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  1. True, Dhoni is leagues ahead of Sachin. He plays his cricket admirably for the most part, unlike record crazy drama baazis Sachin and Bakwaskar.
  2. Hero Worship. It's in the Indian DNA.
  3. I guess the 3d comment might hurt his chances as well.
  4. Some sort of twisted insecurity I guess.
  5. If he fails at the WC, surely curtains for him and Biryani will be back in a flash.
  6. Sarfraz's stupidity is only matched by that of our Psycho's. He could have handed the ball to Hafeez to bowl the 49th. Psycho would have handed it to Umesh. But still he is first among equals.
  7. Even though still shaky, KL has best chance at #4. He needs to get in the playing 11, and adapt. Cant keep looking to open all the time.
  8. You can't put lipstick on a pig...
  9. How does it matter when the whole tournament stinks.
  10. Thank God this chewtiyapan IPL is over.
  11. This fekker is Bakwaskar's mini me.
  12. CSK having some Vada pav during the TO...
  13. Kothili

    Lovely at the bottom (before the fixing started)

    Would go back to what it was at 86kg after a bun or two in the oven.

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