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  1. Nikola

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    Let me filter some op's worldcup stats now. Last half tells everything about it.
  2. They should have made smith captain at start of season itself. Imagine buttler, rahane and smith in this form. They would have surely won 2 - 3 more matches.
  3. Nikola

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    sorry but got no time to debate with you.
  4. Nikola

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    Only Australia deserves to be included in the filter list and i will do that for you. If you are including England, Chokers, New Zealand then give me reason why? all are pretty avg teams in icc tournaments. If you include england in your filters then include bangladesh too cause they have beaten them twice in last 2 worldcups and made to worldcup quarterfinal which england didn't manage to do it.
  5. Nikola

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    Would have lost badly to Bangladesh in 2015 quarter final without rohit's knock. Op include England to filter list who themselves have lost twice in last 2 world cup against Bangladesh. It's just clear you are trying to include teams which he failed against.
  6. Our batsman are worse playing spin than other teams. gone those days when we were proud of having great players of spin. and no please don't mention thala back in reply as great player of spin.
  7. Nikola

    Rank WC opening pairs

    Indian openers have done well. Dhawan has been top scorer for india in all last 3 icc tournament. Rohit too has been just behind Dhawan in all 3 icc events.
  8. Almost same team choked in 2017 ct. I know team will beat any side in world but this is icc tournament and in pressure they haven't done anything worth mentioning yet. This might be first time but will have to wait and see. India, Aus and even Pak have been there and done it before.
  9. Nikola

    Most consistent batsman in IPL?

    Update: Warner becomes first batsman to score 500+ runs in only 9 innings!
  10. I remember chawla doing same swing against pollard few years ago and missed whole 20th over.
  11. Left arm spinner against dhawan? why is ashwin hiding?
  12. and that smile after dropping dolly of catches back to back in every single innings.
  13. Samson always does good against mumbai.
  14. Pakistani bowlers became legends by tampering ball in every match in 90s.
  15. What's so big deal? he hasn't fixed games like amir or many our past legends have done. Tampering has been done by many. What about faf then? he never got banned and is still captain of south african side even after being caught twice or thrice lol. Smith got banned for year and is back but still people crying.

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