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  1. Roti, I think you mean something else
  2. If you count his contributions for Aus, including this game behind the stumps, sure makes sens.
  3. Jadhav doing a Yuvraj & Dhoni, well he's beig himself! I still remember that last ODI chase in Aus 2016 & he nearly messed that up as well, save for Pandey
  4. Raj Sheth: "Could someone please ask Dhoni to go faster? I am getting late for my presentation!" Imagine if some did this outside a restroom
  5. I'd go a step further, a good bowling attack & non flat top & even the top 3 tend to struggle in chases. As I've said previously these guys are overrated, even the top 3 under pressure.
  6. Some kids & oldies tend to underrate how hard it is to score against the old ball on non super flat tracks, just look at this game! Suffice to say their rosy eyed tint only glows red it sees Kohli, & yes SRT is still the greatest Indian batter for the foreseeable future! Just imagine these bunch of guys against peak Warne or Murali, on surfaces that aren't made for T20 & just the one old ball. Anyone bringing yo - but he also faced these bowlers - clearly doesn't remember cricket pre 2007/08 which was 80% of his career!
  7. They would've bowled out earlier, most likely.
  8. Chahal should've bowled out a lot earlier, why did pie chucker Shankar get another spell
  9. He's not good enough for half of these against better sides, heck he'll be lucky to get way with 2 vs England.
  10. Does anyone seriously believe Kohli will lead us i.e. captain this side against better oppositions, under pressure, to glory?
  11. What's with Mama Shri down voting others en masse, is this Urmi's uncle's account
  12. BK's numbers are consistently in the bottom half, this at a time when SA/Aus haven't fielded their first 11 in the 2 series we played them previously in. Not only are his numbers middling but he doesn't have anything to go back to when he encounters super flat tracks, like Mumbai 2015 or CT 2017 finale. If we're using him as a new ball bowler only, then he must bowl out consistently around the 40 over mark. There's just no way he brings enough to the table to be a shoe in for this side, now if the pitches in England aren't super flat & help his swing then things could be different, but then other teams have much superior pace attacks so we're screwed anyway.

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