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  1. Dhoni didn’t last that long. That is why Thankfully it ended in a tie
  2. Haven’t seen his Fielding though but batting awareneas seems like Srinath 2.0 when it comes to running. You can see Bewda for a change talking about something cricket related to his team after the match.
  3. Yeah gotta the feeling that he is using his brains and varying his pace and length. Only problem is from watching the game, his normal average speeds seem to be in the mid to high 130s. Will definetely do well in England, but for Aus tour he needs to up his speeds. But he seems to have good bowling acumen similar to guys like Bumrah or Shami when they started.
  4. @rkt.india @express bowling @Mosher @Rightarmfast @diehardpacer @Laaloo @speedheat @zen @Ankit_sharma03 @tweaker@Jimmy Cliff Ur views? can he bowl quicker or is this a case of him bowling according to the conditions? If that is the case it is still impressive.
  5. But then we have to start worrying about DK’s retirement. Anyway that is more of a future problem
  6. My only concern though is his speed is in 135-140K range. However he has shown more brains than Thakur for sure and more aptitude than even Bhuvi
  7. Amidst all the keechad,this guy is a lotus lol.persisting with Pant and playing Vihari showed us that investing in young and fearless talent helps rather than TTF who are too concerned about their spots. Khaleel has been a refreshing selection
  8. The only positive selection and clearly it is playing dividends. I think we have found something here with Khaleel Ahmed. Apart from crushing Bangladeshs and the 2 thrashings delivered to Pakistan, the only long term positive from this tournament.
  9. Global.Baba

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    Rare fairly balanced post by a CSK fan
  10. Global.Baba

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Realistic squad of 16 One of the players will be “niggled” during WC to be replaced by Jadeja so here is the pre squad of 16 before Jadeja 9 players pick themselves Kohli Dhoni Rohit Dhawan Bumrah Kuldeep Chahal H.Pandya Bhuvi Almost guaranteed to be picked Jadhav Khaleel Rayudu Rahul wicket keeper slot DK or Pant (if DK really f’s up in the next 3-4 months) 2 slots where 1 of them ready to be “niggled” Pandey,Iyer,Axar,Dk,Pant,K.Pandya,M.Siraj,M.Shami,D.Chahar,V.Shankar,P.Shaw Players Totally out of favor but will be discussed W.Sundar Raina U.Yadav S.Thakur Ashwin Yuvraj
  11. Global.Baba

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    You just can't have retirement plans 2 years in advance especially in a sport. TBH I seriously thought he will bash Hongkong/AFG/Srilanka/Bang atleast in the Asia cup. This performance has to be it. Unfortunately we play WI next. so in order to prove Dhoni's usefulness he will get another shot instead of trying someone like Pant who can use some confidence against weaker teams.
  12. Global.Baba

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    Scotland was desperate enough to offer citizenship to Sreeshanth, we have atleast 6-7 current cricketers. all yours for free
  13. Global.Baba

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    This scene brings tears to my eyes. @velu @Shunya @sscomp32 @Sidhoni @Yoda-esque @Ankit_sharma03 @Austin 3:!6 watch 2:23 onwards Ur views
  14. Global.Baba

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    He will not do that against big 6 teams. It was decent bowling. He is not to be blamed for the loss but he is in the side as a match winning allrounder. He is just super bits and pieces bowler. He was done .didn’t deserve a comeback

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