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  1. Moochad

    Are celebs really role-models?

    Is this referring to teh same Shah Nawaz Khan who is alleged to have betrayed Netaji and the INA or do they only share the same name?
  2. I wonder whether all these cricketers really get so much advise from MSD or if his PR team asks these kinds of questions to youngsters to get them to praise him
  3. Who's his IPL team
  4. Moochad

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Apna samay barbaad mat karo yaar... Mulo either didn't read properly, didn't understand what he read, or is deliberately misquoting research here(I don't want to assign malevolence here though)... The 2-10% he stated is false regarding sexual harassment I have also read the wikipedia article that he is quoting from and it only talks about Rape cases, not sexual harassment Here is what it said https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_accusation_of_rape#cite_note-DiCanio-1 The 2-10% is only regarding false rape accusations, it doesn't mention false sexual harassment cases. This is based off of 1 research article linked at the bottom of the Wiki page, here it is: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/1077801210387747 No where in the paper does it mention sexual harassment even once. It is exclusively talking about fake rape allegations, which they estimate to be somewhere between 2-10 percent, but thier data found 5.9%Furthermore, that is only regarding the US, numbers of fake rape cases could be less or more in other countries. Its sample also appears to be 1 university in the NE US only, so it isn't something to generalize to the rest of the world or USA. On the same wiki page another study, which is a meta-analysis of multiple other studies summarized its data with this graph Rumney (2006) A selection of findings on the prevalence of false rape allegations. Data from Rumney (2006). Number False reporting rate (%) Theilade and Thomsen (1986) 1 out of 56 4 out of 39 1.5% (minimum) 10% (maximum) New York Rape Squad (1974) n/a 2% Hursch and Selkin (1974) 10 out of 545 2% Kelly et al. (2005) 67 out of 2,643 3% ("possible" and "probable" false allegations) 22% (recorded by police as "no-crime") Geis (1978) n/a 3–31% (estimates given by police surgeons) Smith (1989) 17 out of 447 3.8% U.S. Department of Justice (1997) n/a 8% Clark and Lewis (1977) 12 out of 116 10.3% Harris and Grace (1999) 53 out of 483 123 out of 483 10.9% ("false/malicious" claims) 25% (recorded by police as "no-crime") Lea et al. (2003) 42 out of 379 11% HMCPSI/HMIC (2002) 164 out of 1,379 11.8% McCahill et al. (1979) 218 out of 1,198 18.2% Philadelphia police study (1968) 74 out of 370 20% Chambers and Millar (1983) 44 out of 196 22.4% Grace et al. (1992) 80 out of 335 24% Jordan (2004) 68 out of 164 62 out of 164 41% ("false" claims) 38% (viewed by police as "possibly true/possibly false") Kanin (1994) 45 out of 109 41% Gregory and Lees (1996) 49 out of 109 45% Maclean (1979) 16 out of 34 47% Stewart (1981) 16 out of 18 90% The numbers of fake rape cases according to this meta-analysis ranges from 1.5% to 90%. There are many data points we can see above 20% false and above 40% false. None of these studies seem to be talking about fake sexual harassment cases. Sexual harassment cases are much easier to falsify logically than rape cases, as rape cases usually leave behind evidence. The false sexual harassment cases could be much higher. My 2 paisa There is no presumption of guilt in court. People are innocent until proven guilty and the prosecution bears the burden to prove that a crime happened, whether the crime is murder/rape/thievery/harassment and whether the alleged victim is whatever sex/caste/creed. No ifs ands or buts. If you don't like it, think of a better system where noone who ever does a crime is let off and the guilty are always punished and then implement it. But this is the best system we have and perfect shouldn't be the enemy of best. I was googling for some more info on the legal aspects of such cases and I found this chart from a paper by the Australian Institute of Criminology https://aic.gov.au/publications/tandi/tandi288 These are the basis of discontinuing cases where sexual offense allegations are made, on defendant and accuser sides. Table 1 : Factors influencing prosecutors' decisions to proceed with or discontinue adult sexual assault cases Proceed Discontinue Victim Credible, reliable Defence has access to material that will undermine victim's credibility, for example, psychiatric history of delusions Willing to proceed; able to withstand trial processes Reluctant - makes informed decisions not unduly influenced by the defendant or others associated with him. This would not apply where there are strong public interest reasons to proceed, for example schoolteacher and pupil, serial offender Consistency, although some degree of discrepancy is understandable Inexplicable internal inconsistencies in the victim's story Can recall and relate the facts Memory affected by drug or alcohol use, or even the shock of the attack Distress Vindictiveness or other circumstances that could indicate motive to lie Corroboration: visible injuries, bruises, eyewitnesses, medical evidence Victim's account conflicts with other evidence or eyewitness accounts Defendant Factors that undermine the defendant's version, for example, motive to offend, lies Age, health, mental condition Inconsistencies, for example, admission followed by denial; denial followed by claim of consensual sex when DNA proves sex took place Case Fresh complaint i.e. the victim reported the assault to a third party at the first reasonable opportunity, while the events were still 'fresh' in her memory Delayed complaint Age of matter - recent Historical offence Level of offence - rape Indecent assault Relationship evidence that is admissible and will assist jury in determining truth Reconciliation between victim and defendant (not determinative but a factor) It looks like in Australia many of these cases are not able to proceed if there is no evidence which can make a case. Are there any lawyer types here who can explain how Indian law works differently than Australian law, if at all?
  5. Looks like Rahul baba gave the game away This Pappu is a scoundrel
  6. Its mostly a home vs away thing for Ashwin. He simply hasn't proven to be a good performer in SENA conditions thus far. What is actually alarming is his batting decline. That was one big plus for him. If he can't bat like he used to, why not try Kuldeep?
  7. I think the issue is that all our batsmen are pretty good at home, expect Rahane , so teh feeling is that we can replace any of them with another and still get the same performances. All our batsmen who can be said to underperform overseas ie Rahul, Dhawan, Pujara, and Rohit are all good/great at home, but so are all the youngsters we introduce ie Pant and Shaw have both performed great at home so far as well! so the thinking is we can replace any of the failures with youngsters and not drop off at home. A great SENA performer is harder to find for us as those are alien conditions, so performances in SENA will of course get more valuation by many fans.
  8. Moochad

    Rahane's test average

    Australia will be do or die for him. If he fails he's done for sure!
  9. Err Yes! Care to explain?
  10. Moochad

    Bhajji vs Best

    Poor from both. No need to insult the Windies, we already know their team is poor in the Test arena. Best clearly didn't watch the Test series vs England. 3 of the matches could have went either way, if luck was with us, we could have won 3-2 or 4-1...
  11. I only watched the first day, Shaw getting a century was worth the time, ! Can't speak for the rest of the match
  12. I don't like this by Kohli. It's okay if they visit for some days, but these players are working. They need to perform. I think the trouble is that we have had an unbalanced schedule the last few years with all our home series over a few years and then going exclusively abroad for a few years . We need to balanced it out with home and away series.
  13. Isn't there some record that Left-arm chinamen bowlers are poor in Tests throughout history? Even then, I would like to try Kuldeep at least for the 1st match in Aus.
  14. What's more hilarious is this The Congress 'men' in charge of Bihar are attacking innocent Biharis in Guj
  15. Kaptain Kohli setting a good ethical/moral example here. Whether brought by his wife or not it doesn't matter.

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