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  1. Nikola

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    McGrath wasn't low pace lol. He was very quick till 2003-04 after which he lost bit pace but got even more lethal and accurate. His pace for first half of his career was around 140 and batsman who faced him says he was quicker than speed guns showed.
  2. Good there was almost no gap in between 4 day match & 1st t20.
  3. Highly doubt now they will release bans. If they have to do then will be in next few days else might just comeback in march for IPL.
  4. What control? Bumrah has better control than him after having better pace, bounce & seam movement & what's use of that control when it disappears against top side and comes out roaring against poor lankans?
  5. Gilly, Alec Stewart & Andy Flowers only ATG keeper batsman for me.
  6. Rahim's stats vs Top team is in the 20s and Dhoni is around 37. Rahim hasn't played a lot of overseas cricket. I guess he never played in Australia? and in SA/Eng/NZ around 3-4 matches on avg there so all other have been in easy conditions. In their peak, Dhoni was ahead but right now no doubt Rahim is any time ahead of Dhoni. And Rahim's last few years stats in all formats have been great. His attitude is poor but he always came close to win against us.
  7. Would be way way better than any odi international series except maybe England who are competitive side. I have no doubt if bcci arrange something like that in players peak it would get massive crowd.
  8. might lift after aus gets whitewashed in t20 format.
  9. Pandya is not gonna play Aus Test series and from what ever news i heard i guess it's gonna be 6 batsman + Wk + 4 bowlers (3 pacers + spinner)
  10. Lol yeah if he had to destroy he would have dropped him after his two failures. Would have never promoted him at #3 but yeah you will only look at negatives. Do you think Kohli the captain would have allowed pant to bat at #3? Also what has pant done yesterday? The way he plays in t20 format he looks complete hack. I know there is time for him to improve but come on pant even on his day doesn't give you guarantee that he will win you match. Talking about his keeping neither him nor Dk will be doing it for 2019 Worldcup. Dk might give you better idea for DRS reviews which was seen in Nidhas Trophy and in this series. Pant is keeping already in Tests so there is no need to put alot burden on him for no reason. I bet if Virat was captain team would have been changed with some players getting dropped and picked for no real reason.
  11. Nikola

    Pre-IPL 2019 discussion thread !!!

    Lol the play so less International matches so obviously they will be available for ipl season. Guess current NZ vs Pak series is first New Zealand international series after IPL which ended in May.
  12. Must be hard time for you supporting him cause he barely performs once in year.
  13. oh okay, let me remind you your own pretty recent views then
  14. Funny how you differentiate T20I and IPL for bhubi and when asked same about Dhoni you merge both formats.

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