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  1. Great news. Go Shami prove your haters in India wrong. My fav Indian player. Kick your idiot wife out
  2. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    Muhammad aamir
  3. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    I bet Shami will not make the squad citing some disciplinary issue. Sad state of affairs.
  4. Kevin pietersen calls it a day

    Official Asif bunny. Pieterson himself said many times Asif was most dangerous bowler he faced.
  5. Bangladesh create history.

    Pakistani genes once in a while do wake up in them and they create history.
  6. Rabada suspended for two tests after code of conduct breach

    How come Kohli is never suspended for all the maa behan galian during matches ?
  7. Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    All men are like Shami. Why BCCI cancelled his contract? As long as he is performing well its none of BCCI business what Shami do in his private life. BCCI have no problem with Indian players in IPL parties doing sharab and kababs but hell break lose when a Muslim player just flirts with a girl online.
  8. Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    Shame another Indian Muslim player is being singled out because of his religion.
  9. Marriage : Imran Khan's hat-trick

    This is trait of every man not only him.
  10. Which commentators should visit India more frequently?

    Why no Pakistani commentators in poll option? Is it because they are Muslims?
  11. Watching Aus in SA and wondering

    SA have always been Aus bunny. Even under Cronje team of Donald and Kirsten, Aus used to hammer them in SA. Now they are so weak even India came close to beating them.
  12. Dabur Amla career over????

    Other senior batsmen are also failing but career over for him only? Why? Is it because he is Muslim ?
  13. Irfan pathan Recent interview. What a sympathy seeker

    Irfan Pathan was a star under Greg Chappel for India and brought so many victories for them especially in ODIs. He even sacrificed his bowling to become an all rounder and pinch hitter at top for the sake of the team. So much hate for this guy is it because he is Muslim?? Same thing happened to Waseem Jaffer, Muhammad Kaif. Why didnt all of them got as many chances as Rohit Sharma, Raina etc

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