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  1. CoA - laying down rules and shooting down requests, lol. Bunch of jokers, need to be dissolved.
  2. Pandya_Power

    Ashwin 's Bizzare bowling action .

    Got outbowled by Kuldeep in Australia. Fitness has been a letdown as well. We need to phase him out. Just does not have the patience to land 6 balls on the same spot to succeed overseas.
  3. Good fightback by Axar - surprised me with that innings. Looking at his batting ability and bowling he can be good replacement / back-up for Jadeja in LOIs. Jadeja might carry on till 2023 however. But Axar is only 25 - so ahs time on his hands. Must definitely be kept in selctors' plans.
  4. Pandya_Power

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    He is a decent bat, but if you watch his backlift, you'll notice his bat comes down from between the keeper and first slip. It makes him a very strong driver. However, he will always face problems playing the horizontal bat shots against quick Intl class bowling. It is also the reason why he struggles to maneuver the ball into gaps and rotate the strike. Not the answer to our LOI batting problems, I'm afraid. Gill, Gaikwad even Manish Pandey seem like better options.
  5. Pandya_Power


    Moronic. We'll never develop enough batsmen for the MO with all these insecure Mofos playing and racking up runs in every meaningless ODIs.
  6. Only in India considerations like these will factor into retirement decisions of players, lol. He would not have lasted 5 balls had he walked in before Dinesh Karthik in the SC like he was supposed to. Ganguly, Dravid, Gambhir, Sehwag, and Yuvraj were discarded more easily than this when they were past it. Shameful!
  7. Shame that Rohit is not a certain starter in Tests. In fact, no other batsman currently is. We are really stuck with Kohli. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have a chamcha for a coach. we need people who challenge him, perhaps reduce his say in selection matters.
  8. Pandya_Power

    Ruturaj Gaikwad

    Another opener, eh? It might come down to him v/s Shaw in ODIs. Let's see who grabs their chances first. We're still 1-2 years away before an opening slot is free when Dhawan returning to full fitness.
  9. I don't remember this happening ever with our previous keeper transitions. The fecker MSD even abruptly quit Tests mid-tour in Aus during the 2014 tour. This is BS. Hope he never actually plays again. He can mentor all he wants as a member of the support staff.
  10. Pandya_Power

    A few points about our semi-final loss

    Sack MSK & Co. - the WC squad lacked any foresight. Inform Dhoni and Kedar Jo. they are no longer needed. Bigger legends than Dhoni have been abruptly shown the door. Time for someone to grow a pair.
  11. Who though? The only established player I can think of is Bumrah...that might be a bad idea. He can't play every game, can he?
  12. Agreed! Glaring problem with short balls. And also is an inferior shot maker compared to Pant and Pandya. The lesser said about his bowling, the better. Don't think we have anyone better than Jadeja for the role atm. Krunal, Axar and Sundar are all inferior options atm.
  13. Is the Indian team a feudal Jagir? I can't see how changing captains will magically solve our problem of top heavy batting?!
  14. Though he is organized, he has a problem dealing with short-pitched stuff. Will be hard for him to be successful at the Intl level.
  15. Vihari dismissed...29 off 40. Good platform for Ishan to accelerate and highlight his big hitting skills. Ind A 247/4 from 44 overs.
  16. The current bowling coach has done a commendable job really. All the pacers are bowling at their optimum pace and more importantly the control they've shown with line and length has been amazing. Don't remember the last time a bowling coach performed this well, tbh. I wouldn't be too unhappy if Bharath Arun gets re-appointed.
  17. Nice to see Avesh Khan getting a game. Comparing his and Saini's skill levels should be interesting. The selectors seriously need to consider talent outside of Axar, Krunal, etc. for the SAR pool. We need proper spinners who can hit big from ball 1.
  18. Pandya_Power

    Babar Azam and Haris Sohail.

    Lol...of Babar had the misfortune of playing the kiwis on the pitch we did, a Windies like humiliaition would ensue. He is decent - my guess would be that he will fail to break the ceiling set by Younis / Moyo in tests, let alone be the best batsman in the world for any meaningful length of time.
  19. Pandya_Power

    A few points about our semi-final loss

    We're in a bit of catch-22 situation currently: When the top 3 click, they bat through and score daddy hundreds. MO barely gets match practice When the top 3 fail, the MO either fails or throws it away due to lack of temperament w.r.t building ODI innings Its a wonder that we did well as well after losing Dhawan early in the Tournament - credit to KL. But I think, going forward we need to groom other batsmen. That would mean giving them enough match practice, helping them develop the temperament needed to close out games and not throw it away. Realistically, the above is not going to happen unless we break up the top 3 - sorry, I know that's not what Kohli's fans want to hear, but these 3 are just too good in all conditions except when they come up against extreme swing bowler friendly conditions (this means that their failures are few and far in between, likely encountered in only 2-3 countries). I see no way of getting around this unless Virat bats at #4 and developing someone like Rahul or Pant or some other kid like Gill at #3. Pandya should be our designated #6 who gets promoted occasionally like he did during this WC. I thought the Management used him wisely and he did perfectly fine, imo. This would still leave us with finding a bowling all-rounder - probably Jadeja - at #7 who can tonk the ball right off the gate.
  20. Pandya_Power

    First Semi Final Winner Has Big Advantage

    Makes up for 2 less days between the final round robin game and SF. Besides this gives more time to read all the crap that traditional and social media is likely to put out there, if they make it.
  21. Pandya_Power

    Manju strikes back vs Jadeja

    Lets all get one thing straight folks - the only reason Jadeja was good last match was because of the used pitch. His returns may not be as stellar on fresh pitch. He was still firing it in...the pitch just happened to grip a lot more. Having said that, I sense that the TM will go with Jadeja + Chahal with DK at #7 tomorrow.
  22. He is playing all our reamaining games, 100%. Would you rather that he plays ultra cautiously like KL? I say give him the freedom to explode. A quick fire 40 like the one against BD shoudl be considered a success, imo. MSD is not retiring before the WC. So comparing the two right now is pointless.
  23. Pandya_Power

    Manchester weather and tactics

    Jaddu only performed today because we were playing on a used pitch. There is a reason we moved beyond him and Ashwin after CT 17. He was still darting it at >90 KPH, same as before. Its just that the playing surface was very Subcontinental in nature. I'd go with Kulcha for the KOs since we're not playing at Edgbaston. Both the wristies will be tought o go after on a fresh pitch at OT and Lord's. My XI would be: Rohit Rahul Kohli Pant DK Hardik MSD Kuldeep Shami Bumrah Chahal
  24. I feel its gonna be Ind vs Aus
  25. Pandya_Power

    India's XI for the semis

    Nope. I'd continue with Pant at #4. You cant judge him based on this innings, cos the game was done & dusted. Pant is a more capable batsmen than MSD, Pandya, DK and Jadeja.

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