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  1. ssurenn

    Despite all DK bashing the guy delivers in crunch time

    Dinesh Karthik in T20I runchases (for India): 31(28)* 17(12) 4(1)* 18(12)* 2(2)* 39(25)* 29(8)* 31(34)* 0(0)* 30(13) When he remains unbeaten: Eight wins in eight games When he gets dismissed: Two loses in two games thats y he is my fav
  2. ssurenn

    T10 League

    T10 League. 8 teams, 10 overs, 90 Minutes It's Match day 1 and we have a blockbuster of a match coming up.
  3. I don't know why we opted to chase with chances of rain.

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