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  1. Moochad

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    Disgusting by the incompetent ICC
  2. Glory is good Agora is a movie I recommend as well
  3. That was always the senisble route seperate captains for t20, odi, and tests. BCCI isn't sensible
  4. They barely scrapped through this time... Nothing about their performance screamed dominance. Let them win consistently outside of their English roads before anointing them. I see ODI cricket having more balance in the coming years with 4-5 good teams.
  5. Moochad

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    Looks like umpires possibly missed a different ruling during the match
  6. Moochad

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Yes hes very talented, but I wouldn't compare him to ABDV. At least in IPL teams have gotten him early by bringing on a spinner. I think Kiwis missed a trick by not bowling spin to him early.
  7. Moochad

    World cup Tweets

  8. Moochad

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    I didn't say Stokes doesn't deserve praise, I called him MoM in my post, but it is underselling what happened in the match if we say he single handedly took England to victory. Butler looked like he was batting on a different pitch than everyone else in the game. He had a run a ball strike rate and scored 59 when England were 4 down for less than 100. Stokes deserves credit for finishing the game, but Butler's inning was as irreplaceable as anyone's today. No one else scored at over 86 strike rate
  9. Moochad

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    Trophy sharing is also bad imo. In all tournament finals the match should continue until there is a winner. The chances a 2nd or then a 3rd, 4th, super over would also have been a tie are so small, it seems obvious to let the teams play it out on the field until there is a winner.
  10. Moochad

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    MoM for England, but don't understate Butler's role here. Stokes was able to play through to the end because Butler had a run a ball 50 from the other end. Both were key for England today!
  11. I was thinking the same thing, but how the match ended takes some of the luster off...
  12. Moochad

    Congratulations England

    Congrats England. Heart goes out to the Kiwis
  13. Moochad

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    ICC lives in the stone age. This is the only sport where something this stupid can happen in the biggest game in the sport. You play until someone wins, not pick some arbitrary standard to choose a winner. How exactly is anyone hurt by playing a 2nd super over?
  14. BS rules, unfair for NZ, there should be another super over. Having said that, Congrats to England
  15. Stokes and Butler vs Boult

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