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  1. Woah! Hasan Ali is bowling quicker than Md. Amir. Amir has lost a considerable amount of pace.
  2. Hasan Ali has 6 wickets in 2 test matches that means 1 wicket per innings and against weaklings like windies and Sri Lanka. All talk no show.
  3. If it's just about bowling quick then Ali should learn from Pandya and skill wise Bumrah got nothing to learn from Hasan Ali although if Bumrah wants a over the top celebration of his own then he can acquire it from wannabe chotu undertaker.
  4. Mohammad Abbas is listed as Right arm fast medium but all is ball is between 130k to 133k although he swings it both ways and got a wicket of stoneman.
  5. Prasidh Krishna 1 over. 140k 131k 138k 137k 143k 144k 2 over. 134k 129k 139k 140k 142k 113k Good pace but have gone for 4 boundaries.
  6. Avesh has potential, physique, pace but he doesn't put his mind often into bowling especially when he gets tonked for few boundaries and he goes haywire with his line and length and that's why he didn't get many FC matches last season. Lets us see this year what he brings in his game.
  7. If we rate both of them (Rajpoot and Avesh ) on basis of thinking bowler then we would definitely rate Rajpoot higher than Avesh.
  8. Rajpoot 3 over 140k 141k 145k out 143k out Jaffa. 141k 138k Entertaining over. Whatever people here say about Avesh but Rajpoot is truly ahead in queue for England.
  9. Rajpoot is bowling gems at 140k+
  10. He's only had an average IPL and by no means an averages International whether it be test odi or T20.
  11. He got talent . He's not in form now but we all know that he's a great timer of the ball. Coming to my point I meant that of a player is not a great talent than he must be a hard worker and smart worker to get along with Kohli.
  12. If kohli is persisting with him that atleast means that he's a hard worker as I don't see someone in Kohlis team who's not a hard worker .
  13. There's still a game left for SRH, do you think they will opt for Khaleel after the butchering of their Right arm military medium attack by RCB.
  14. Has a potential but definitely need to be tested. For me it's 1. Pandya 2.Shankar 3. Patel

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