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  1. And then what - take it to the last ball of the final over?
  2. Some shot that by the Rat....timing
  3. When will they learn to drop their hands when weaving out of the way.
  4. Save it. Gabbar will be baccccck. Imperious hitting by KL.
  5. And an old Troll bitch is back. I am enjoying it.
  6. KL - well played. now keep going and finish it off.
  7. KL is literally gutless. He is too focused on getting to a ton.
  8. How does SR matter in this match's context? They are literally coasting. Kohli can do the hitting. One trick would be to get that NRR up and make the Aussie chase a little more difficult, but our TM is full of f&**tards.
  9. It's a genetic malaise.
  10. Anyways its the test matches that matter. KL needs to work his way back to the top of the order.
  11. Not so sure. He looks so fragile. Needs a shrink for sure.
  12. This fellow will get on his knees in a second to fluff Bambis.
  13. Its Ok. Lets celebrate 5 tons. I was hoping he would get to 638 aggregate in this innings itself.

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