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  1. Shami & Kuldeep aren't mediocre. How come Kohli who has dropped most catches in this ipl or drops easy catches for India as well is considered decent? Shankar is overrated and only Pandya, Jaddu are good fielders.
  2. Nikola

    Who will be top scorer for India in 2019 WC?

    with ball or bat?
  3. Do we have somebody who has guts to say don't think India will win the world cup?
  4. Nikola

    The ICC cricket world cup commentators

    Mark Nicholas is pretty famous commentator probably the best in the list currently.
  5. yeah you can't just judge them on batting cause if they are doing better in bowling then that's what you want. In batting it's not that ashwin or jaddu was match winners nor as anyway good like kuldeep/chahal so would take current tail over past ones.
  6. kuldeep and chahal are wicket takers not contain type of bowlers and in eng conditions ash & jaddu will get easily smacked as well. Their batting which is totally useless when teams needs it. Yeah jaddu might score 20 of 30 but it will come when team needs 60 of 40 balls.
  7. so you count jadeja and ashwin as good lower middle batsman in odis? shami is way better than selfish jaddu who will never play for team when needed most. Atleast shami will swing his bat and get out.
  8. Should walk in even if jadhav isn't injured. You never know when he will pull off hamstring or niggle during important stage of match.
  9. Pandya + Jadeja? so we will play 6 bowlers when our tail is already long?
  10. Agree but we will need shankar at #6 in place of kedar who can get injured any time during match and can't run quick if partnership is needed along with dhoni/kohli.
  11. Would take 2 centuries in two different innings instead of just one big.
  12. Nikola

    Even Pakistan’s lower order >>>> India’s

    Bowlers have to bowl not bat so if they are specialist and can pick up wickets then why you need their batting? last time we toured england our bowlers stopped them on avg less than 300 score in that series. If pak bowlers scores 40 - 50 then they give it that quickly in bowling as well. No need of bits and pieces player.

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