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  1. I think one of the IPL openers who is amongst the runs this season will get the 4 slot. They usually are the top scorers in the league.
  2. https://www.rediff.com/news/2004/dec/28monu.htm Here is an article on some on some of Rao's death and some of his 'crimes' against the family
  3. Posted the same article in the Economy thread! From per annum average of 2 million jobs average under Sonia to 14 million average under Modi. people are getting desperate.
  4. He 'stole' the PM chair from Sonia's control! According to one Congressis book, I think Natwar Singh, he wasn't even allowed a proper PM's funeral in Delhi, and she didn't even allow his body to be properly cremated. The Gandhis are very wicked and vengeful, didn't even spare from Rao-ji from revenge at his death
  5. Number 4 spot is the most wanted thing in India. Every player thinks the IPL can get them there. Hoping Rayudu fails for CSK this year so we can be free from him!
  6. Spent too much time giving his buddy Yuvraj a spot, and then facilitating IPL bullies like Rayudu.
  7. I don't think they have the capacity at home to absorb all their potential returning labour and deal with the potential revenue loss with a decline in remittances. In 2007-8 remittances were over a third of their NDP
  8. He is correct, he is a sloth in white ball cricket
  9. Tells you that even the players don't think the selectors have any method to their madness, one IPL and straight into Indian team, just like Rayudu
  10. Odd yr, Mafia takes the crown it seems
  11. That is fine if there is no initial cap, but if a team is in the race for teh wooden spoon, then they should be encouraged to rest international players
  12. He said the 4 favourites are Windies, England, NZ, and India. He forgot we just got beaten by Aussies
  13. 4-D chess by Warnie, he wants MSD to consolidate for India in the WC especially vs his team

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