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  1. Even cric viz twitter mentioned it. It's the fastest ball of the match. Exact reading was 153.26 kph
  2. S_pace

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    A better lower middle order batsman than a bowler.
  3. Man batting has been a huge disappointment at levels even at women level but bowling is quite good.
  4. He wasn't selected in u19 challenger cup cuz he's playing in Ranji, maybe.
  5. He was in this Asia Cup. Played two matches against UAE and Afghanistan was economical there but was too wayward against Mumbai when he was bowling for Bihar. Pressure of bowling against someone like Rohit idk. He still young(17 yo) has height , bounce and good pace.
  6. Don't be too hard on Khaleel. He's has age on his side , just 20 and Oshane maybe be faster but he isn't as good as Khaleel.
  7. It hurts to watch K Ahmed's speed.
  8. S_pace

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Himanshu Rana 113*(162) another u19 player . I think he's good. Overshadowed by Gill and Shaw.
  9. S_pace

    Rohit said that Amir is an ordinary bowler

    All he said was he's not out of the world bowler and come on every bowler has their day and look after that he's been dropped. And Rohit said even Bumrah is as good as Amir and I think so in hindsight he wasn't wrong. Look where Bumrah is and where Amir is.
  10. S_pace

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    Shradul. Really?
  11. S_pace

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    This is what I'm concerned with no one here is pitching the idea of a new pacer. All the answers have been about going back to old used and rejected bowlers. And here I think Pakistan and SA is ahead of us. They can throw in new names atleast in pace bowling dept.

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