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  1. Nah ,phassst boilers are in upper class category
  2. Adi BB

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    Thaila Umesh yadav has a 100m six as well lol
  3. Adi BB


    Yeah I am all for those chuskis getting knocked out by either of us
  4. That's because those feckers kept feeding him on the pads and middle stump ,now he cant hit leg side lollipops to the off side just to improve his wagon wheel
  5. You'll be surprised to know that we have topped the IPL table twice, 2009 and 2012 and I used to advocate finish the IPL in the league stage only
  6. Adi BB


    7 wins with 3 to go ,need to get 2 more to finish top 2 . Hopefully the party poopers like rcb and Rr do some damage to the chuskis and MI
  7. He has played well in 4 matches and helped in 3 wins straight away
  8. Should have topped the table if not for that major * up in mohali
  9. Undercutter came and undercutter lost it yet again like a boss
  10. Rahane and lower order batsmen screwed RR tonight ,they should have got 200+ . The big question is how the hell did the bambis lose to this jokers??
  11. Look at that shot ,pant is seriously talented ,dispatched that 147k delivery like it was nothing .awesome eye hand coordination
  12. It was so hilarious as if they were catching a chicken
  13. Dont understand why this fecker is persisted with ??
  14. So you are saying pant isn't a special hitter because its common to hit sixes in wankhede ?
  15. Good little knock by ruthy though ,wont complain
  16. This rutherford bats like krunal, hopefully he's a better hitter than him
  17. Archer's slower ones must be quicker than dhawal's fastest one
  18. I haven't seen this guy Rutherford ever
  19. DC can choke from here ,actually RR are still favourites from here with archer's over remaining ,they just need to get pant's wkt
  20. That was Delhi, he doesn't like these slow type of pitches . The way he flicked those sixes off the roads against bumrah in wankhede was simply majestic

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