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  1. R!TTER

    Can the Rat do this?

    It was Gilly & then Hayden who took the game away, with Zaheer having an infamous meltdown in the first over itself. We were never gonna win that game unless we batted first, even then it was 50/50 at best if we put @par or above score. Ponting put the finishing touches however, there were good batters who could've done similar down the order for them. In comparison I rate Gilly's 140+ higher in 2007 vs SL.
  2. R!TTER

    Can the Rat do this?

    That's true for most players, in the KO of a WC it's about the team. You'll rarely find singular innings or bowlers winning that KO all by themselves. This is why the best teams have always performed as a unit & dug themselves out of unimaginable holes. The point being, while an individual can win or lose you games single handedly - that rarely happens in the KO games because it's a WC, massive pressure & thinnest of margins. Also Gilly was statistically the best player in finals, no one else comes close not even Viv & certainly not Ponting. As long as we rely on one individual or a select few, we'll always be weak when it matters the most!
  3. R!TTER

    Can the Rat do this?

    I posted this in the wrong thread, SRT's off/straight/on drive are unparalleled in cricket especially the last two
  4. R!TTER

    The best ODI ever

    Not enough on stake, also technically it had a result while these two ended in a tie. This WC final twice, the 434/438 game was also very one sided in terms of heavily favoring batters.
  5. R!TTER

    The best ODI ever

    So what do you think?
  6. R!TTER

    Tribute to the process

  7. Time to plant these scissors strategically, so that somewhere someone could make proper use of it ala Bourne
  8. They were never going to give him back, Sarabjeet was tortured to death just before his release! You think the cucks from the west would give him up due to some change of heart?
  9. R!TTER

    Hyundai Kona EV Vs Tesla’s $35,000 Model 3

    What's the price, assuming it won't be CKD or fully imported?
  10. B****a doesn't have any laaj, sharam so why would he retire anyway because he's getting free money even now?
  11. R!TTER

    Do you care if Dhoni retires now or not?

    He can always screw us in the next WT20 or the one in India
  12. Every state is the same, you just have to be at the wrong place at the right time. Tell me one state where there's 100% power 100% of the time.
  13. One summer doesn't make a swallow, Tendulkar had 3 great WCs 2 middling ones & one poor, in 2007 he only batted 3 innings all at 4 btw. Kohli was never going to overtake him, ever it's only Brat fans that were delusional enough to think he's perform at the same level as SRT, just because he's faced pop gun attacks on batting paradises with 2 new balls in the last 8 years or so. A hint of movement or turn & the guy always folds under pressure & no T20 innings don't count

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