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  1. I think Pandya can chill in the Indian team. India is such a strong team which means that Hardik can remain in the team because he is a special player, if a finger spinning AR was performing like Hardik he would have been kicked out but Hardik offers the Indian team something different, he’s a good hitter and has the ability to bowl 8-10 overs easily his presence in the team is allowing India to play both Kuldeep and Chahal. He is the X factor of the Indian team that can transform into a great player, Virat backs him which is good but Virat should also back KL Rahul but he doesn’t which is sad really.
  2. Why didn’t the whole team join in? should have. Humara Border, Humari Marzi.
  3. KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    KL has got a lot of Joe Root in him as he is of a similar height and his batting stance is clean and pleasant. Sanju Samson, Nitish Rana, Agarwal, Karun Nair, Hooda, Shreyas Iyer, Pant, Kishan and Gill are also great talents. Indian cricket future is secure but the aspect which can be improved is maybe having FC matches in South Africa or even preparing difficult pitches to bat on that resemble AUS, NZ and England. KL is Extremely fit and can keep wickets so I guess he is the next big thing in world cricket but unfortunately Kohli is jeloused of him which will harm him. This would be the perfect Indian team Sharma, Dhawan, Kohli, KL, Dhoni, Jadav/Krunal, Hardik, Bhuvi, Kuldeep, Bumrah, Chahal/Umesh.
  4. Hasn't ball tampering always been a concerted effort?

    Kaptaan Saab is no longer interested in cricket. Reverse swing is a Art that can only be mastered by Pakistani cricketers Which is why you constantly burn on this topic. HYPOCRITE.
  5. India cricket has been improving on the fast bowling front. Mavi, Nagarkoti, Khejroliya, Kaul, Saini, Thampi and Siraj are extremely good backups along with Khaleel and Avesh Khan. Bumrah, Bhuvi, Shami, Umesh and Shardul are also quick. I think the Indian Fast bowling talent is ahead of Pakistan at this point in time in terms of speed but now these boys should work on Swing and Seam Movement.
  6. Hasn't ball tampering always been a concerted effort?

    You bloody hypocrite. kapil was the biggest Tamporer the world has ever seen but he was a truddler so Reverse never worked for him. indians just arnt skilled enough to bowl. hassan Ali is better than any fast bowler you have ever produced.
  7. Hasn't ball tampering always been a concerted effort?

    Just jeloused because Imran was a greater player than Kapil ever could be. Imran missed 3 years of bowling in his peak years, keep coming up with the same excuses, a neutral umpire just called out Kapil for tampering you hypocrite.
  8. Varun aaron to play for Leicestershire CCC

    Yeh 4-0 to Pakistan.
  9. Varun aaron to play for Leicestershire CCC

    Indians are only good at Cricket. cant run that’s why, and are small midgets like yourself.
  10. Varun aaron to play for Leicestershire CCC

    You cant bloody say much can you. Land of truddlers is India, hopping in pathetically and releasing the ball at the same speed Shahid Afridi and Shadab Khan bowl at. Watch how Aaron gets smashed to all parts, Leicestershire need some success and Abbas would have been perfect, even if he is a truddler Atleast he is 6ft 2, your guys are truddlers and stand at 5 ft 7.
  11. Ha. Kohli is a big player, he would play them well but I don’t think he would give them a phainta.
  12. Stop making assumptions, top players have visited Pakistan, there is no chance of anything happening as the security is extremely tight.
  13. Why are you so jeloused? I can understand why your jeloused but you just make up the most dumbest crap I’ve ever heard.
  14. Adopted legends of Pakistan fans

    Our new adopted son is Shardul Thakur and Jaydev Unadkat.
  15. Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    What are you on about. Most of our Players are 6ft and have a good build, why are you so jeloused for?

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