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  1. They haven't retuned the speedgun as evident by the pace of Steyn. It is exactly similar to what Steyn bowls at the international matches.
  2. And one inside edge Four just past the stumps. He created two 50/50 chances. Good bowling from him too.
  3. Things that favours Prasidh over Navdeep is his height and variations and staying behind the line. Prasidh is 6'2 maybe but what about Saini how tall is he. Saini is short in height and that's why his balls doesn't look as pacy as they are. And about this Lisa she would have even raised her doubts about Mavi and Nagarkoti at the u19 WC.
  4. S_pace

    Shubman Gill - Being Wasted by KKR?

    Why don't you look at balls faced by both of them . That's not a fair comparison. One opens the inning and other one comes at time when nothing can be done or there's no role for him at that time.
  5. Can Sandeep Sharma excel in international cricket?
  6. Can Deepak Chahar ever become a good death bowler unless he bowls in the death. If he's tonked at the start then he is of no use. One of the point of IPL is to develop young players as well which CSK is not doing at all.
  7. Prasidh 1 over. 136 138 146 117 138 Slower. Prasidh 2 over. 140 144.5 140 Slower Wide 139.6 143.
  8. What year as I have checked upto 2017 fastest ball and he wasn't there.
  9. So we got second Indian bowler to cross 150k after Aaron in IPL.
  10. I don't know what's up with Siraj he was fastest Indian last year nearly 149.9 but isn't fast consistently.
  11. Only 5 Indian bowlers are above 142k Ishant , Shami , Saini ,Bumrah , Prasidh. And we have so many potential 150 k injured or on the bench like Nagarkoti , Mavi and Avesh and Nathu.
  12. Man Sharma is consistently over 140k and gets Rayudu with short ball 141k. Impressive.
  13. Ishant Sharma 145k. Late bloom?
  14. They should give the ball to Rajpoot.

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