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  1. Adi BB

    Oye Hoye Trophy!

  2. Kane gas to step up and score big here ,you cant score quickly on this pitch ,waiting game is the best bet here .nzl should try to reach 250,don't think they will though
  3. Its better if he concentrates in just one format I.e the tests ,if he plays more formats I think his performances in test cricket might hit a low. There is no doubt though that atm I'd take him over bhuvi in odis lol
  4. Man I think you are confused. Either say that this Indian team is just plain horrible with the bat and despite kohli and shastri's best efforts it's just not possible to get respectable scoreline in SENA or admit that kohli and shastri should stop boasting about this team as the best traveller of the last 30 years or so because the results clearly haven't shown us that . And mind you these are not even great saf and English side. England have lost test matches left right and centre at home against bang average teams in the last 4 years
  5. Adi BB

    India 's tour of Australia

    The bowlers will win this series for Aus as did the English bowlers but we have to see if these conditions are extreme as they were in England. If it's a bit on the flatter side ,it will suit the useless indian batsmen for a change
  6. Ideally yes but that's still a horrible tail . This time around we need to go with 6 proper batsmen I believe and 4 out and out pacers ,is vihari in the squad?He can bowl out some overs in between and play at 6
  7. That was due the Sydney test .he conceded 180 odd and picked just 1 wkt going at 6 rpo iirc .barring that test he was the only bowler who looked like picking wkts from our side and picked 10 wkts in the first 2 test . Even in the 2011 tour to Aus ,he was the highest wkt taker and it was the Sydney test that ruined his figures ,there too he conceded 100+ without picking any wkts. Yadav should be banned from Sydney lol ,his stats would have been great in Australia if not for the 2 Sydney tests
  8. He's right tbh ,there's hardly much swing on offer with the kookaboora ball in Australian conditions unless it's played under lights or there's some breeze across the ground . Bhuvi would not be as useful here as he would in any other sena country but o would not mind him as the fourth pacer behind ishant shami and bumrah because he can add his batting value to the lower order. A tail comprising of umesh ,shami,bumrah,ishant is just pathetic for an international side . I'd actually play no spinner and go with 4 pacers due to pandya's unavailability,if kohli wants to go with a spinner ,pick kuly as I think the Australian batsmen would struggle to pick him,ashwin would be plain useless
  9. Retard is making some sense,by the way in what event is he making such statements?
  10. Adi BB

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Dirtbag had an odi er close to 7 at one point I remember . And also averages close to bhuvi
  11. Adi BB

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    Raul is going nowhere ,he is an integral part of the test team and the England series showed that ,despite failures he was trusted upon and given a good run . In odis he's a misfit for the TM atm but I am pretty sure he'd do well at #4 if given a decent run . In t20s he needs to open
  12. Adi BB

    Pakistan vs Newzealand 3rd ODI

    Lol has any match ever been abandoned due to rain in the desert?
  13. Adi BB

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    Ranveer is seriously mistaken if he things his moronic behaviour and chichorapan looks cool in the eyes of adults (not talking about the teens and college mugs who might actually find it uber cool).he has to stop this "clowning " ,doesn't look mature . But I'll give him some leverage,he's a decent actor . The most annoying jokers are undoubtedly srk and varun dhawan
  14. Adi BB

    Thugs Of Hindostan - Official Trailer

    Watched the movie yesterday ,in the end it turned out to be a pretty nice comedy flick

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