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  1. You seem to have quiet a fuss with him. Is this because you weren’t featured selling kachi pantri wearing lux cozy in his bio movie?
  2. construction430

    Captain and Vice captain !!!

    @ bold - how would have Kohli managed to win in SA if it wasn't for the wrist spinners? You are as lame as anyone can get.
  3. Troll him all you want, i know you jizzed in your pants a little.
  4. Please do not bother spitting any bias.
  5. Makes me wonder how MI struggled to qualify for Play offs....
  6. Arguable. It's humiliating to see Manish being offered so many survival chances when we already have someone who has the ability to out-perform him.
  7. Selecting Raina over KL Rahul made no sense to me either. Kohli needs Dhoni to baby sit him if india is to stand any chance at World Cup 19.
  8. What about S*it sharma still finding his place in the XI? It seems he is the reason KL Rahul is being spared from Indian cricket.
  9. How old are you? Can you even **** without thinking of CSK and its players?
  10. construction430

    Virat Kohli vs Lokesh Rahul - which camp are you in?

    Same bunch of potatoes will be whining when KL gets picked and fails to perform.
  11. construction430

    West Indies v ICC Rest of the World XI - Lords Cricket Ground

    This is some proper MI choking
  12. construction430

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    same goes for MI, if they cant make it through the play offs, what's the point of them even competing in IPL? Going by your logic, you would rather fail than giving it a try. Why use a condom?
  13. Troll Bambies to take the meanest dump tonight!

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