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  1. Bilal78

    Epic Humiliation

    What minnows? We beat you the last time we met so you have no right to taunt us, son, you’ll end up humiliating yourself.
  2. Bilal78

    Epic Humiliation

    Tasali ho Gaye?
  3. I was hoping you wouldn’t pick this up, lol.
  4. If India do well in the England Test series they will destroy everyone in this Asia cup.
  5. Youngsta beauty Dhoni looking for a Test spot,
  6. Congrats to all the Indian supporters, India will be looking to have a great tour, they will want to win the Test series most though, this is the best chance to dominate an England tour.
  7. Bilal78

    Pak-AUS-ZIM, T20 Tri Series (1-8 July 2018)

    Chill, I am a Pakistani supporter and I belive T20 cricket is a bit of fun anyways and I’m not saying that because India have beaten England, the only T20s that count are in the WC.
  8. Bilal78

    Pak-AUS-ZIM, T20 Tri Series (1-8 July 2018)

    Yeh, okay. Cheers for letting me know,
  9. Kohli is a great player, Rahul won’t get close to his stats but if this was Fifa I would give Kohli a maximum potential rating of 93 and KL a maximum potential rating of 97, KL has so much talent that he can destroy any bowlers, The best young batsman in the World currently, The relationship between kohli and Rahul is a bit wired because deep, deep down I think Kohli is a bit jeloused but on the outside he doesn’t show it as much.
  10. Bilal78

    Pak-AUS-ZIM, T20 Tri Series (1-8 July 2018)

    Give in, Musa got 4 wickets in that Match.
  11. KL Rahul is Better than Kohli and I’ve said that before, legend.
  12. Saha is a useful player, he has made runs when India needed them but I guess there is no harm in him not performing when India end up with 450+ however he is probably the best Wk in the world, he is rated highly behind the stumps. Also in the IPL in one game I saw him bashing Mitch Johnson.
  13. All the Indian batsman are class!
  14. Shouldn’t have done it. If he wanted to see a lion he should have gone to the Zoo.
  15. Bilal78

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    Koi sharam kar, We would never speak about an Indian cricketer like that as we have respect for other Cricketers, if anything the cricketing world should support Akram on these baseless and derogatory comments by Reham. I would request the mods to take this thread down.

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