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  1. See what I mean...Chahal removes both of them. Virat should have brought him in much earlier. He has no captaincy chops.
  2. Who knows...Chahal and Jadeja should have come in when Aussies were 2/30.
  3. My granma could have effected that stumping...lol ...kooooooo
  4. The rat could have given Chahal a bowl earlier.
  5. Not sure what the rat was trying to do bringing on part timers with two new batsmen at the crease. Most asinine inept captaincy ever.
  6. One more chance gone down. MSD better stop keeping. You suck!!!
  7. He is making India pay with that fluffed lollipop chance.
  8. Kedar bowling stinking half trackers and worse.
  9. This Jadhav fellow is half the height of the umpire. lol
  10. Just refers to disciplined bowling with straight lines and tight lengths just like military haircuts.

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