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  1. No @The Realist is having a blast tonight as India lost it was very hard for him to post when India thumped England in Manchester because he could not do his chest thumping or insulting players.@The Realist was a once in a lifetime cricketer/coach/selector during his time he was flawless he used to hit six sixes in every over or took wicket on each and every delivery he bowled,great fielders like Jonty Rhodes or Symonds were nothing in front of this man.
  2. Old men on the cricket field still younger than you.
  3. The grey beard scored something while you were busy hiding behind your keyboard.
  4. Ham bas kadi ninda karenge aur kuch nahi.
  5. Relative of a terrorist must be ignored our media is shameless posting views of these scumbags.
  6. Basit Ali or Sarfaraz Nawaz were th same they say outrageous thing's to get the trp for their respective channels.
  7. please come back with something new or do you want your genius to be recognized by Bangladeshi fans now .
  8. Praying that in the name of flexibility the management does not screw Rahul's batting position.
  9. Krunal is also a decent option to have.
  10. The Unrealist

    Church, Missionaries & related issues tracker...

    Disgusting to say the least.
  11. They are paid to make these kind of outlandish statements to stay relevant.
  12. And you and Umar Akmal are similar as far as genius word is concerned .
  13. The Unrealist

    It’s the policy of Modi govt to isolate Pak, says Imran Khan

    Pakistan finding out difference between Congress and the Modi Government.
  14. The Unrealist

    It’s the policy of Modi govt to isolate Pak, says Imran Khan

    He should concentrate on his next marriage rather than politics.

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