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  1. Didn't they loose overseas tour badly as well? Ashes 2013, 2017 both with no wins. India tour of 2016-17. Even at home they have lost few matches.
  2. If you can't beat this Australian side then you have to be worst team away from home conditions. Captain & Coach are big reason why this team is under performing in overseas. Shastri's total focus is on Kohli and not other players. Other players are insecure under this duo of shastri & kohli.
  3. Ye but other players like Rahane & Vijay were doing good when kohli/shastri duo wasn't there. Kohli will loose worldcup and then shastri will say this is most competative indian side in last 15 - 20 years & will start saying which team recently won worldcup away from home?
  4. True, but you have to find a better captain soon else this duo of shastri & kohli will keep making ICT worse day by day.
  5. Need to find better captain after Australian tour. Kohli won't kick this shastri so kick Kohli himself. He is useless captain anyways so idc him being kicked as captain.
  6. What a joke this useless trundler is compared with one of the greats. Anderson might not be All time great but he is one of the greats of this generation and bhubi kumar is getting compared with him.
  7. Nikola

    The Never Ending Thread

    Rohit running from overseas test tour.
  8. In before Bhuvi fans start calling Nehra as my PR Manager.
  9. Why blame kohli it was sachin who forced kohli to select shastri as per few people.
  10. Should be Steve Bucknor who did same even against aussies.
  11. 13 players against Lara and Tendulkar? mcgrath alone was good enough to handle them.
  12. Zimbabwe require another 247 runs with 5 wickets remaining. Around 2 sessions left. Mushfiqur Rahim star for Bangladesh after scoring 200 in first inning. Brendan Taylor star for Zimbabwe scoring 110 in first inning and 87* in 2nd inning.
  13. Nikola

    Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe - 2nd Test

    Brendan Taylor remains not out 107* in final innings but can't save Zimbabwe side from loss.
  14. Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/steve-smith-david-warner-bans-could-be-lifted-says-cricket-australia-ceo/story-BMzxAQXrJy41ZFwjg2TmWJ.html
  15. Nikola

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Was surely biggest difference between both side during Ind vs Eng series. He played bigger role for england than what virat did for india i guess.
  16. Nikola

    Pre-IPL 2019 discussion thread !!!

    Good that SA got rid of this guy atleast i have hope from SA now to win WC. This guy is dreaming of winning ipl when worldcup is month later and retired with around year left for worldcup. If he had to retire why not early? after 2015 worldcup would have been good for team to rebuild.
  17. Nikola

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    McGrath wasn't low pace lol. He was very quick till 2003-04 after which he lost bit pace but got even more lethal and accurate. His pace for first half of his career was around 140 and batsman who faced him says he was quicker than speed guns showed.
  18. Good there was almost no gap in between 4 day match & 1st t20.
  19. Highly doubt now they will release bans. If they have to do then will be in next few days else might just comeback in march for IPL.
  20. What control? Bumrah has better control than him after having better pace, bounce & seam movement & what's use of that control when it disappears against top side and comes out roaring against poor lankans?
  21. Gilly, Alec Stewart & Andy Flowers only ATG keeper batsman for me.
  22. Rahim's stats vs Top team is in the 20s and Dhoni is around 37. Rahim hasn't played a lot of overseas cricket. I guess he never played in Australia? and in SA/Eng/NZ around 3-4 matches on avg there so all other have been in easy conditions. In their peak, Dhoni was ahead but right now no doubt Rahim is any time ahead of Dhoni. And Rahim's last few years stats in all formats have been great. His attitude is poor but he always came close to win against us.

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