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  1. Surely nothing at all. Its just pussy slapping pussy.
  2. Ehsan Mani said, ""When politicians talk, we shouldn't get it into it. We should focus on matters concerning the cricket boards. When the Kargil incident happened [in 1999], even then we didn't stop dialogues. We knew cricket was tough, but every effort was made to renew bilateral ties. I strongly believe politics and politicians shouldn't influence cricket." http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24773458/pcb-chairman-committed-talks-bcci-ahead-icc-tribunal Has this clown lost his marbles? Why would you want to have any ties sporting/non sporting when nations were at war!
  3. Someone fire Dhoni- biggest liability of them all.
  4. Still, well played after sitting out for so long.
  5. How stupid is that...reverse sweeping Rashid of all people. Stupid stupid brain freeze. Gonna cost Rahul big.
  6. Pathetic bowling. Throw this Jadhav fellow out as well.

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