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  1. Adi BB

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    I was talking about the message to the central Indian state as a whole and polarisation, estimates aren't that good in Chattisharh, even in MP 5 seats might be lost
  2. Adi BB

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    Is tiger playing a student or a gym trainer ? Cringe trailer !
  3. Adi BB

    Neha Kakkar

    Horrible singer ,dony know how such talentless singers become rockstars ,nor does she have the looks
  4. I am in kanyakumari atm ,yesterday met a bong family and discussed about the situation and all in WB in recent months they said there is a Modi current and Hindus are really upset with didi but it's very difficult to cast votes for any other party than the TMC due to both capturing and threats of killing before voting days. TMC workers are absolute goons (kiraye ke gunde ) ,police is didi's pet dog and they know which booth areas to capture
  5. Adi BB

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    There will be complete polarisation (at least that's what the BJP is hoping) and consolidation of hindu votes will benefit BJP in a city like bhopal. Not a bad gamble at all considering the narrative
  6. Adi BB

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Earlier these type of cooked up crapola used to boil my blood but nowadays it's so common and we know thre fitrat ,so I give them a pass and laugh it off! These guys are inconsequential to the society
  7. Adi BB

    Is Kaptan Kohli India's biggest weakness?

    Brave as in the Indian set up which was known to be meek and trundler driven for decades !
  8. Adi BB

    Daily IPL Prediction center straight from Third Eye

    RR will win by mankading 11 punjus
  9. Adi BB

    Tips and suggestions to stop the CSK juggernaut

    Outfix the fixers or use the CBI !
  10. Adi BB

    Is Kaptan Kohli India's biggest weakness?

    He is a good test captain ,pace bowlers have flourished under him and we have seen brave bowling selections like 0laying 5 Pacers on greentops etc,he makes things happen in that format but in odis he has been found out somehow although his record is superb and he has won odi series almost everywhere in the world . His biggest stupidity is team selection and not grooming young batsmen ,rather he has been anti young batsmen and mostly opted for TTFs
  11. Did very well till the last odi . In the 2nd odi England were 80 odd for no loss with a great start and then reduced to around 230 odd for 6 ,from there the death bowlers and willy did kabada for us else we should have hot them under 290 and that total would have been chased by most sides . By the last odi England got used to them but we cant compare other batting line ups with England they are class above, also in the WC we have to face England just once , the other teams wont find it easy playing kulcha in England
  12. Dhoni was in magnificent form after hitting the trundlers in IPL and there was a sense of belief that the old thaila was back but all that was hogwash and it came crashing when he crapped in intl cricket that year in t20s and odis. If you trust dhoni to save our team in the WC you are badly mistaken ,dhoni has been past it for about 3-4 years now with the odd flame going up here or there. The only utility if dhoni is in the field and with the gloves and also when the team is In crunch situation chasing a sub 250 target (which I doubt due to the flat pitches of England) . In the bigger scheme ,Dhoni will be a roadblock in setting a 320 par total or chasing a 270+ total which will be the norm score in the WC
  13. One good thing is that Raul has been trusted upon ,I think he should be played @4 then jhadav then pandya then dhoni @7/8
  14. Playing kulcha together is the way to go in England ,they complement each other well . I wont read too much from their form recently in India especially the IPL, it's clear they tend to struggle a bit where the bounce is less but away from home in SENA conditions they absolutely enjoy bowling due to the extra bounce and pace off the wkt . These guys destroyed aus,nzl, saf in their home, I'll go by that form . Only problem is that good for nothing jadeja might sneak into the playing X1 if one of them has a bad match
  15. Lol 3 wkt keepers and 3 spinners but only 3 Pacers ?? Bad move to not give pant a chance instead selecting to a ttf like jadeja ,kdk. This is a bad squad in general ,reaching the semis will be very good achievement

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