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  1. CT is a nothing tournament in front of world cups/world events .we have won it twice yet I don't feel it as a great achievement . But Pakistan fans keep harping on that one win because they value that tournament as a break through from being seen as a "no one/irrelevant team" prior to the tournament, to being recognized by the entire cricketing world by the end of it and especially beating India in the process. you could see the pak players abusing their counterpart in the finals after every wkt and the ecstasy as if it was the years of frustration filled in (due to their incompetence and our superiority in these mega events )being vented out It must have been burning for their fans after the continuous hammerings received at our hands in world events especially the wc11 sf and wt20 finals in 07 (which were the hardest to swallow) ,one can understand it .
  2. I agree with @ velu on chahal .I don't think he's a bad bowler,he's pretty decent but on a bad day he can single handedly lose us matches both bowling and fielding,i get the feeling that he's a disaster waiting to happen . With regards to pacers ,I think we need 3 genuine pacers in England,2 spinners won't work so the question is where's the third pacer ? And where are the backups? Surely kaul,unadkat,shardul etc are not the answer
  3. That was my favourite tournament till date (even though the wt20 title isn't all that .. ) due the venues ,the night matches and their electrifying atmosphere . Also it was heartening to see India winning the title with a young side and almost having zero chance of having a shot pre tournament !
  4. Adi BB


    Junaid- the chucker trundler khan
  5. Adi BB

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    35 from 22 now ,should be within the reach especially with the trash mortaza is bowling
  6. Adi BB


    Pakistan after the last game against india
  7. Adi BB


    Inse ache to Hong Kong the
  8. Hopefully Afghans win today and then India lose to Afghans to make them reach the finals ,just for the lulz
  9. They'll still crap their pants if both the openers get out in the next 3-4 openers

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