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  1. Let's hope we win 2 more first, and then these cases may happen. I think no team can chase 350 for the rest of the tournament,unless the bowling attack is terrible. Pressure cooker situation has began.
  2. SrinjayDutta

    Is this Aussie attack the best in the WC?

    We have 5 very good bowlers and one depending on pitch (jadeja). They have 2 and depending on condition,behrendorff,Lyon. Even Lyon is not an wickettaker. So,no. Include jhye Richardson who is unfit, and it is comparable. I assume bhubi to be fit by semis.
  3. SrinjayDutta

    Choose number 1 and 4 for next 2 matches for ind

    Agree. Just assume yourself to be team management.
  4. SrinjayDutta

    Choose number 1 and 4 for next 2 matches for ind

    My vote for rahul is because very few batsman in this squad is capable of big hundreds and playing as a pure batsman. This is unimaginable for an Indian side.only 3 if we count him. Dhoni,pandya wont deliver you hundreds from lower order,neither Shankar at 4,at least now.
  5. What would be your choice for 1 and 4 for upcoming matches for India? My personal preference would be to experiment with pant at the top and rahul at 4 as I believe rahul bats better without the threat of swing bowling.
  6. SrinjayDutta

    Most yorkers in ODIs since 2010

    I think they use text mining from ball by ball commentary. Ball by ball commentary is available for more than last ten years.
  7. Read in a bengali newspaper about his idea on suicide, was stunned. Remembered Bob woolmer, one of the most tragic cases in cricket history.
  8. What a review!! Was laughing at sarfaraz and amir.
  9. Ball is also coming nice into the bat..
  10. Shami is better bowling off short and fast...
  11. In the morning, the wicket is more fresh. The afternoon sun bakes it and make it more playable. Also,their spinners bowled stump to stump,very hard to get them when the ball is not coming to bat. Ind should have got more singles today, that much I will concede. The Afghan bowlers, specially mujeeb, was great today.
  12. Big hitters from other teams may have got this. Then again, they dont have such a trio of spinners.deadly from them today...
  13. Need 1 more wicket.rashid may succumb to pressure. Their keeper is new.

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