3. I sort of agree that he should not have been picked in the squad. I think he worth persisting though. Just should not be expected to play the role of a finisher. He is a top order bat who can bowl 3-4 overs, if needed. I also wouldn't judge his batting talent based on last game - it was his WC debut and first game against Pak. Nerves would be totally understandable. He looked clueless in the Nidahas cup final, only to do a lot better in NZ. After the WC though, he needs to be slotted into the seaming all rounder position and only played when Pandya is rested.
  4. Pandya_Power

    Rate my performance as a 6 on 10 against Pakistan - KL Rahul

    Looks in good touch. There was a phase after the 15th over mark when I felt that he could have rotated the strike or even taken the attack to the spinners. He used to pay 2 dot balls beofre rtating the strike on the thrid ball to a guy like Imad and was blocking pre-meditatively. He can easily take over from Shikar before the next WC. Needs to be mindful of his strike rate afetr he has settled down. As I said in the other thread, he has the game to murder short pitched bowling and that makes him a very good limited over top order option.
  5. Pandya_Power

    Is this the most stylish top 3 in INdian ODI history?

    Can't wait for Shubnam to join the party. He should be our #4 till kohli calls it a day. I know he prefers to open, but he needs to adapt in order to make the XI. On topic, I feel the current 3 are more pleasing on the eye as well as more effective (priarily beacuse of their ability against the short ball). Ganguly and to an extent Dravid never really took on the short ball. Nass on commentary also mentioned how teams can't bully these 3 with bouncers. They ahve plaeyd some amazing pulls / hooks. Only Sachin from the prev gen did that.
  6. Pandya_Power

    Pakistan team is in tatters

    I think Fakhar should lead the side...he is a hack, but seems like the only bastman playing the modern brand of ODI cricket. He seems to handle pressure decently. Imad, Shadab, Hafeez, Malik, Sarfaraz, Wahab & Hassan shoudl be axed yesterday. They cannot retain these and claim to eb rebuilding. The pace stocks are pretty decent, I'm sure they will come good in short order. They need to find genuine spinners and one all rounder. Not bits and pieces players.
  7. Pandya_Power

    What is a good total ?

    This is poor now from KL. Can't let imad get away. Pak always bowl well in the death overs. They won't be able to do what they did v/s Aus. On topic: need 350 imo.
  8. Pandya_Power

    Shankar va karthik

    If we can draft Pant into the squad before the Pak game, that'll be for the best. Shikar's WC is over. Even if he recovers for the SF, there is no guarantee he will be in touch.
  9. I so want them to retain the sae X1. Jaddu will be a walking wicket against Starc. Better to go with Bhuvi.
  10. Dn't trust the Pak players to abstain! Mani's reply eaves the room open. In either case, don't think it will have one bit of effect on India. They will be busy trying to shut Pak out of the game as early as possible.
  11. Super excited for this! Whats the weather forecast like for this game?
  12. So excited. So crucial that Bhuvi strikes with the new ball. We know what we'll get from Bumrah. I'm hoping SMith hasn't faced Kuldeep enough like the other Aus batsmen.
  13. Some of these comments are way off! He has actually not been given a proper run in ODI's. His experience of having opened in Tests is irrelevant. FFS, he has only played 15 ODIs, most of it as an opener. SO if it comes together at some stage during this WC, nothing like it. He has the game to win it single handedly for India.
  14. Fake or legit....when Virat gets hold of the news, he will make it a point to unleash MCBC full on everytime a Pak batsmen is dismissed. As it is these Pak boys are star struck whenvevr they are in the rpsence of Kohli. Just take a look at the inaugural press conference where Sarfaraz is trying to be extra docile. Take a look at him supplicating by constantly looking at Kohli in this press conference,lol. All it will take is one dismissal early in the game to put these morons where they belong!
  15. Pandya_Power

    Request Dhoni to remove Army insignia from gloves: ICC to BCCI

    Yeah, I'm with the ICC on this one. It was a bit of an OTT getsure to begin with.

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