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  1. Adi BB

    Line up for NZ series

    Dont want khaleel or vijay Shankar anywhere close to the team.vijay Shankar is not intl material at all
  2. With the 2 new ball concept , it has become ridiculously easy to score in the middle and death overs .there's hardly any reverse swing on offer,in the 90s they hardly used to change the ball and used to continue till the end with the muddy ball and it used to be bit more tough to score freely . Reverse swing and the old ball was the biggest proponent which kept the scores down
  3. 4-1 or 5-0 nzl primarily because we dont have bumrah in the bowling department and we dont have big hitters in the lower order . The odd match which we might win will be due to individual brilliance of any of the top3 or kuly/chabal
  4. Adi BB

    Naga baba thug life [ Slightly NSFW ] !!!

    She just got biatchslapped
  5. Congrats Pakistan,chased the total pretty well .
  6. True ,pitches are too flat or dry these days for lois in saf ,with 2 new balls nowadays it's even easy to bat
  7. Till Hafeez is there ,no tension for pak .he's a pretty good loi player
  8. Didn't pandya and kuly destroy saf last year here ,amla bhai played a useless knock that day as well
  9. Yeah too late now. How the hell did saf only manage 266 on this belter against Pakistani trundlers lol. This is a 300+ pitch
  10. This series should be named "trundler's exhibition",both sides are filled with them -faheem ,hasan,phelu,pretorious lol.
  11. I still feel Pakistan will choke at some point and lose the match
  12. Pakistan cruising here ,this is such a belter .hashim bhai screwed saf big time here,they were 220 odd for 1 in 44 lol they should have scored 280
  13. This should be a cracking series,both have **** batting line ups but good bowlers. Plenty of low scoring games on the cards. Win the toss win the match is the theme at PE tonight
  14. Pandya's exclusion has fecked our selection badly ..kulcha are our best wicket taking option in lois when they bowl in tandem especially in the absence of bumrah , jadeja is accommodated just for maintaining the balance of the side even though its crystal clear he's a useless odi player . Now we will be in nzl without bumrah and pandya (2 of our valuable odi players ) and we'll have to accomodate jadeja in place of kulcha,it'll be a massacre !

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