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  1. After a series of 300+ scores, Poms thought they were invincible, but forgot that those 300s were on flat beds at home against impotent bowlers. Now they are exposed. In future Afghan or Bangla might win a world cup, but not these poms.
  2. Wall2018

    Hawan/Puja/Dua Thread For Dhoni's Good Form To Return

    Where is Global Baba????
  3. They will also blame sunny Leone.....
  4. Wall2018

    Inzamam broke the law?

    Nobody cares if inzi is just in an underwear, but has got no business to come near the pitch as a selector.
  5. Wall2018

    Inzamam broke the law?

    ...and some of them behind the bars...
  6. Wall2018

    List of Excuses by the Awam

    U need truckload of Burnol...until next WC...
  7. Our team bewdA is lucky......
  8. They can try Retired Model cum Actress Veena Malik....

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