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  1. Nikola

    Did Aus serve revenge as a cold dish?

    Won't be easy for aus bowlers or smith/warner to get back to top form quickly without playing international cricket for year. They might struggle early but if their bowlers click as group then i think they will be hard to beat.
  2. So much hate from dhongi fans because sachin talked in favour of dhongi. Imagine what will happen if he talks against him.
  3. Sachin is looking way more younger than MSD.
  4. Idc for dhoni if he can keep performing like this. Bhuvi's today performance might cost in worldcup tho.
  5. Nikola

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Deserved to be criticized for the way he used to play for last few years. He played good today but will be important to see if he can continue this form till worldcup.
  6. https://twitter.com/MattTinsley7/status/1085127889379422208
  7. Australia thinking of worldcup and want dhoni to play so brought lyon to bowl.
  8. umpires know he can only do tuk tuk on freehit so no timepass.
  9. Nikola

    Can Shami be our best ever LOI bowler?

    Sad for shami that bumrah/kuldeep will break that record.
  10. Dhawan never learns. Gets great start many times but can't convert it like kohli or rohit.
  11. Dhoni will be tired doing wicket keeping in this hot day and if he comes early you can see him struggling to run as well.
  12. Will have to see how consistently he can perform from now on. 11 matches left for worldcup. Slow & wide balls won't always work against quality side. He did show he can bowl yorker today but most time he bowled slow balls only. Idk why but he still don't look 100% fit to me.
  13. Wide, Slow slower and slowest from bhuvi but gets wicket of maxwell.

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