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  1. These reports contradict your view. Instead, it is India which is creating security risk: https://youtu.be/Rckn_ktkFSs indian source again.
  2. I agree, part time keepers are like fast food, but with the modern pace of life, there is huge market for fast food.
  3. You have not addressed the issues raised in the above video, which is all coming from your own media. As far as the new issues you have raised please hear your OWN intelligence agencies here who admit the problem is domestic: https://youtu.be/YG7wFEgh33g Educated debate addresses questions raised. So watch it and then answer. Who knows I may agree with you then.
  4. Perhaps those measures are India's only hope given that everything else is about oppression. It is not like they are appeasing the locals either. Why can't they address what Indian media below is saying? Here is the direct link : https://youtu.be/1rTcMz_uuSw
  5. I think you need a nuanced understanding; a whole population who never wanted to be with India is only seeking what they were promised - right to choose. If you listen to the interview, you might learn a bit more given that sources are your fellow countrymen and your intelligence agencies.
  6. and this (if this video below shows the same video as above, please click the link given under this video): Click this link here if you want to see the part 2 of the interview video embedded in the previous post. The title of this video is that current kashmir uprising is like NOTHING before; this is intelligence agencies speaking and not just random opinion. Indian public must not ignore this development with ISIS lurking in the region to exploit genuine grievances. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rTcMz_uuSw&index=4&list=PLU98PJIZ0JfJ4DiGE-1upez1PqlpoM9vX
  7. I am a little disappointed that this forum does not react much to the possibility of india pakistan talks. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post a thread so I have to post it inside another. But I feel that Indo Pak community must come together because the problems are just grave. For instance Kashmir has this huge problem brewing up which Indian intelligence admits is like NOTHING before. People are not scared of security forces even surrounded and the Indian Media itself admits that this problem is getting out of hand. I know this is a touchy issue and I intend to hit no nerves here but indifference is disappointing. Please see this
  8. Anyhow coming back to India Pakistan topic: I am glad that sane voices in India are calling upon the masses to wake up from nationalist hysteria that Modi and sensationalist media is inebriating the masses with:
  9. Also, these quotations are devoid of context. Those verses of sword were revealed after multiple attacks on Muslims in the state of Madinah, which justified use of force against the repeat offenders.
  10. Few more historical facts are as under: (1) Verse of "No Compulsion" was revealed in the initial period of Madina when Muslims were weak. (2) Verse of Sword (i.e. Killing all the Mushrikeen) was revealed at the end in 9th Hijri, when Muslims got full power and control and no power was left in Arabia to stop the Muslims from it. (3) Thus Muhammad killed all the Polytheists (Mushrikeen) in Arabia. This practice also continued during the era of Companions (Sahaba). (4) Then came Abu Hanifa, who was the first one who said it was only obligatory upon Prophet Muhammad to kill all the Mushrikeen, but now Muslims could also take Jizya from Polytheists and let them live. (5) But Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal and Imam Shafii and Imam Ibn Hazm contradicted this new fatwa of Abu Hanifa, while there was an Ijma of Companions (Sahaba) that Polytheists should be kept killing even after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqallani writes in his book "Fath-ul-Bari" (link): And Saudi Mufti Albani graded this hadith of Sunnan Abu Dawud as "authentic" (link): Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqallani also recorded the following "authentic" tradition (link): (6) If today any Islamic Caliphate is established from followers of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (i.e. Salafies) or Imam Shafii, then once against this Islamic Caliphate is going to compel the Polytheists/Atheists to accept Islam or otherwise they will slaughter them. So this much to "No Compulsion". Actually compulsion is every where when a person is denied his basic human right and threatened to be killed if he leaves Islam. And compulsion is there when Non Muslims are not allowed to do Tableegh of their views and they will be killed if they do so. This is not what I subscribe to in general terms. This may be true in a situation of war, where the enemies are to surrender, but hardly in a normal state where your masses are to be killed if they don't enter Islam. Note, Muslims are to pay Zakaat in an Islamic state while non Muslims are not obligated to do the same. Jaziya was a tax that they instead paid in those days for security in return. Not practised in modern states with many forms of taxation now.
  11. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    Although, UAE is no home (try living out of a suit case for most of year and see how it degrades performance) it doesn't matter who became number 1 and when. Gradation simply looks at the opposition's rank, not the conditions which makes home advantage a massive difference. I think it will be fair to have a tennis like system as above. Only those who can play outside their comfort zones deserve to hold the mace. Tallying up a series of victories at home and defending ranking points leads to uncompetitive cricket.
  12. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    If you consider a tennis like system, repeating a past win will only maintain points. So away wins against weak opponents will not increase your tally but only teams who break new ground will go up. Point is that a formula can be worked out if there is political will. Frankly, I have scant respect for protecting rankings by only playing at home.
  13. Tobacco

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    I think away wins should count more or there should be tennis like system where series won previously should not increase the points if won again, but decrease the points if lost. Winning new series should increase points. This will force teams out of their comfort zones.
  14. also, I am not sure where Prophet Muhammad asked Arabs to accept Islam or be killed.
  15. Alam dar, good points but did you watch the video? What do you have to say about the nuclear issues that he discusses? One feels that non-state actors are an instrument of both Indian and Pakistani policy. While Pakistani non-state actors are talked up a lot, people forget that Ajit Doval has lectured university students no less, to use TTP as mercenaries against Pakistan. This goes alongwith the support of Mukti Bahni in the then East Pakistan. One feels that as people like Mr Ramdas (a warrior himself) are heard more by masses across India and Pakistan, there will be more pressure on respective governemnts to talk to each other. Without talks, there is no resolution. Please add your comments on youtube itself for a wider viewing.

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