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  1. Sorry ass Aussie team. We should be able to knock them over like nine pins (err 11 pins). Super Strike!
  2. Let's settle for Dumb(MSD) and Dumber(Kohli)
  3. Kothili

    Kohli optimistic about Rahul’s fightback

    Maybe thats the way everyone are required to play. The "Intent" thing from Bevda and Kothili is going too far.
  4. Kothili

    Anti Rahul Club [ ARC ] !!!

    That is true, there has always been a strong undercurrent of such feelings within BCCI. Things started changing only with the likes of Dhoni taking stage.
  5. Kothili

    Anti Rahul Club [ ARC ] !!!

    Dude - If KL does not score in Aus, I'll be the first one to back his axing. He can help himself by clearing up the demons in his head. He can't afford to be a snowflake.
  6. And Ass3 is a bit of Bullshit, Pigshit and Rhinoshit making him full of himself.
  7. We know how shitty Bambis can be. No need to state the obvious.
  8. Nah....No sandpaper to save Aussies this time.
  9. 10 wickets on a dead pitch.
  10. Kothili

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    Problem is no quality in domestic circuit. He needs to play county.
  11. Kothili

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    Really sad. Expected much from KL. He is in an uncontrolled tailspin. Shocking lack of technique. T20 has screwed him over.
  12. He is probably wrestling with ladies in his neighborhood.
  13. Hardly! Ashwin can thrive only in the subcontinent. Thats where he pike dup the bulk of his test wickets. His SENA bowling avg is over 45!! He is far behind Swann and Lyon on the world stage(look at their away records). Maybe we have no alternatives at the moment but he is hardly a great off spinner.
  14. Are you saying it makes no difference what they eat? Midgets forever I guess. Can't do much here.

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