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  1. Is that trundler who bowled to Shoaib Malik playing today? Thala has already instructed his team. "Bas runout mad karwa dena" and has his new new "trigger movement" ready for action @Ankit_sharma03 is ready with microscope/telescope for his analysis
  2. Bhuvi-Khaleel-Bumrah-Kuldeep-Chahal or Bhuvi-Khaleel-Bumrah-Kuldeep/Chahal-Pandya this should be our starting bowling combo
  3. Khaleel and Bumrah it is @Sachinism there is your answer. difference between trundler and phaasht bowler
  4. He will be proactive but he will replace them with Irfan Pathan and RP Singh.
  5. Rashid uncle next. Afg will get 275.
  6. Remember Dhoni captains only some games according to @Shunya for Rohit and Virat. This game he is grooming Khaleel Ahmed as the captain and watching him learn. Thailaiva
  7. Dhoni to Kul-Cha- Lollipop on off stump-Chakka kha ke dikha Dhoni to Jaddu- bas idhar daal. Araam se. Yeh maarega. Such Love ]
  8. Nabi Our No.6 would be breaking new ground with his lunges if we were in this situation
  9. C Pandey b Jadhav = C Mark Waugh b Warne C Karthik b Jadhav = C Steve Waugh b Warne #Fab5rules
  10. Rashid and the rest are hacks,either it will be a wrap up or some entertainment now.
  11. Hope this Shehzad innings give Pakistanis this false sense of Bravado,fearlessness and daleri and they just hack their way and throw their wickets away
  12. Enjoying this phainta. DJ play the Afghani Jalebi song

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