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  1. He is well worth the risk in T-20s. His ability to swing the ball means he will always be in business against the openers upfront - most of them line-up and play on the up. Its a gamble with him in the death overs, but he seems to be improving and can at least hold his own when there is scoreboard pressure. He showed that today. Ideally he should reduce the workload from the frontline Test/ODI pacers. This might mean Bhuvi will sort of be forced into an ODI specialist role.
  2. Khaleel has to be the most brainless bowler to feature for India. Has no clue how or when to bowl a yorker. Does not give the impression that he is in control of his line or length.
  3. I feel like Dubey's bowling can be worked on. He should comfortable add some pace once he trains under someone that knows what they're doing. IIRC, even Pandya was bowlign in the 120's when he first came onto the scene. I hope for his sake that Dubey can bowl at an average pace of 135 kph. We need replacements for Pandya, who seems to break down often. Vijay Shankar is nott he youngest and his bowling has a lower ceiling than Dubey - though even Shakar should be adding about 5 kph of his pace with regular practice.
  4. I'm just waiting for him to be tested against the short stuff, before jumping on his hype train. If he can handle that, we might have a gem #4 on our hands. He has displayed game awareness and ability to score at a fast clip in whatever chances he's had until now. And he is only 24. This will mean that Gill will have to either bat at #5 or lower to break into the ODI set-up.
  5. Why isn't Prasidh featuring for Kar? Any word on how serious his injury from the previous match was? PS: I expect Karnataka to outbat TN.
  6. Word. Misbah in his press conference echoed similar sentiments. The thing that these morons don't realize is that you have to out bat the Aussies to ahve a chance at drawing the matches on those roads they call pitches down under. Having a good attack boosts your chances of winning as opposed to drawing. Without folks who can make daddy hundreds, there is only one result that awaits teams touring Australia. Pakistan at the moment does not have batsmen with the temperament to play long innings. Maybe Azhar Ali (who has done it in Aus previously, but he seems to have lost it these days).
  7. Interesting that one of the Tests is scheduled to be day-nighter. This should help the pacers avoid the usual flat batting roads one sees in Australia these days. Although, I wouldn't want to face Cummins and Starc under the lights if I were a batsman.
  8. Let's hope so. From my what I saw in the U19 WC, Nagarkotti doesn't really move the ball. Although he has a decent seam position and good pace obviously.
  9. Yeah I really like the look of him. Tall elegant left hander that reminds me of Yuvi. Plays some languid shots like him too.
  10. I think Mavi is in the Umesh mould...both have actions tailor-made for outswingers. Shami is something else - the key to his success is the upright seam and pace. He moves the new ball to. I think he'll be the one that's most difficult to replace. Don't really see anyone with that kind of seam presentation among the younger lot. Bumrah is really unproven in home conditions.
  11. Folks Naseem Shah is a trundler. There are clips of their National T20 cup floating around the web, where he is getting carted mercilessly. Looked extremely slow.
  12. There is a difference between getting whitewashed and getting drubbed and deflated. Pakistan & Misbah are about to find out, one feels.
  13. I don;t disagree. He looked very ordinary at Perth last year. But, you can't argue witht he performance he has put in with the new ball. It could be the last major tour for him, since he seems to be on his last legs. Ishant is somewhere near the end too, but has performed in WI and was good in Australia as well.
  14. We could see some careers come to a pre-mature end. Pakistani awaam is way too fickle and emotional, ultimately there is no way all the youngsters will come good. Naseem (if he is 16) doesn't seem like a genuine quick. Musa is too short, but bowls 140+. Shaheen is the only one that has any realistic chance of succeeding, but he is coming back from an illness. OTOH, its a great opportunity for one of the youngsters to distinguish himself (someone has to take wickets after all) by oicking 5-fers for 150+ runs, at 30+ a piece.
  15. Wow! Just wow. On current form, Umesh makes the squad ahead of a newbie like Saini for NZ. I think we'll end up going with the same 4 set of pacers that we took to Australia. Shami is tuning into an absolute monster!
  16. Philander struggled as expected. But, I thought Rabada did well on the first day. Hard for him to stay motivated when he is the only bowler capable of picking wickets in the attack. The spinners were just not threatening enough. Indian attack is relentless most of the time. All 5 are capable of dismissing the opposition. Just no breathing space.
  17. Mayank brings the same sort of mental attitude that Viru brought. While these two don't really have an attacking game to take on the short pitched stuff, they put such deliveries out of their mind immediately and don't half-ass it while going after anything in their half. And they absolutely murder spinners. I think Mayank has cemented the opening spot for himself. Can end up with a career average of 50+ and 6k+ runs. SA and Eng are going to be the big tests obviously.
  18. Turkey's position has been very weak, thanks to Erdogan's power moves and mismanagement of the macroeconomic policy. Ofcourse it stopped being a relevant power center in International Relations a while before its current problems. Bakis will not find a savior in Erdogan. If anything, this looks more like two bankrupt nations banding together.
  19. Dude! Stop with the Pak-philia. And no the Indian way is better, which is why we're producing better results than pak consistently. They're better tat nothing than us. Youngsters are not immune to criticism when they're several others waiting in the pipeline. You seem entirely far too removed from reality to be dispensing cricketing or any other sort of expert advice either on a internet forum or in real life.
  20. BS. Where do you come up with this crap? Is Bumrah immune to injuries for some strange reason?
  21. Lol. Stop pretending like you're the Greg Chappel of fast bowling. You're the one that brought up the word scared, when I used the word 'troubled' and never even remotely alluded to the emotion of fear in my original post. If I were you, I wouldn't quit that software coding job anytime soon!
  22. You've just repeated my point about express pace without adding anything new. The oint of disagreement seems to be regarding 'skillful' medium pacers. I maintain that batsmen have evolved from 20 years ago and will line up such bowlers easily once the initial swing wears off. Kapil and Pollock in their twilight would have struggled if they had played in the current era had We'l just have to agree to disagree!
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