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  1. I repeat, where did I say Kashmir is not a problem? Did I ever claim faujis to be idiots? So anybody who does not parrot your POV is a bhaktandu, BJP IT cell wala from a Bimaru place? Nice generalization.
  2. Oh my dear, did you get offended by the mention of few other army brats and retorting to personal attacks on me. I did not post a lot in this forum, I used to read here but now I am definitely convinced you are one of the Behuda type who got triggered by a fellow poster's comparison to Gurmehar Kaur.
  3. First of all learn to behave rather than complaining to mods or admin when someone calls you or a Pakistani or anti-national on this forum. I never did, don't know why you are getting riled up? Is Kashmir a disputed land? Yes definitely in the eyes of the world and the Pak perspective because it helps build their cause and their own narrative. Have you ever read a statement from GOI or the foreign ministry which summarizes that piece of land as 'disputed'. +1 Where did I question that Kashmir isn't a problem to be resolved?
  4. You guess that every right wing Hindu wants 370 to go, my guess is that each and every army brat whom I know speaks of Kashmir as "Indian territory". Period. Unless of course they are Gurmehar Kaur type and by the way didn't you claim yourself as a fauji kid in other thread.
  5. That another spokesperson Pankhudi Pathak is dismissed too?
  6. Those posters who are raising legitimate questions doesn't mean they are addicted to saffron weed. Neither them voting BJP to power means they're Sanghis. The mask of having one rule for a specific community and a different one for the other is a shame. The aforementioned HDFC employee case proves that. Basically their gripe is anybody who questions people like Romila Thapar, Ramchandra Guha has an agenda driven against minorities. Regarding partition a century back we had a shared cultural heritage spanning from borders of Afghanistan to far-east of Bangladesh where even if the situations were tense, together all the communities somehow thrived and co-existed. After partition all this co-existential behavior somehow withered away from Pakistani DNA. Pakistanis and their ilk should be the last ones to question about secularism and democracy to Indians. Yes legal procedures should be followed while dealing with these sensitive issues. But they certainly aren't. Just an example: Police and other agencies knew beforehand that there is going to be violence in case of Baba Ram Rahim arrest and Azad Maidan protests. Both the issues culminated in violence by the protesters. In one case dozens died when firepower was used and in the other police were ordered to hold back which lead to thousands of protesters molesting women constables and tearing off their clothes. While I don't have any love lost for Gurmeet Ram Rahim, do you think the Muslim world would have taken kindly to the killing of so called "peaceful protesters" who gathered for Rohingyas? I concur.
  7. @Mirpur express 1. Nobody invited you here on this Indian site. 2. With the username 'Mirpur express', the most who watches ugly Indian actors & their movies in UK are the British Mirpuris. 3. If we Indians are as obsessed with Pakistan as you claim here, why Pakistanis keep begging for visas in twitter page of our external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj? Why sending your patients to get treated by the hands of ugly Indian doctors?
  8. Congress shown its true aukaat. Watching over social media the Congress guys still not able to comprehend or either they've known reality all along but not able to raise voice against the family. @LannisterExplain this calculation Einstein or you've lost brain cells as well since the morning? Do the math yourself. And what else do you want for Mizoram? They're not even 3 million & already getting appropriate representation in the lower house. Go and read civics about what is the criteria for declaring a national party. Its not me or you or a random ICFer who could decide that, it is decided by the body which conducts elections all over the country. Stop making it a Hindi Vs Kannadiga issue for a thread related to national elections.
  9. Shhhh. Shut up, don't you know that the Mughals who were in power from 1526-1857 were the greatest dynasty from India. Mughals>>>>>>> The entire might of Cholas, Chalukyas, Ahoms, Guptas, Mauryas, Marathas or the Rajputs. Don't you dare say anything against them or the great Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.
  10. Next what then, quoting about socio-economic status of Indians from Dawn & the Friday Times.
  11. OP- Since when did quoting the answers of Quora become a credible piece of information source? Never seen any other poster doing that in ICF, would be happy to be proven wrong. Though that person who gave the answer also gave reference of a few links. I went through those links & many of the projects like Timarpur Biodiversity park, work on hundreds of illlegal colonies, new classroom work etc. is still a long way to go. Regarding the stadium it is just the nod which has been provided by the Kejriwal cabinet.
  12. Nothing less than capital punishment for this monster and middle finger salute to those political parties, religious institutions who defend rapists.
  13. Father of Gul Panag endorsing a coup that too being an army veteran. Just wow.
  14. Sanjukta Basu and Barkha Dutt fighting on Twitter because of Tavleen Singh and her son Aatish who wrote this article.
  15. Google, YouTube, FB, Twitter etc have got strong algorithms at work which will try to show more content on matters which strengthens our confirmation bias. It is better to take the recommended content on our devices with a pinch of salt.
  16. What happened to Amit-Amar-Anil trio? These 3 used to be seen together in every function in the past.
  17. Yes I feel ashamed coz I supported them pre-2013 Delhi elections. Not all people who joined were bad they were kicked out, forced to leave or sidelined due to Kejriwal's stubbornness. In my opinion he is too headstrong and difficult to work with. After 2013 elections, AAP took the likes of Ashutosh and Ashish Khaitan who themselves resigned last year citing personal reasons. The biggest lie they presented was that they were a party unlike others. I was watching the documentary "An insignificant man" based on AAP's foray into politics, Sanjay Singh was claiming all 70 candidates they'd field will be super clean and honest with no criminal charges. The same person was conducting a meeting of AAP leaders in a bar with drinks being served openly, how is it different from any other party? Where was Swarajya then? Taking Amantullah Khan in the party for appeasement. Assaulting Kapil Mishra inside Delhi Legislative Assembly despite presence of the speaker and Marshals by AAP MLAs. Sending Gupta's to the Rajya Sabha while the whole world was alleging that AAP has taken money, while Kejriwal kept mum and didn't even talk to the media. Kejriwal of 2012-13 derided politicians that what's stopping them to talk to the media and answer their questions.
  18. A daring move from Sri Lankan government. India could never do that, yaha to Zakir Naik ke khilaaf action lene se bahuto ki neend ud jati hai.
  19. This detailed response on Rahul's tweet deserves a look.
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