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  1. Moochad

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Depending on the pitch a Yadav for Yadav swap, if Bumrah is unfit Pujara and Rahul flip positions, have to try Chepu as opener and Rahul as 3
  2. I remember a test in SA and Australia. In Australia, it should always be an option to go with 4 pacers with 0 spinner. We've lost many matches by an innings where we've played a spinner as well. That is irrelevant to me. Our bowling stocks were so bad one of our 4 pacers in Perth was Vinay Kumar. Neither is Ashwin a proven world beater. He had a good 1st Test, looked unthreatening in this 2nd test. Let him prove to be some undroppable, consistent across condition spinner like Warne b/f making him captain. To me a batsman has to be captain.
  3. Moochad

    Can India win the World Cup with Kohli-Shastri duo?

    We are 2nd or 3rd favorites after England and maybe Australia. SA aren't scary anymore(ABD didn't un-retire did he?)
  4. yaar Ganguly thinks Kohli is Professor X doing mind control on innocent Chepu running him out
  5. Let Ashwin first show he is undroppable. He went wicket less this match and his effectiveness in places like Australia are yet to be seen. A spinner should never be captain, imo, because they never have a guaranteed spot in the XI. There will be pitches where we don't need even 1 spinner, so Ash would be there as a specialist captain in the side?
  6. 1 more run to pass our first innings total, they scared now
  7. Moochad

    Both Pak and WI recently won Test in england

    Giraffe-log cricket ke baare mein kya jaante hai
  8. Moochad

    Both Pak and WI recently won Test in england

    humari pass toh sirf Bhuvi hai trundler category mein aur uske pass injury hai
  9. Moochad

    66/6 Number of the Besasssssssssst !!!

    England doesn't know it, but they are screwed now. From this match forward they are cursed for allowing the number of the beast
  10. Moochad

    Both Pak and WI recently won Test in england

    pak's trundlers like the swinging conditions in England
  11. Moochad

    Techniques Of Current Indian Batsmen.

    Day one was as good as condition you will get for swing bowling.But this innings they have to show more application. Rahane before he got out, and Pujara are showing it this innings finally. Rahul and Vijay look hopeless This image was on twitter they have to concentrate and keep their hands in the blue box when batting
  12. Moochad


  13. Moochad

    Techniques Of Current Indian Batsmen.

    Holding just stated that he doesn't consider the Indian batsmen FTBs, but blames them for not preparing for the series properly

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