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  1. If rohit is smart he will play khaleel against Pakistan,pak batsmen are crap against left arm seamers,similar to ours . Kuly and khaleel can be the x factors
  2. Adi BB

    India start as underdogs against Pak??

    Yup I think so ,their batting is deep and bowling looks good for these conditions . India have kuly as the x factor ,batting I don't have much hopes at all
  3. Srl are done here unless mathoos does something special .Afghan spinners are relentless.
  4. Akila's 5 overs and malinga's remaining overs are key here. They can still blow away Afghans in the middle overs,gotta bat carefully against these 2
  5. Don't mind that at all I think we need 3 out and out seamers with pandya as the fourth seamer, one spinner in kuly and krunal the AR. Bhuvi at 8 can be a reliable bat as well
  6. The one thing you relied upon srl even during their bad phase was "minnow bashing " but they have lost even that x factor now and teams like bangladesh and Afghanistan might cause a upset . Srl of old would have steamrolled Afghan and bangla boys
  7. Raul @4,pant @5 is fine but what about when dhoni goes after the wc ,we need a new no 6 after the wc
  8. Then what's the solution to our pathetic middle order?
  9. What a sorry bunch we have as the national selectors,depressing really !
  10. Only on these surfaces I.e slow,low or flat pitches .the moment they have to play on non SC pitches they crap their pants ,e.g. in Windies tests ,saf odi last year
  11. Adi BB

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    Rahane - can't score runs at home ,sucks against decent spin ,can't score runs away (nowadays) especially batting at 5 which is supposed to be the best batting position for SENA . If he doesn't score in Australia,it'll be the end for him
  12. Our test team at least has potential .our odi team is what worries me more ,horrible middle order in this era of modern loi game .bowling also not too reliable
  13. Don't feel bad just yet ,they might beat our sorry bunch as they've shown in dharmsala and CT.
  14. Batting will do OK in Australia,it's our bowlers who'll have to step up in those tracks without much lateral movement especially with the old kookaboora
  15. Adi BB

    Ganguly the Captain- was he that good??

    All I can say is give this current test team to ganguly and he will absolutely nurture them to winners in a couple of years .ganguly would have loved to work with this bowling attack.
  16. Pakistan have a balanced side and better batting unit than ours ,I don't rate our current batting line up at all. Pakistan firm favourites for aisa cup
  17. I saw one left handed bowler from pak who bowled in that 5-0 odi series against Lanka ,I think his name was usman ? He looked a promising bowler ,might destroy our "paper champions "!
  18. Adi BB

    Series positives?

    Bowling,it was world class and that too without bhuvi .indian seam attack is relentless and with the 5th bowler I.e pandya in the fray ,they look fresh for every spell
  19. Adi BB

    Let rahul open in Asia cup as well

    I'd bat pandya at 5 ,jhadav and dhoni below him
  20. Adi BB

    Congrats England!

    Congrats to our fellow Englishmen @YCCC , @Geoff Boycott and fellow Pakistanis I think England were the deserved victors because whenever they sensed blood, they grabbed the opportunities .India were laid back and didn't have the killer instinct,although 3-2 might have been a fair result .
  21. Absolutely .they dont even acknowledge the mistakes. I am pretty sure their meetings be like "we fought hard ,we kept going,we were close ,that's enough for the fans " lol
  22. @Switchblade kaptaan and coach are seriously deluded .Even after repeated thrashing they feel they were close ? Lol On tough pitches with low scoring matches even 30 runs and 60 runs defeats are big enough ,dont these guys understand this

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