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  1. Adi BB

    ICC ODI ranking

    Hey south African
  2. Dhoni of 2019 is the greatest finisher no doubt ,he finished any chances of India winning the damn thing !
  3. Why is dhoni hiding behind all this ? He should straight away come out and explain what he wants to do ,if he doesn't want to retire he should clearly state it . Only a shameless man will hide behind these excuses like "helping in smooth transition" . He should have the guts to do a PC and tell what he wants to do and not shoot through the shoulders of a third person
  4. Adi BB

    Will NZ ever win a WC?

    Yes they will in near future ,hardwork and honesty always pays off,be it late !
  5. Adi BB

    Chandrayaan2 launch -15th July

    Launch delayed ,better they work out the technical failure and make the launch only after being 100 percent sure
  6. Who cares ,the whole cricketing world knows that we are 2 time CT winners ,same as England today despite a tie lol . rat ain't winning anything ,that's a true thing
  7. Lol,a genuine guy ,but it's very surprising to see him get it ,their were plenty of better players than him in the tournament but I thi k his captaincy sealed the deal
  8. Adi BB

    Spirit of game.

    So True
  9. We won the CT under them and broke the jinx of going trophyless in ICC event since BH 1985
  10. Adi BB

    England Will Win the World Cup!!

    Dada was right all along
  11. Anything can happen bro ,who would have thought England would win in 2015
  12. Yeah ,biggest blot was the CT 17 .I mean how else can you explain a third class team winning the whole thing ,agree ?

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