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  1. Krunal gave 50 plus runs and a horrible bowling option. I'd pick Jadeja over him. Its not as if Krunal has exploded or anything with the bat. Bench Dhawan/No-hit and bring back KL to open.
  2. Agree totally. Hacks No hit and Krunal need to be kicked out of T20.
  3. No Hit the chewtiya not cut out for T20. His innings today is barf worthy. Fat slob.
  4. Mumbai Indians screwed India. Jokers No Hit and Krunal.
  5. Kothili

    KL Rahul cant bat saala !!!

    The Wall has spoken...rest of your comments are irrelevant. https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/cricket/story/rahul-dravid-kl-rahul-form-india-a-1444005-2019-01-31
  6. Plays for Mumbai Indians. They are sacred cows.
  7. Probably do a Sunny 36 no in 50 overs with his current strike rate.
  8. Simply not cut out for this level. Needs a few more years and has a ton of flaws. Good poster boy though.
  9. Expect him to improve his averages. He is good at that.
  10. Pathetic mofos. Rot starts with the fat slob No hit.
  11. Just shows what a master class King Kohli really is. Team looks like a club side without him.
  12. Overrated Gill in the hut....clowns all of them.

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