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  1. Global.Baba

    New Era of Fab 5 has dawned upon us

    Aggression Athleticism Multi-Talented Mad Skills and last but not the least coolness & calmness Next Destination
  2. 2 back to back 30's for Karthik. Seems to have hit a purple patch
  3. Tothle ki akkad uthar gayi but if they win the next game, iske daanth phir nikal aayenge
  4. Karthik giving Sir Rayudu the strike for well deserved winning runs
  5. What logic is keeping them on the field, even Indian batsmen are on the field. Just finish the game and make it look like a proper drubbing. Poor batting nevertheless
  6. Pakistanis clearly want to finish this match early as they realize they have no chance and get rest from the sun. clear lolipop bowling by Zaman and Malik in the last few overs. These idiots are still tuk tuking
  7. Karthik on fire, playing over his career S/R of 73.00,currently at 78.00
  8. Can you imagine if we had lost 1 or 2 wickets at the top, Amir and that shawarma guy would have run through this batting
  9. OMG even if we are 200-0 after 20 overs we won't reach 300 with these idiots
  10. Unbelievable Laxman batted with Dravid for so long and still can't pronounce his name he should have learned it by the end of Kolkota test let alone after playing so many tests
  11. Karthi looking like a million bucks on his way to a 30. Might be a notout to sweeten the deal
  12. @beetle maathey that is called a fidget spinner.Even I know that living under a rock
  13. Urmy ke uncle aur mere third eye ki zaroorat nahi hai. Easily dikh raha hai uske chehre pe
  14. Average of under 30 and a S/R of 73 and playing for 15 years
  15. Dhawan's wife has a lot of plastic surgery done, I heard she was a boxer maybe that is why. Remember Mickey Rourke he had to get it done for the same reason

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