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  1. TheBlues

    Top 10 Fastest Fifties in T20 Internationals

    Thanks for sharing the interesting video with the users of forum. Feeling Nostalgic. It feels really good to watch the old videos, especially when you have already watched the live match and you are able to remember everything ball by ball. Here are some more cricket highlight videos which I have found very interesting, please go through some of these and let me know your feelings.
  2. I wish I could watch this video. Someone reported this video, it is not available anymore.
  3. TheBlues

    Indian State Elections 2018

    Can BJP win in Chhattisgarh this time again?
  4. TheBlues

    Which languages do you know?

    Hindi, Marathi, Gujju, Espanol & A little bit Tamil too.
  5. TheBlues

    Patanjali ranked India's most trusted FMCG Brand.

    Interesting to know. Although he has less than 2% shares in the Patanjali :P

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