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  1. He is the best t20 batsman we have anyway.
  2. Good match. Should have won it in last over. 19.2 would be a boundary through third man if dk had not left it.
  3. This is very winnable. Need to keep wickets in hand and target 40 in last 3.with wickets in hand.
  4. This ground is too small and the pitch is absolutely dead. Let's just wait and watch what happens for first 5-10 overs. I think 213 is gettable here. 245 have been chased in this ground by Australia.
  5. Too flat a pitch. Anything can be chased in such a small ground.
  6. This was just what was needed. Calling this chase ordinary is quite demanding
  7. We can win the World cup if all goes well..
  8. Kartik ruining rayadu's chances of a 50
  9. Probably dhoni will come back and Gill won't be given a chance. I do not want this though.
  10. Rayudu has been suspended from bowling by ICC. ICF wants him suspended from batting too.
  11. Still a good effort. Looked comfortable against short balls too. I don't think he is at 100% since melbourne test. Back problem can be a long term thing.
  12. No bowled,lbw or caught behind? That means he can visualize his three stumps perfectly
  13. Hopefully not, but this will be a mini test.
  14. Worst review in ages. Mockery of umpiring.
  15. Could not find the tri colour emoji.

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