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  1. Moochad

    Not playing tests to prevent getting exposed

    Yaar Dhoni is failing because he is old. It can be hard for these young players to work in 3 formats, it is better to carry on with just 1 or 2 for youngsters I think.
  2. @velu Yaar can you clean up this thread? These guys are getting a little too personal now... and derailing the thread
  3. Moochad

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    Coming from you... You literally never answer a direct question or provide evidence for what you claim, but OK More sophistry by you. Provide evidence that the soldiers fought for "us". Also when you say "us" do you mean Canadians or Indians? Do you have a survey of their intentions? After all, you claimed before, that you can't make a statement about peoples opinions without a fully representative survey with stochastic modeling. Or does the goalpost shift when its convenient for you? Do you have evidence that those soldiers cared two bits about what INC national leadership was demanding? What makes you think so? Is there a survey for this as well? Please provide some evidence that INC, at least some leaders within it, supporting dominion status had some verifiable link or congruence to what the soldiers, who signed up for the British Indian Army did or thought. Even if you show the goals aligned, that doesn't mean they were fighting for "us" Provide evidence for those questions otherwise it is sophistry.
  4. Boxers and UFC too I think. Floyd Mayweather Jr earns tens of millions per fight IIRC
  5. Moochad

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    Fought for 'us' by butchering millions of Indians and fighting on behalf of foreigners.
  6. An example of why bowling partnerships are so important. We can't have a weak link in the side who will give up runs. It would allow the opposition to play out the main strike bowlers
  7. Moochad

    All Rounders do not exist.

    Going by their stats, both average over 30 with teh ball and under 40 with the bat. I guess you can say they were equally competent with both fields, but they were not world beaters with either, at least based off record
  8. This can sound horrible, but I don't feel any sympathy for this rascal. With uncontacted/isolated tribes, many of them lack the immunities to diseases other people carry. If he spread that disease to this tribe, they could have gone extinct! IIRC there was another tribe like this whose numbers fell from 9000 to under 1000 when they were contacted by a missionary and had a new disease introduced to them. The fishermen who ferryed him to the island in this restricted area should be arrested promptly.
  9. Moochad

    All Rounders do not exist.

    To me, Allrounders are either bowling or batting allrounders. They have their primary skill and then a secondary skill. They should be judged like that only. I don't think there has been one equally competent in both batting and bowling!
  10. Moochad

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    I am going to cheat and say this is a false choice. Both should ideally be in the XI at least for this WC. DK thus far has outperformed Pant with the bat. If Dhoni retired and it was down to these two, only for the WC, DK over Pant (unless Pant catches fire that is and lives up to expectations of course). If I had to choose, then Jadhav over DK because of his great bowling resume thus far!
  11. Moochad

    India XI for the 1st test at Adelaide

    I don't agree with BK being in the XI just to have something resembling an allrounder. He is nether so otherworldly with teh new ball that we need to take it away from our other pacers and his batting can be better replaced with a pure batsmen like Vihari or Agarwal. He also didn't impress when he did get a chance bowling in Aus. My XI Rahul Shaw Puj Kohli Jinks Vihari Pant Kuldeep Bumrah Ishant Yadav or Shami based on form
  12. I don't think it is a fair comparison TBH. Rahul is 26, Pant(and Shaw who is next in line) aren't even 22 yet! Rahul is much closer to being a finished product then the two youngsters. Rahul is only called a youngster because he is inexperienced. He can improve if he gets a long run and is restricted from playing all 3 formats until he is settled, but we have possibly seen what his potential is Pant and Shaw have many years more they can develop. Even thier bodies can still fill out more. Expectations for all 3 should be tempered, but Rahul isn't comparable to the other two
  13. Moochad

    Ayodhya Verdict

    A party may require an ideology, but the Congress of the independence era had none except only they wanted freedom from the British . There were all kinds of different ideology people in Congress. An example is the Bengal Congress where there were people in the Congress leadership who supported a United Bengal movement separate from India. https://bengalvoice.blogspot.com/2008/05/chapter-4-partitio-n-t-l-s-t-from-close.html It is also a myth about this popularity of Nehru. Congress people themselves elected Patel in their Working Committee over Nehru. Gandhi was worried that Nehru would abandon the party, so he pressured Patel to withdraw his name and Nehru then got power. His popularity with the masses is a myth because he just attached his name to Gandhi's riding off of Gandhi's name to create an aura of his own popularity. The national elections after independence were hardly proove of Nehru's popularity because there was no other pan india party to compete with congress.

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