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  1. Global.Baba

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    Sorry All White people look the same to me. got them confused with South Africa I meant South.Africa (don’t forget the dot)
  2. They were not kidding when they said this was 1992 repeat and drawing parallels. Apologize right now for making fun of them also to all the pundits who didn’t give them a shot. people keep forgetting the cornered tigers just like they keep forgetting the dot. Global.baba (please don’t forget the dot)
  3. 1.Last time we played Australia - we lost 2.Last time we played Pakistan in England- we lost 3.Last time we played Srilanka in England in a multi nation tourney- We lost 4.Last time we played England - We lost 5.Last time we played Bangladesh in the opening round of a World Cup outside the sub continent- we lost 6.Last International game we played against New Zealand- we lost 7.Last time we played Afghanistan- we tied with them which is humiliating enough 8. Last time we played WI in a multinational World Cup type tournament- we lost 9.last time we played South Africa in a World Cup In England or in this style of format- we lost. Last post on ICF for Global.baba before I go back to my meditation. Global.baba (please never ever forget the dot )
  4. Wait MI have both bond and zak as bowling coaches?
  5. Global.Baba

    I think IPl 2019 been scripted perfectly for a Dhoni farewell

    The runout came out of syllabus they forgot the dot
  6. Global.Baba

    Privilege watching Dhoniconda at his best

  7. Wow after the start thought has ran away with it but tremendous stuff.
  8. Global.Baba

    Is whistle poding Halal?

    Sorry I gave up my mere mortal desires and chichora ways and adopted a spiritual lifestyle. I live on a diet of aloe Vera juice and karela juice over the weekends on my cheat days. I tread a path of purity but this Sunday I might be so excited that I might give in and order yellow whistles today on Amazon through my third eye. Can any religious or spiritual expert tell me If whistle poding is halal as I celebrate my favorite team’s conquest. Not a jinx thread. Big fan of .
  9. Global.Baba

    Age of Rohit

    Welcome back
  10. Global.Baba

    I think IPl 2019 been scripted perfectly for a Dhoni farewell

    Don’t forget the quotes
  11. Global.Baba

    I think IPl 2019 been scripted perfectly for a Dhoni farewell

    Sure maybe fitness will be fine but track record overseas
  12. Global.Baba

    I think IPl 2019 been scripted perfectly for a Dhoni farewell

    not everything is a jinx.
  13. Global.Baba

    Bored of the same old teams- GO DELHI!!!

    Also happy for one of the greatest franchise owner ever. This performance is built on his blood,sweat and tears. He has left a legacy for the newer owners. He is the modern day Galileo. Abused and humiliated by the church elders like @Switchblade @beetle And @Cricketics If he was in American sports they would have made a movie about him like the money ball one with Ranveer Singh playing him. All raise and salute this man

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