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  1. I will support can't watch chokers with poor captain leading side.
  2. He isn't that bad specially if compared with Kaul or Khaleel or even Umesh. He was wicket taker in odis only issue was his death bowling. If he is picked as 4th seamer then he will only play when conditions are overcast and i guess he will be most lethal option + he won't have to bowl in death as we will have other 2 pacer with him. If you use him properly he is good option + he is consistent as well.
  3. Agree. He is captaining his side since 2012/13 i guess and still hasn't changed much as captain. If any other guy was such poor as captain then any team would have sacked him in year or two but as it's virat i think RCB won't be able to do sh*t till he retires.
  4. I think we might loose one or two of first 3 games but will still qualify for knockouts.
  5. 2015 wasn't really tough. Except Aus we easily won against all other sides.
  6. Nikola

    Rohit should be dropped.

    Has been pathetic for last 2 years. This year because of worldcup i think he will be again poor.
  7. Nikola

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    I saw that video and i will suggest everyone not to watch it. It's quite scary. Rip to all those who lost life in this attack. Btw what's up with all social media posts?
  8. Nikola

    56 of 89 balls - Hitman

    Agree. Agarwal or Shaw should be brought in quickly as replacement.
  9. yeah kuldeep has chance and he will break but i was talking just about pacers.
  10. Bumrah had chance to break fastest 100 wickets but now looks hard after picking less wickets in this series. Bumrah has played 49 innings and has taken 85 wickets. He needs to take 15 wickets in next 3 matches to equal starc which looks impossible. He can equal stat with Lee or Shami though. Fastest to 100 ODI wickets (innings taken) [Pacers] 52 Mitchell Starc & Shane Bond 54 Brett Lee 55 Mohammad Shami 56 Boult
  11. Nikola

    56 of 89 balls - Hitman

    It was all good till pant was playing. If you look when he got out required run rate was below 6. Yesterday someone had to play selfish knock if we had to win. Kohli or Dhawan didn't so it's their mistake.
  12. Ponting's claims that Khawaja will outscore kohli finally came true.

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