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  1. Bambis and their 12th players
  2. So i am assuming with CSK's loss today, everyone suddenly has restored their faith in BCCI for operating with it's full integrity.
  3. Hang on to it. Just how you managed last year after MI's ruthless exit from group stage.
  4. construction430

    Challenge accepted!

  5. construction430

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    Shami ka fb deactivate karwa liya?
  6. construction430

    Aus v India | 1st Test | Adelaide | 06-10 Dec 2018

    Except only this time it seems he will win it for them
  7. construction430

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    "Nick weds PC! - There was time when Indians married Americans for green card. Now young Americans marry Indians to get Aadhar card. Aur kitney ache din chahiye?"
  8. construction430

    Indian wedding couples ( simple quiz )

    Definitely gujju here.
  9. construction430

    Jio blocks all porn sites

    Will people now resort to committing more rapes? Forget worrying about managing inflation and falling rupee, Porn ban is a must! Bunch of jokes!
  10. construction430

    IND v WI | 3rd ODI | Pune | 27th October 1.30 PM |

    He will need to score 124 this innings or remain not out at any score beyond 64 will take him beyond 60.
  11. construction430

    IND v WI | 3rd ODI | Pune | 27th October 1.30 PM |

    Will Rayudu take India to victory?
  12. Can Pakistan still manage to screw this up?
  13. construction430

    1st Test , Australia tour of UAE at Dubai, Oct 7-11

    goes against enforcing a follow on and score at a rate of 3 rpo in their second innings
  14. construction430

    Dhoni's enviable record while chasing !!!

    Interesting stats. Yet I seem to have a hard time trying to recall a last match winning knock he's played. Fcuk tard with no self dignity to call it quits for the team and the nation is all I have been seeing lately.

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