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  1. America ,France ,Israel with us so china don't interfare between us & pak in war
  2. Only 2 things I want from Indian government 1) somehow arrest Hafiz Saeed & Masood Azhar from Pakistan and hang them by live telecast 2) finish article 370 in Kashmir .
  3. After Pulwama attack which we lost nearly 45 CRPF jawan situation going bad to worst day by day .I have hardcore army fan but still I don't think war is needed here bcz we can't afford it our economy will destroy and no body come to invest in war zone country so again we going to 90 era where our economy was bad just I know Pakistan is Cancer for world & they (Pak) want India to fail in economy like them .
  4. test fan

    Best laptop?

    Guys suggest any lappy under 40 ?? Which company laptop best now for daily used around 7-8 hours .
  5. test fan

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    PSL production company is India IMG reliance .hope they also withdrawn their Productions
  6. BC Shankar jase Chutiye Ko khilata kon h 3 pe
  7. BC Sabse chutiya team h hamari powerplay Ko use krne m
  8. This is T20 where we need 215 today .pant should have play at 3 not this tuk tuk Shankar
  9. Bad stregity by team .pant should have send at 3
  10. Harmkhoro power-play ka use to Karo acche se atleast 65-70 runs to banao ..
  11. test fan

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    Pant sould be in the team becouse he fill both the gap as a back up opener or back up wicketkeeper instead of dk.

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