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  1. Stutter

    Gautam Gambhir retires

    Thanks Gauti! He seemed so focussed when in full flow. A fantastic career, with WC'07, WC'11, Ranji'07 and IPLs in his kitty. He had a bit of Inzi in him, when it came to running between the wickets; his running during the 2011 QF is now hilarious in hindsight, but was bloody nerve-wracking when the game was on. Hope he continues his bold and honest approach in his new endeavours.
  2. Afghanistan players have displayed an admirable temperament. Even after being 6 down, they continued fighting. This never-say-die attitude is so refreshing in ODIs. I hope more teams develop in this fashion and enrich the cricketing world. Their presence in Europe is also on the increase from a Cricketing perspective. How Afghanistan is bringing cricket to Germany
  3. Why Kaul? & No Siraj or Saini instead of Shardul? The recurrence of the problem shows that the thought process of the selectors is flawed. Non inclusion of Siraj for the latter half of the England tour was not a one-off decision.
  4. Stutter

    Khaleel Ahmed

    There is good evidence of Khaleel picking up some tips from Zak. I loved his bowling, but would like to see him play against more seasoned teams, maybe today or later in the tournament. He might be the game changer & surely does add the variety, we need for CWC 2019. Exciting stuff. I hope Khaleel, Siraj & Saini are tried out in the little window of matches left between now & early 2019.
  5. Anyone got tickets allotted for the India Pakistan game? Congrats! Edgbaston is a fantastic place to watch Cricket!
  6. Stutter

    Commentary gems tracking thread

  7. Stutter

    Commentary gems tracking thread

    With generous humming of the "dinga linga linga ding dinga linga linga ding" tune for good measure
  8. Lovely start...come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  9. I think this was answered just now by the replays of Stokes's dismissals through this series.. He's squaring up to the outgoing ball and the extent of movement from around the wicket is subtle enough to get that edge. The movement from over the wicket is slightly increased due to the angle of release and makes decisions to leave the ball easier.
  10. I loved the thought process here from Shami. As Bairstow nicked an outswinger in the first innings, I was expecting Shami to bowl an outgoing delivery in the 4th stump area. But this was fast, on target and also the first ball after the lunch break. Fantastic moment.
  11. Agree with some of the sentiments here. Krunal, Pant & Gowtham should have played. Atleast a game against the qualifier would have done them good for a start and performance dependent, they could have been slotted in for the later games. But pleased to see Khaleel being picked!
  12. Stutter

    What can we Chase ?

    I expect two or three from the England line-up to fire and I believe they will get to 250-260. The runs added during the Pujara-Bumrah last wicket partnership will prove to be crucial. We should be able to chase down 230.
  13. Stutter

    Asian Games 2018

    & now quickly onto Gold#15!! Pranab Bardhan and Shibhnath Sarkar win Gold in Bridge Men's pair Edit: This has moved us up to 7th spot & to a total of 67 medals.
  14. Stutter

    Asian Games 2018

    Haryana lads, Amit & Neeraj are certainly medal hopefuls at Tokyo 2020! This is so exciting. Amit just beat the Olympic champion. Let that sink in! Oh man...& what an emotional medal ceremony. What better way to start off the day's proceedings!?

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