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  1. Dhoni is such a pathetic batsman these day
  2. test fan

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    So if we want to play pant then he should replace jhadav/ Shankar bcz one of them needed as 6th bowler . Rahul Sharma Virat Pant Dhoni Shankar /Jhadav Pandya Kuldeep Chahal Bhumrah Shami
  3. test fan

    Easiest Semifinal opponent.

    Never want to face Australia in knockout stage bcz they know how to win big match .
  4. https://twitter.com/Keyb0ardMujahid/status/1140313145673756672?s=19
  5. test fan


    Bc ground ko bhi pura cover ni karte Taki match start ho jaldi
  6. The covers are back on!
  7. UPDATE - It's a waiting game here as the next inspection will take place at 12.30 PM local time
  8. test fan

    NZ v India washout.

    Just checked met office rain forcest after 11 pm ( England time ) there only 20% chance of rain entire day so we can hopefully see 35 over game .
  9. test fan

    Possible Replacements for Shikhar Dhawan

    https://twitter.com/BCCI/status/1138462314284363780?s=19 No replacement,he will remain in England with team
  10. 1999 - Aus beat Ind - became champions later 2003 - Aus beat Ind - champions 2011 - Ind beat Aus - champions 2015 - Aus beat Ind - champions 2019 - Ind beat Aus - ???
  11. Reminder: India have lost just 2 out of 18 games in three World Cups this decade - a group match vs South Africa in Nagpur and a semi-final vs Australia in Sydney.
  12. Brainless bowling when fine leg & third main inside circle

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