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  1. We can't drop Ashwin but we can easily drop Mumbai gangster Rohit Sharma .
  2. Wtf BC 4 :15 tak jaga match dekhne ke chakkar m .fir suddenly neend aa gyi .jab jaga 32 run chahiye the .ek bar heartattack Ane hi wala tha ki 1 min m wickit mil gayi .BC Ashwin kya chutiyapa kar rha that .I don't watch a single ball today .but thankgod neend aa gyi wrna kitni gali sunte mere se .
  3. test fan

    Declare by tea or not!

    We might all out in next session .but we need to add another 60-70 runs and game over for Aussies .
  4. Bcz he did not play IPL that's why he have patience ,IPL really kill our test team .
  5. test fan

    What will be target India should set for Australia?

    280-300 runs is enough .mind u when every team chasing tail don't do to much bcz of pressure .
  6. test fan

    Will the tail once again torment India ?

    We need to take lead somehow whatever is that lead ,dn't care.that's enough for motivation .
  7. test fan

    NZ eyeing rare series win against Pakistan

    Great great performance by kiwi .congrats blackcap , meanwhile shambolic from Pak they now lost even at home to non Asian team .
  8. Once they 290-3 then collapsed and again NZ 60-4 them make a comeback ,shameless performance from Pak ,remind me performance of our team vs England in 2012 .
  9. Good things for us as they not leak runs easily so 3-4 wickits more we are having a pretty good day .
  10. As I predict yesterday we can bowled out Australia under 200 run .just need 2 more wickits in this session and match on!
  11. Only one guys not parts of IPL from this team and we know how very well he played ?
  12. That's why India on backfoot .have Shaw played scorecard like 330-4
  13. test fan

    This is a flat pitch

    We can definately bowled them out around 200 .their batting not such great if bumrah find his line length right .
  14. Now I have feeling we can bowled out this assies team around 200. India very much in the game .thankyou puji to save series bcz if we bolwed out 170 .we r going to lose badly
  15. Who? Ashwin ,vijay? No way they are not part of this team .

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