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  1. Adi BB

    Happy Sankranthi to all !!!

    One of the best festival in India,hardly any one cares
  2. Adi BB

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    Dhoni hasn't aged well ,he has become a grumpy old man
  3. Greatest innings played on the aussie soil ever - thaila
  4. I think the top 3 have decided that 2 will get out quickly and 1 will score big in the remaining matches till the WC
  5. 30 runs too many ,India will lose this but let's see what the middle order does this time
  6. Seriously man ,India have got so many balowling talent who are not getting chances ,rather we see the trundlers and chuski brigade like Kaul,chahar,khaleel,shardul
  7. This is no way a 300 wkt ,270 ish will be a good score especially for India
  8. I'd bowl out shami here ,he looks in good rhythm and most likely to get maxy
  9. Shami bhai peppering the Aussies with bouncers,looks excited
  10. Shami bhai bowling quick close to 140 k and gets stoinis
  11. Clarke is right ,India is too defensive. India has always been defensive since msd days in lois

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