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  1. Adi BB

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    Bhai wt20 final yaad hai ya bhool gaye ? Effin joginder Sharma fecked you from nowhere . Ct is not even a world cup lol
  2. Do the points earned in the group stage carry forward to the super 4 stage
  3. Will points from this group stage add upto the super 4 stage ?
  4. Rohit is so fat lol ,even ritika ,eating too much of ghee and makhan
  5. If pakistan get to 190 somehow,they can put this average Indian batting under some serious pressure
  6. I told ya it's the lower back ,even I pulled my lower back ,got a bad strain for many days ,man those were horrible days ,struggled to even get off the bed lol
  7. Kuly will get smashed by pak batters but he will have chances to pick a couple of wkts,got to take those chances

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