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  1. R!TTER

    England gloating thread

    Every WC game is high pressure, this is why good or avg bowling attacks punch above their weights. We did nothing special that we haven't done in 2015 or 2003, in fact if you look at the number of successful 300+ chases in a WC you'll find that it's nearly impossible especially in KO games. My point is the WC pressure adds extra teeth to good, disciplined bowling attacks - on the other hand do you remember the 2003 final & how Zak completely lost it in the first over for us The corollary to the above is that it's nearly impossible to win against great bowling attacks in a WC, like WI or Aus, unless their bowling & batting flops bigly on the same day.
  2. Pinch hitters isn't a bad strategy, however you have to look at the opposition bowlers, pitches & match situation first. Can't put Jadeja in front of Starc, Cummins, Rabada, Boult on a fiery spell. Let the best batsman, better than the King, aka Brat handle them
  3. R!TTER

    This season of GoT has been disappointment

    It has been good in patches, however the last 2 seasons are absolute bottom of the barrel, just rolling on VFX with virtually no story-line to back them up. Speaking of finale
  4. In your (pirated) version of Don Bradman cricket
  5. R!TTER

    England vs Pak 3rd ODI

    He's usually a flop show chasing high totals or against string bowling attacks.
  6. R!TTER

    England vs Pak 3rd ODI

    This is how you chase totals, not 100/0 after 15 or 20 overs while our top 3 still living in the 80's
  7. R!TTER

    Breakout Player of the WC

    I hope Brat does well, for supposedly the best LO player ever he's yet to do a quarter of what the likes of Viv or SRT achieved in their first 2 WCs
  8. Yahoodi Saazish, Amreeka, LTTE, India - I bet the next 10k conspiracy theories about this will revolve around these 4 themes
  9. R!TTER

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

    Was this like the repeat of "Berlin" as WWII ended? Needless killing & in more ways than one Russia+the Allies outdid German carnage, except for the Holocaust.
  10. Lee was 5mph faster, can't say that about Shoib because I didn't see him as closely but Brett bowled many spells in the WC where his avg speed was well above 150 kph.
  11. R!TTER

    Hats Off To The IPL Governing Council

    Good job everyone, now for the vacation in England
  12. R!TTER

    2 (8) in a final

    Wait till you see the WC, India's greatest LO match winner - according to some
  13. R!TTER

    All jokes, and fan banter aside..

    You'd be wise to drop this, you don't want Mama & Mota Bhai coming after you, do you
  14. Lee was super quick for about a decade, if not more, just like Akhtar he was a good 10mph quicker on avg than any of his contemporaries. He was at his quickest in the WC 2003, him & Akhtar were breathing fire back then. For as quick as Starc was last WC, both Shoib & Brett were probably 5mph quicker than him.

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