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  1. Global.Baba

    Tanya Bhatia - India's wicket keeper.

    Yes, I have seen Sanga being equally fast with stumpings too and even Saha in test matches. Obvioulsy Sanga didn’t need “extra” talents to justify his spot for his team and Saha is obviously a guy who always looks like he would be dumped the next match even if he scores a 400 The only other guy whose such talents get hyped these days is Sarfaraz Ahmed and obviously he is another guy trying to prove his usefulness apart from leadership tailunt
  2. That comes at a cost of trying to over do the whole social media stuff, marketing, brand building, advertising etc. Dhoni and Rohit easily are the 2 guys who have extreme haters and extreme fans but they stay away from such platforms which can bring the trolls along with goodwill as well.
  3. Global.Baba

    I Am Not Here To Compete With Anyone: Rishabh Pant

    What separates Rohit from Virat and Dhoni is usually Rohits willingness to play the bench in dead rubbers and give everyone a shot. I have seen Dhoni and Virat play the same stale X1 even when the series is done and dusted. That is the best thing for me about his captaincy more than on field strategies etc which I think all 3 of them are more or less the same when it comes to that. Anyway playing devils advocate, it might be easier for Rohit to make such decisions in a temporary role than guys who have to continuously Captain.
  4. Global.Baba

    India A Tour of NZ

    Unfortunately that comes at a cost of him keeping Always rated Pappu the batsman especially against fast bowling however a) at best he will get a max of 80 runs and b) will cost the game with terrible keeping
  5. Global.Baba

    Tanya Bhatia - India's wicket keeper.

    Most SC keepers have fast hands in stumping except may be someone as atrocious as Kamran Akmal. Apparently only Dhoni has the patent on that. Having said that good stuff from Tanya
  6. Global.Baba

    India A Tour of NZ

    Rahane and Pujara will flop in 6 out of 8 innings and play an outstanding innings in the remaining 1 and an above average innings in the other. Rinse and repeat. Story of their careers especially Pujara overseas and Rahane everywhere
  7. Global.Baba

    India A Tour of NZ

    Most pitches provided for visiting A teams or in tour games are. I usually rate bowling performances than batting on A tours
  8. Global.Baba

    Interesting dubsmash/lipsync

    @vvvslaxman what crap do you watch cant blame you though, have been through that Youtube Rabbit hole of random videos plenty of times
  9. What has he done to jump ahead in queue of Karun Nair, Hanuma Vihari,Anmol Preet singh and Mayank Agarwal?
  10. How cold is it right now? Planning to go there for Pravachan next week
  11. Yes this is not the greatest Indian side but compared to the filth that Aussies play these days this side looks a ATG X1 put together
  12. So Shikhar Dhawan can vouch for his best buddy Kohli about what he is saying about Shastri
  13. I believe Azhar took an outstanding catch in the slips on that delivery as well IIRC. Too many clutch last overs. I think Sachins strength was reading the batsman. He did that too many times for someone who was little more than a part timer. Even though in 92 and 94 time frame he was a regular 5th bowler.

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