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  1. This idiot Shivarama krishnan keeps repeating " the faster you bowl, the faster you go". Someone should just punch him.
  2. sandsaims

    Pak vs NZ 2nd T20

    Afridi is an amazing talent.
  3. Is Khaleel slower than Unadkat now?
  4. sandsaims

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    Watching Afridi bowl have to say Khaleel isnt even half the bowler afridi is.
  5. You already made him a trundler.
  6. Exactly what Kohli wants, make sure their are no young superstars. Its all about brand Kohli.
  7. sandsaims

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    He is an absolute trundler,better teams will take him to the cleaners. Indian seamers of the past used to lose pace after a season or two and this guy lost pace in a couple of matches.
  8. Pant missed out on a golden chance.
  9. Siraj should have been in the squad for australia.
  10. India's permanent number 4 is out.
  11. Khaleel doesnt deserve to be anywhere near the Indian team.
  12. Khaleel so far has been all hype and no substance.
  13. Just shows lack of effort on his part. In an era where even slower bowlers are making an effort to bowl quicker this is not acceptable and if this is his attitude now he might bowl spin if he becomes a regular.

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