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  1. Why would they want to accommodate Indian viewers? Lol not everything is about India.
  2. Ok if you say so but the proof is right there in front of you and your nation is the most racist country on the planet but hey you are Indian so I don't expect you to agree keep beating your chest. Don't want to get into an argument I did say that was my impression of India when I travelled there seems like you can't handle the truth about your country.
  3. In the heart of the financial capital of the world's fastest growing economy, the amount of sewage generated is beyond compare. And still today, there are people who deal with the **** with their bare hands everyday. Chase investigates into the unfair practice of sewage treatment in Mumbai. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=documentary+untouchables+in+mumbai Here is your bullshit 21st century and still making people clean sewers with no protective clothing we have robots and technology to do that sort of work. And here I thought you said there was no caste system in the cities must have read wrong.
  4. We have public toilets and they are clean compared to India if you do find a public toilet in India you can smell it from a mile away they are disgusting. The problem in India is the caste system where the lower caste people are made to do the dirty jobs and cleaning toilets is beneath others. I have never seen anyone defecating or urinating in public in Australia it is possible I am not saying it's not but I know the fines are very steep.
  5. Yes we do have a small population and yes we are very strict when it comes to illegal migrants and that's a good thing. I have been to India I travelled in India for 8 months so I know a little bit about the country I enjoyed it but I also hated it. Hated the fact that people throw rubbish everywhere in Australia even though there are no fines for littering we just don't litter that is called pride in the country. But if you urinate or poo in public there are big fines if you urinate in public you get a $425 fine on the spot. Yes, we are naturally blessed with abundant natural resources that the world wants and needs but we have very strict environmental laws. I understand India had a very big population but the lack of public toilets is a disgrace sanitation is a basic part/need of life, hygiene standards are very low as well maybe I am wrong but from what I saw that's the impression I got. Like I said India was a good experience but I hated going to a beautiful place and then you look around there is rubbish everywhere sad to say this but Indians don't have pride in their country. Don't want people on here to take offence for saying all this but if you do then it's up to you these are just my impressions.
  6. Australia we are always near the top 10 Melbourne was voted again as the most livable city in the world. Our lifestyle is awesome. Environmental laws are some of the strictest in the world. We have beautiful natural scenery. We don't litter or go to the toilet on the streets. Great education. Low levels of pollution. We don't have corruption well not as bad as some other countries. Having said all that we do have problems like any other country.
  7. But, but Tendulkar is god anyone who disagrees is an idiot Tendulkar is not fit to polish the Dons boots.
  8. lol falling for a ponzi scheme the height of stupid.
  9. Rohit Sharma - Berserk mode ON !!!

    Can't believe this guy still gets games in test.
  10. Washington Sundar vs Krunal Pandya

    Good young talent.
  11. Kohli is a clown the way he carries on but never gets action taken against him he should be suspended for a game.
  12. I am Aussie but I would like to be reborn in Australia again we have a great standard of living. Advantages of living here in Australia: 1. Education - We have constantly rated very highly in education pushing the top 10 in the world. 2. Lifestyle - Awesome beaches, sport, nature our environment is awesome. 3. No Pollution 4. Rule of law 5. No corruption - Well not as much or as blatant like in a lot of countries I am sure there is corruption but not bad. 6. Sport - For such a small country population wise we always finish in the top end of the Olympics we give our kids lots of options to get involved in sport. 7. Medical research/innovation 8. Very laid back the people are open and friendly. 9. Wages. We get paid well in Australia for example we get paid for part time work about $19 a hour almost a 1000 rupees a hour, we get paid weekly.
  13. Huh? No we aren't the Number 1 team in the world or the best team in the world we have a long way to go but it is coming together our bowling attack is the best in the world.
  14. Watching Aus in SA and wondering

    We have a great bowling line up no team will come close to us in the bowling department Cummins, Starc, Pattison (when fit), Hazelwood, in time our bowling line up is going to be like the Windies of the 80's 90's anbd the Aussies of the mid 90's and 2000's. You need quality bowlers to win matches away from home and SA wickets are almost like our wickets in Australia we have never lost a test series in SA. India don't seem like they will ever win in Australia or SA at least Australia and SA have won a test series in India.

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