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  1. Because take For example Parag and Saini have a lot of good qualities like mental strength. Game play will improve eventually. Pandya Sure has some talent but his attitude is questionable. You can just tell what is a lambi race ka ghoda or a stop gap
  2. We mix our definition of trundlers A guy who bowls 140+ gun barrell straight with no movement is a trundler in my book. Example- Tino Best etc. A guy who uses brains, can get movement at 135ks is not a trundler. Example- the guy in your display pic,McGrath,Walsh,Akram,Zak etc
  3. Russell and Pandya is a no contest simple. Give Pandya 5-6 more years he cannot become Andre Russell. May be can be a better bowler than him that’s about it but not saying much.
  4. Archer whatta player. Too bad England has poached him, WI would be even more formidable
  5. Kya bol raha hai? Russell was banned for 2 years before that. He has been delivering game changing knocks in both franchise and even for Wi. Remember his tonking Pakistani phaaasht bowling in 2015 wc
  6. Parag is a great prospect but still feel a little undercooked and raw
  7. A gun game changing bat like Russell who can hit 140ks or a guy who hits 150ks who can smoke the ball. Either one. Pandya is neither
  8. Khaleel is just a bunny with bat like a lot of our tailenders but that is relatively ok. What concerns me is most of these guys have no game awareness whatsoever. The Avesh Khan guy was trying to smack the ball with the ugliest technique when all he had to do is take a single And give it to the batsman at the other end. Plenty of other examples
  9. One player for India like Russell or Archer jeez. Is it too much to ask. Please don’t say Pandya
  10. Time for Prasidh to deliver. Having raw pace is not enough
  11. Yes Dhawan has been in poor form these days
  12. Extra ball from Every wide goes for a boundary 9/10 times. Is there a pattern here?
  13. Keeping the celebration about Prasidhs pace aside, need to congratulate him on a rare wicket
  14. Mark my words and don’t forget the dot Virat is getting criticized left and right for his captaincy. No way that the captain of the national side will go into a World Cup with a disastrous IPL where he is totally under the microscope. Winning or finalists may be a bit of stretch but possible however realistically speaking no way they will finish at the bottom or fail to qualify RCB is still going to make it and go far. You can thank me later
  15. Something off about his play. Not convinced. Third eye hasn’t fluttered yet
  16. Stealing from @maniac mind from my third eye. He is not wrong
  17. Binny and Pandya are in some prime hitting form . Looks like one not getting any action at home and the other has to keep away after having kauphy these days
  18. Dhoni was already at an age to have kids during that photo shoot with Parag. With IPl fame Parag will soon have little Pan paraags minis running around especially if he hangs around with Rahul and Pandya. Dhoni living up to his Dadu moniker
  19. Bishop said remember the name Brathwaite. After all these years when I hear the name Brathwaite the only thing it reminds me of is some kind of chewing gum
  20. @sscomp32 during baby Parags phot session with MSD

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