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  1. Shastri should actually be blasted for losing that single game against an Australian C team . The 5-1 win in saf was far more impressive and against a solid side
  2. Adi BB

    Did Aus serve revenge as a cold dish?

    Agree with baba word for word . Australia will somehow be at full strength during the world cup and they'll be hard to beat
  3. Kya anab shanab bolta hai ye bewda,always speaks from his ass!
  4. Jadeja is such a useless odi player ,always goes for runs without any success .kulcha should be the top pick
  5. Adi BB

    Dhoni at #4

    Haa we'll what he does when the chase is more than 250 and facing quality attacks . Scoring at 70 odd chasing 230 against these stoinis',siddle's ain't gonna make the cut for any decent side
  6. More like Australia should get themselves chullu bhar pani lol
  7. Stunning knock by kedar ,took the whole pressure off the team
  8. Nah too much unnecessary pressure ,dhoni gets out more often than not nowadays in these precarious positions ,he's lucky finch dropped that . If dhoni gets caught here ,he would have been blasted by fans and media
  9. Will stoinis be dhoni's new eranga/pereira
  10. What is finch smoking ,he'll bowl the 48th and 50th with stoinis and 49th with siddle
  11. For Australia ?yes,if he wins this one for them
  12. It'll be a great competition between siddle,stoinis and thaila ,who can lose the match for his country ??
  13. It'll be a laugh riot If we somehow mess this up
  14. I am lost for words,Clarke too is trying hard although you can hear the pain in his voice
  15. I repeat it's not dhoni who'll win us the match (if we win ),its jhadav or kdk who will win us by picking up the gears ,dhoni wont change his tuk tuk game till the last over
  16. No ,he'll become Ambrose in front of dhoni
  17. What a shameless bunch of commies,still praising thaila lol
  18. Any proper team and this match would be done by 46th over

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