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  1. construction430

    1st Test , Australia tour of UAE at Dubai, Oct 7-11

    goes against enforcing a follow on and score at a rate of 3 rpo in their second innings
  2. construction430

    Dhoni's enviable record while chasing !!!

    Interesting stats. Yet I seem to have a hard time trying to recall a last match winning knock he's played. Fcuk tard with no self dignity to call it quits for the team and the nation is all I have been seeing lately.
  3. Dhonni kaha tatti karne gaya kya. kahan gayi uski heroics reading batsmen's minds
  4. construction430

    Dhoni threatening Kuldeep for requesting a change in field

    Was this during our match against Afg that resulted in a tie? That was pure discouragement and bullying from such a senior player towards a youngster with so much potential. Disagreement will always happen on the field, but this was pure dominance in a very sadistic way. Screw this guy, even with his keeping skills, he is not worth the backroom burdens he brings to the team.
  5. You seem to have quiet a fuss with him. Is this because you weren’t featured selling kachi pantri wearing lux cozy in his bio movie?
  6. construction430

    Captain and Vice captain !!!

    @ bold - how would have Kohli managed to win in SA if it wasn't for the wrist spinners? You are as lame as anyone can get.
  7. Troll him all you want, i know you jizzed in your pants a little.
  8. Please do not bother spitting any bias.
  9. Makes me wonder how MI struggled to qualify for Play offs....
  10. Arguable. It's humiliating to see Manish being offered so many survival chances when we already have someone who has the ability to out-perform him.
  11. Selecting Raina over KL Rahul made no sense to me either. Kohli needs Dhoni to baby sit him if india is to stand any chance at World Cup 19.
  12. What about S*it sharma still finding his place in the XI? It seems he is the reason KL Rahul is being spared from Indian cricket.
  13. How old are you? Can you even **** without thinking of CSK and its players?

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