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  1. Same here. Will see it in ipl time next year.
  2. well when ever it gets fixed you and rasgulla are in my queue list for 100 - 100 troll votes each so pray it doesn't get fixed.
  3. my script got patched.
  4. remove all those fake last over sixes and his srike rate will be poor than pujara's test career.
  5. Nikola

    MSK Prasad

  6. kohli will surely play till 39 - 40. He will be fit aswell.
  7. Idk what has kohli done in tests be considered better than sachin already. Kohli infact has choked many times in test matches.
  8. Nikola

    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    raina made debut in 2005 but yeah dhoni used to give chance to few youngsters while kohli goes back to TTF like rayudu, dk, kedar, pandey, yuvi.
  9. Nikola

    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    I think he is injured. I heard it somewhere.
  10. Nikola

    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    Almost no change in test squad. No young pacer given chance. Rohit still there ( @zen ) and saha is back as well.
  11. He doesn't slog till 49th over so he basically should be 12th man.
  12. Kohli still has 2 worldcups to play and one surely as captain that too in india so if he manages to win that then his reputation will skyrocket for sure.
  13. Stats: I rarely watch women's cricket so i can't tell much about her but surely she has to be one of the greatest (if not the greatest) all rounders women's cricket has seen.
  14. Poor cricket in end. Axar just like jadeja isn't match winner. These guys will score runs which might look good on scorecard but when it's time to win the match they won't be able to do so.
  15. ICC has declared dhoni won't play another worldcup. ICC!!!
  16. If Kohli was Khali then it would have been DhoKha.
  17. Idk you must have got the footage for sure. Would love to watch that innings.
  18. I won't be surprised if kohli retires before him.
  19. Doubt it's for 100s i feel he has pressure of loosing captaincy right now. If Kohli goes outside radar then rohit might grab the chance.
  20. Nikola

    I'd hate to be Australia.

    What's point of kicking already avg aus side? when they were at peak there wasn't even any contest in their worldcup matches. Did we win the worldcup after kicking them around like a rag doll? Eng sure won the worldcup but they lost to pak, srilanka and aus as well. Peak aus would never ever loose to minnows and most likely will win worldcup as well. Remember this is best eng side to play odi cricket and one of the worst aus side in last 2 decades.
  21. Nikola

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    He was never going to play 2015 worldcup. He played odi cricket for 100th ton which i believe any player will do when they are on 99 international hundred and just 1 century away from setting great record. If he would have retired on 99 he would have been cursing himself for whole his life so i don't see anything wrong in what he did. When you are so close to something which is once in lifetime opportunity then i think you should get it. It was not that he played another worldcup with poor form just for his 100th odi ton. He got it and played 1 more match and retired from odis. Dhoni has been playing worse cricket than sachin since 2015 but still he played for 4 years and risked our chances of worldcup as well.
  22. Nikola

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    He finished pakistan's chances in 2019 worldcup as well.

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