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  1. Nikola

    Bhuvi in ODIs

    Because of this pathetic bowlers like bhubi we never had a great fast bowlers. We always love trundlers. If we back these young pacers instead of 130kph one dimensional trundler who can't even do **** against hong kong. Kids would see these trundlers and try to become like him. If we start giving young pacers a chance they will surely do twice better than this overrated bowler. I mean what has ipl performance to do with his international carrier? He was never good and i hope we find some good 140 - 145 bowler and start thinking of future. The supporter of these trundlers are responsible for all trundlers we had in past and we are going to get in future.
  2. Nikola

    Bhuvi in ODIs

    Imo this guy has such idiotic fans (only possible in india). They are still defending him saying he is injured and when fit he is one of the best bowler in world. Looking at his performance i feel he was never fit then?
  3. Very good game. Lots of things to learn for us before we play pakistan in 16 hours. Dhawan played suberb knock. Khaleel Made a very good debut. Rohit was good as captain. Spinners did job for us again. I am not sure who will play tomorrow though bhuvi or khaleel. In pressure situation maybe bhuvi with bumrah and pandya.
  4. Our bowling have serious issues. Bhuvi, Chahal and Pandya are avg bowlers. Only Bumrah and Kuldeep are reliable with ball.
  5. Nikola

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    Okay i am not here being anti-bhuvi. As a person i really like him but i fear that he won't be wicket taker when we need wickets from him. Yes he can still improve till worldcup but looking at his bowling today idk if he is gonna have impact in worldcup. We don't even have good backup bowler. Will have to look at Shami or Umesh for worldcup soon.
  6. just kick him then? Not england. Not here then play in ipl? His avg is almost 40 and bowling rubbish when he should have leaded the attack in absence of bumrah.
  7. I have no faith in bhuvi, thakur vs pakistan. Bumrah and Kuldeep are only wicket takers we have for worldcup.
  8. Shardul Trundler Thakur is another useless fielder. Will leak runs with his bowling too.
  9. These dk, rayudu and jadhav are all pathetic fielders. Should look for youngsters who can score and save as well.
  10. Khaleel's action looks similar to barinder sran's action imo. Hopefully he can swing/seam at good pace.
  11. Looks pretty decent considering his overall strike rate.
  12. Well better not take risk against hong kong in such heat. If it was not back to back then there was chance for him to play it.
  13. Well bhuvi is coming back from injury so i won't be too critical of his batting. His bowling has serious issues in odis though.
  14. This bhubi looks good player. Should be backed for few years.

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