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  1. Give DK,Kedar & Dhoni a chance to bat. Tomorrow they might not get alot balls to bat.
  2. Rohit has scored 91 inning where he was ran out in ct 2017. Dhawan is best in icc events. Rohit has done well in icc tournaments too.
  3. I though atleast on cricket forum people will think and ask logical question. They are still asking why rahul/pandya not playing? really? even a dumb youtuber will know they are back from long season and need to play pakistan tomorrow. Made no sense to play two back to back matches after such long england tour.
  4. Nah better let him rest as he will be needed tomorrow around same time.
  5. which youngster is left now in squad? He already picked who ever was available. LOL
  6. No he was resting all england tour doing nothing. If Dhawan plays first match directly tomorrow then he has been out of form and not much practice in these conditions. For Rahul he played good knock in last innings. Pandya and Bumrah will have to bowl so twice in two day is not possible after long england tour. I feel selections are totally right.
  7. What's use of yo-yo test? These jadhav's and rayudu are passed now and still won't field good? Is it to measure how long you can bat/bowl? I feel then rayudu can do that without passing. Is it about fielding? Well nothing changed much with yo-yo tests too? Then where is difference? Maybe make standards high for yo-yo tests but we need to also see if player has ability to bat long innings and have skills & talent then he should be picked doesn't matter result of yo-yo tests.
  8. Guess you are talking about tri series before worldcup where our every batsman failed so that doesn't mean whole team can't bat against fast bowlers? But yeah he isn't very good against pace. I would say decent against pace.
  9. Dhawan should retire hurt after scoring 60 - 70. He is needed tomorrow and in this heat and humidity it's better for him to score asap and get 70 odd and get out.
  10. Btw is this UrmiSinhaRay some kind of auto like bot or what?
  11. ishant has gotten long backing and see how he is performing now. You have to keep backing player who performs in domestic cricket & have ability to perform at international stage. That's why i want young players like gill/shaw/pant to be give more chance at young age so at 25 - 26 they will be well established cricketer instead of making debut at that age.
  12. He played many knocks to show his talent and that's why he got backing by dhoni. There have been many players in history who needed bit time or specific position to become successful cricketers. Few Impact knocks at young age he had: - 50* vs south africa (2007 t20 wc) and 30* vs pakistan in t20 worldcup final. - 79* vs austrilia in t20 while team got all out for 135. - CB Series performance. - Few T20 match winning knocks vs south africa, england. and obviously his career was almost finished during and dhoni gave him last chance as opener where he scored runs in 2013 ct and then he didn't do much bad to be kicked yet.
  13. He will get selected till he keeps performing. Doesn't matter lucky or not he has justified his position as opener now.

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