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  1. Kothili

    Who will bat at #4 for Team India at the World Cup?

    15 member WC squad: No-hit Gobar Psycho Shankar (KL - Reserve Opener or play at #4, Biryani - Reserve #4) Dhoobi (Pant, DK - reserve keepers) Pandya Jadhav Kuldeep Shami Bhoobi Bumrah
  2. About team balance, he probably meant he is shorted in his head.
  3. What a whacko psycho crazy nutjob!!! In perpetual denial!
  4. Kothili

    Captain Clueless

    He is an incorrigible hack and we haven't seen the worst yet. That's how bad he is as captain. Keeps everyone guessing in the team and as a result they are all unsettled.
  5. This is the biggest of all in recent times.
  6. Its good to eat humble pie once in a while. Especially captain Psycho.
  7. Jaddu is about as useful as a vat of lube for Dhoobi.
  8. RRR almost 12. Would be a miracle to cross the line.
  9. We have lost the art of playing spin. Period. They barely use their feet or employ the sweep. They always look scared shitless.
  10. They play two white balls each end these days.
  11. We all know what a sorry a$$ bunch they are. Rubber stamps the whole lot of them shackled by 2 zonal interests.
  12. Anyone but this mental midget sad sack.
  13. We have the worst of the worst coach team. They suck all around but the team of egomaniacal superstars will never entertain anyone remotely professional.

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