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  1. I doubt cricket or any sports will start till we have fully working solution on this virus. Might take couple of months or even year for that to happen. If situation is under control then there is chance but for now i think 80% chance of being postponed.
  2. Sourav backed him when he was young and was future but when other two captains dropped him he wasn't at his best also he wasn't young anymore. Who knows Sourav might have dropped him as well if he was captain in 2014-15 or 17-18.
  3. It's hard cause samson didn't play any game in 2012 and even die hard KKR fan will hardly remember this thing imo. Hard for someone to find out if you haven't followed that tournament and specially if player didn't even play single match.
  4. Maybe buttler in recent times. (But he wasn't part of MI side in finals)
  5. That debut one is bit confusing can you explain in other way?
  6. When did pandya play for 3 different teams?
  7. Both debuted for Africa XI not SA. Steyn did in 2005 and Morkel in 2007.
  8. Dude is totally biased towards few players imo. Makes Jayasurya look as if he is ATG batsman in odi cricket and posts similar stats against other players showing how bad they are. Gilly who scored 3 fifty plus scores in worldcup final can't find place even in one out of 3 all time odi xis. 1999 WC Final - 54 of 36 balls (150 strike rate) 2003 WC Final - 57 of 48 balls (118 strike rate) 2007 WC Final - 149 of 104 balls (143 strike rate) Tell me someone more clutch than this as WK batsman.
  9. Nikola

    Fcuk China

    Nothing will happen.
  10. People are using lightning crackers & doing bhangra after 5 pm as if corona virus is totally finished. Hum nahi sudhrenge
  11. Need more threads on these topics 1. Fat players vs Slim players xi 2. Great fielders vs Poor fielders xi 3. Fixers vs Tamperers xi 4. Overrated vs Underrated xi 5. Sir vs non Sir xi 6. Pan vala vs Chai vala xi 7. Kings xi punjab vs China's Jinping xi 8. Corona vs Ebola xi 9. Paytm xi vs World xi
  12. Replace irfan with garner.
  13. I knew it when their number stared increasing in last couple of days it's gonna be scary. I hope they take quick actions but it's gonna be really tough to solve the issue there.
  14. Check my first posts i already did that. Even go through my old posts year ago where i said wish we can get rid of manju. I didn't drag this issue you did by saying it fake and i kept on proving my point. I hope this is end of it now.
  15. I just said it someone posted that csk tweet on manju and i found that tweet in reply of it. I posted here cause csk tweeting on manju for his comments on jaddu but they forgot they themselves have tweeted similar stuff in past. If you still don't get it then i am leaving now.
  16. Last series he played. Retired mid tour didn't he?
  17. Lol what? point of my that post (which i posted as fun) was csk themselves have tweeted such stuff which manju said about jaddu. I just posted it here and few guys asked me for proof since then i know it got stretched too far as i took it on ego cause you started calling it fake without even checking all facts and proof i provided. Regionalism? well idk where it came from cause i would have stucked on proving my point doesn't matter even if guy was from any region of india.
  18. Ofcourse. Dude has been such an inspiration to me. He revolutionized my life and now as his bhakt and fanboy i am just paying him the respect legend deserves.
  19. Well when you are such professional team then you don't post things like this even if you are actually happy that manju got sacked. This is not the personal handle of that guy who handle csk's profile. This got stretched too far when you started asking for every proof of an tweet which were deleted almost year ago. And yeah you are right, I am big time fanboy of manju so Peace off.
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