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  1. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    If you consider a tennis like system, repeating a past win will only maintain points. So away wins against weak opponents will not increase your tally but only teams who break new ground will go up. Point is that a formula can be worked out if there is political will. Frankly, I have scant respect for protecting rankings by only playing at home.
  2. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    I think away wins should count more or there should be tennis like system where series won previously should not increase the points if won again, but decrease the points if lost. Winning new series should increase points. This will force teams out of their comfort zones.
  3. also, I am not sure where Prophet Muhammad asked Arabs to accept Islam or be killed.
  4. Alam dar, good points but did you watch the video? What do you have to say about the nuclear issues that he discusses? One feels that non-state actors are an instrument of both Indian and Pakistani policy. While Pakistani non-state actors are talked up a lot, people forget that Ajit Doval has lectured university students no less, to use TTP as mercenaries against Pakistan. This goes alongwith the support of Mukti Bahni in the then East Pakistan. One feels that as people like Mr Ramdas (a warrior himself) are heard more by masses across India and Pakistan, there will be more pressure on respective governemnts to talk to each other. Without talks, there is no resolution. Please add your comments on youtube itself for a wider viewing.
  5. I am unable to post a thread/discussion at the moment, so posting it here. How do people here feel about the emotions described by Admiral Ramdas, Chief of Naval Staff (Retired). Main points: Nuclear weapons are no more than status symbol. Chest thumping is dangerous. There is a prevalent belief in India and Pakistan, but especially in India, that if we brandish the big stick, the other party will back down; this has NEVER happened in the past. If USSR and USA talked at the height of cold war and averted many crises, why shouldn't India and Pakistan? In fact India should be the one to ask Pakistan for a dialogue. Please leave your comments here but also directly under the video to enable to wider community to engage and hear from each other. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgP_0v841AI&t=1067s
  6. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    But including that makes the sample biased. Home wins do not count for much these days. Even Bangladesh are hard to beat at home.
  7. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    Well if you talk away from home, Pakistan attack drew a series in England 2-2 in 2016, and 1-1 in 2018. In contrast, Indian attack has not helped draw/win a series in England/Aus/SA but they won a test in SA though lost the series 1-2. In West Indies (if you want to count) both teams won their last series. So not sure what are the relatively greater merits of Indian attack. Let us discount Asian wins which are easy for these teams and both teams have won aplenty.
  8. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    I think Indian test attack is good for the batting they are supported by. It is an effective attack but a little untested with Bumrah new and Kumar steady. England series will be a litmus test. However, Indian batting gives them plenty of cushion. Pak batting is very inexperienced after YK and Misbah, so their bowling attack is under a lot more pressure. Still, on paper, Amir, Abbas, Hasan Ali, Faheem, Shadab and Yasir Shah is an attack for any conditions.
  9. Much better to take your time but make it count rather than hit it out and fail with 10 runs on board. Can't fault Sharma for his approach.
  10. Tobacco

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    I think India have a balanced attack now with the arrival of Pandya, and Bumrah. Kumar is a good swinger and two good spinners really lend balanced to this attack to go with a fine batting line up. Pak have been losing their best to scandals but they are now back in shape. They have a long supply of fast bowlers in Amir, Hasan Ali, Usman Shinwari, Rumman Raees, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Junaid Khan, Muhammad Irfan (still good in T20s) and Faheem Ashraf the all rounder gives them the same balance that Pandya gives to India. Their spin attack is very good in Shadab, Hafeez (allowed back), Muhammad Nawaz (all rounder), Haris Sohail (part time all rounder), Imad Wasim and Shoaib Malik. Plenty of bowling options. No wonder if India is leading the ODIs and Pak is leading T20s. Two top teams with balanced attacks but India has the edge in batting.
  11. Tobacco

    Predict India in Eng series results

    Looks like it will be the other way around but India has a great chance to win the test series. This is the most unsettled England test side they will face.
  12. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    Pak have a very balanced attack now which is pace dominated assisted by spin in shadab, Haris, Malik and Hafeez (allowed back) and imad. They have Amir, Hasan, Faheem Ashraf, + one of (Rumman/Shaheen Afridi/Usman Shinwari/Junaid Khan/Irfan). At the moment Pak probably have the best balanced attack and their T20I top ranking is primarily due to that.
  13. Tobacco

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    Ramiz to inzi: what do you think about the criticism of your selection in media. Inzi: "sachi baat hai ramiz bhai, whenever i see the reaction on media, I feel ghalt he selection ho gai hai." Ramiz burst into laughter; inzi smiled.
  14. Tobacco

    Two new balls

    problem is, what will you do when the teams start insisting on ball changes or the ball is discoloured. First they introduced a mandatory change after 34 overs which was neither here nor there because the ball was not even new. Now they have two new balls which were meant to assist conventional swing. Perhaps we need super balls which do not discolour or grow out of shape in 50 overs.
  15. Hi I am new here hope everyone is fine. I can’t see an option to start a discussion. Is it disabled for new users? thanks

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