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  1. Easter_bunny

    Explain this??? Csk v Mi final

    Ty that helps
  2. Easter_bunny

    Explain this??? Csk v Mi final

    Sad to see chennai lose ,but i couldnt help but notice this during presentations Imaran tahir was called for purple cap and he had some kind of tape on his left shoulder sponser title or thats what i thought. While in same presentation dhoni or any other csk player didnt have such thing Could it be that sponser is beer compony and imran being muslim doesnt support such stuff? Just curious what you guys think?
  3. Easter_bunny

    Is this govt serious!

    If they indeed want to take any step, only thing they should ,could or would be doing is boycott icc Anything else done by bcci is just for show to feed it to public sentiment ,which obviously wont have any results since its planned that way
  4. You can not ask icc to boycot on of the members , if we have problem with pak our options are -dont play any cricket with pakistanis no event (icc,bilateral or even ipl commentators) -keep it the way it is right now and not bark - withdraw of icc and block all the outgoing or atleast take steps to ensure icc understands this may happen But what bcci is doing ensures that they dont want to do anything and this step has only one result... Why they did it? Coz to feed it to public sentiment and so they can say oh we tried but see icc declined us and everyone goes home Come on man are we some fools?
  5. I seriously cant differentiate between Shankar,siraj,unadkat,mohit and since recent times umesh yadav ,they all bowl really hopless balls,poor lines and lengths no control what so ever nvm a wicket
  6. Proving you wrong with the passing second .... Back to back boundaries
  7. Tooooo early to say , unless he averages 35+ with the bat over next 10 overs ,slotting him is always risk and after todays innings dont think rayadu's spot is even in question for slectors so lets not talk about slots #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 expecting bowling change for diff matches
  8. Yeh man but it a boon and a curse at the same time
  9. He is a game changer for sure ,never underestimate KW. If he stays for next 10 overs match is done for india
  10. True that, genes do have a greatdeal ,in my family all men including me ,my father and two brothers has always remained thin ,doesnt matter how much we eat ,eating cheez n sruff like pigs all time yet doesnt even gain fat weght.dont like thay but what can u do
  11. He already had back injury problem mid game during ind v pak game ,considering he is good bat not having so much muscle better have him bowl less barring few matches ,he must not be 3rd seamer and shud be as part time bowler cant have him oveeloaded with injuries ,not to mentions having back problems for a bowler isnt good
  12. Can anyone tell me where to watch the match plz
  13. I hardly post still got blocked for aometime ,i think they blocked foreign users for while

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