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  1. Hydra

    Behind the Blue Line

    Doco on Australian Police and the amazing work they do.
  2. Hydra

    Skillful or not, there’s no escaping the yo-yo

    The Yo-Yo test is a brutal fitness test, in the Australian Football League and all sports in Australia it is used to as a measure
  3. India has more issues than a TV show or a stupid movie, but typically those things are brushed under the carpet.
  4. Yeah, I agree and with your population, I am sure you can compete in every sport, but where are they? We with a tiny population, when compared to the subcontinent still, compete in a lot of sports and we are very good at some.
  5. We always compete with them in the Rugby and they are better than us as well, but we have beaten them a few times as well.
  6. We were so unlucky against Frace had a penalty disallowed, Australia is a small nation (population wise) as well and yet we compete on the world stage in almost every sport. We are very competitive, why can't India with a population of 1.28 billion to our population of 24 million compete in any sports? We always push the big boys and we always finish in the top 5 in the Olympics why can't India?
  7. Hydra

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    That is a disgrace, I saw a YouTue doco on people working in the sewers in Mumbai and they were saying all of them are from the lower caste. They were working with just bare hands, no shoes, no equipment either and these people were cleaning sewage, this is the 21st century I can't believe India does this to its citizens. And they were saying that they will always be lower caste even if they are well-educated etc, it's a disgrace it's basically slavery.
  8. Hydra

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    Is there still a caste system in India? Indians in Australia were telling me there wasn't a caste system in India. Did a search on Youtube and guess what, there are some shocking documentaries on the caste system in India.
  9. That is disgraceful in the Middle East they have lions, cheetahs etc as pets hope they get eaten alive.
  10. Hydra

    Guess where.

    Look how blue that sky is.
  11. Why was that doco called Indias Daughter banned? Does anyone want to explain that?
  12. It's called righteous indignation, yet when people point the finger at India the same people seem to disappear or make excuses or blame women. Yet they are the first to want to come to the West and leave India. lol
  13. Indians are a joke, get upset about fictitious TV shows, and movies. But the reality of India gets swept under the carpet. If Indians really want to get outraged then they should get outraged by the poverty, lack of infrastructure, rapes, sexual harassment/sexual assault, infanticide and many other things.

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