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  1. SrinjayDutta

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    Kohli, pandya,bumrah,shami, any 1 of the openers..these are the most crucial players for us. If they play well, we win the cup. Particularly pandya if he contributes crucially at the death with bat and picks up 1 wicket in the middle overs every match. He sometimes get lucky with his short balls...hope that happens.
  2. SrinjayDutta

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    Everyone is talking about England but I think their ultra aggressive approach will haunt them in 1 crucial knock out game. Also, the expectation on them is incredible. From WC to WC, only us and eng have a 2 w/l ratio. I think this world cup is winnable despite the slow run rate from Ind at top. We have to keep faith on our bowling and aim to chase 250-300 in big matches by fielding first. 1st thing is to beat subcontinental teams,wi etc and qualify. You will also notice that eng bowling line up is a list of pie chuckers..they accept the fate of conceding 300+. Ind can take advantage of that. Aus would be bigger threat to us atm. I wish ind focus on scoring higher in 30-40 overs to get good scores. My choice of 4 is dhoni, as I think any place lower, he will affect the run rate beyond control. He tends to target certain bowlers nowadays to get runs.middle overs would be better suited for that than the specialists at the end. The only place for rahul is at the top where he excels if he is set. So strictly a backup opener for me. Such a shame and waste of talent. My 5,6,7 at the beginning of WC is kedar, hardik and Shankar with 3 Pacers and kuldeep to follow. Gives us maximum firepower and all rounders.
  3. SrinjayDutta

    Your favourite Indian cricket ground

    Which are the cricket grounds you have visited in India and which are the liveliest ones? It may not be the one with most crowds. I have been at Eden Gardens 10-12 times and once at Kotla. Definitely prefer Eden Gardens vibe, was lucky to have watched kuldeep hattrick and Ind-pak t20 semi with electric atmosphere. Target in future for me: chinnaswamy and wankhede.
  4. My plan is GOT, and other series. Also avengers endgame would be here. Normally watched 5 6 matches at max of IPL last two years in TV, although watched couple of kkr matches at ground. My main concern this year is injury of Indian players. Is bumrah injured already? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  5. They are not playing inside out, straight down the ground ,sweep or reverse against the spinners. Make them look like incredible bowlers.such terrible batting against spin.
  6. I think with dhoni we would still been alive in this match.
  7. Look at Australia fielding and us fielding.
  8. This series has been a slap in the face. And the worst performers in my view were the wrist spinners.
  9. SrinjayDutta

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    Terrible captaincy is also playing a part here.
  10. SrinjayDutta

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    2004-05.pant averages 1 miss per innings easily.
  11. SrinjayDutta

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    Wow autocorrect on colourful words, did not know this.
  12. SrinjayDutta

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    This was out, and ICC *ed up again.
  13. SrinjayDutta

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    Will not accept this. Dhoni was never so bad. He was always stiff against far reaching catches. Also remember dhoni is taller than pant.
  14. SrinjayDutta

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    The whole ground is chanting dhoni..
  15. SrinjayDutta

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    If we lose, it is on pant.

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