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  1. After playing for such a long series in Australia we still want him to play this series what is happening with people out here...and with him not playing, the middle order will be tested and some new guy will get the opportunity to bat at 3 for a back up. Him alongwith shami should get rested asap. Its been a long hectic schedule for both of these men and with rahul pandya and gill in the mix its a win win situation
  2. Mass

    Kohli playing with poor Hanuma's career..

    Have you heard the term sacrasm dude ??
  3. Mass

    Kohli playing with poor Hanuma's career..

    Even virat had problems with the short ball in his debut series vs the all mighty west indies team. He worked on it and look at him now one of the best player of pull shot around the world and by no means this is west indies class bowlers and this pitch is playing all kinds of tricks now so its not easy...give respect where its due he is batting in Australia at not his usual position and dont talk about that hack sharma. Doesnt looks like handling even the straighter ball forget about bounce absolute useless of a block .

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