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  1. I still dont understand the need of a women's cricketer in the panel, looks like edulji uncle is at it again.
  2. Another stunt to make it seem he is sacrificing for the country.
  3. Kapil Dev's coaching was telling players "Josh Se Khelo" before every game and why is a former women's cricketer involved? COA screwing Indian cricket again.
  4. sandsaims

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Dhoni's PR machinery has what let him survive so long, this hypocrite who in his movie took credit for phasing out seniors after becoming the captain has become an terminal cancer for the team which had lead to many losses. His fans try to give him the credit or 2011 WC while completely ignoring all the players who contributed immensely to get the team to the finals and also Gambhir's innings which was way more vital. After every failure social media is flooded with videos of 2011WC. This fraud who took games which should have finished way earlier to the last over, just didnt let any players develop in the middle order who could have shown how pathetic he has become but instead players like Rayudu,DK and Jhadhav who would never excel and were not much younger than Dhoni were given chance after chance which led to the failure in the 2019WC. \ All this crap about his giving advice to bolwers and way blown out, wheneever the bowlers are doing well this fraud makes sure he is seen talking to the bowlers for the camera but as soon as the bolwers are being hit, he is nowhere to be seen. His PR machinery gives him credit for teams victories even when he doesnt score or was pathetic behind the stumps by attributing the success to his advice or even more ridiculous DRS. Its about time people see this leach for who he truly is.
  5. sandsaims

    Reports of split in Team India

    Its about Brand Kohli, team winning doesnt matter to the captain anymore.
  6. sandsaims

    Jadeja will play the 2023 WC Chahal may not!

    Chahal is a pathetic fielder too. Shouldn't be in the team.
  7. Lets not forget his pathetic fielding too.
  8. Dhoni put far too much pressure on Jadeja,India brought it down to 72 runs of 48 balls & 53 of 30. But if one one batsman is just killing the chase, then ultimately the other one, to keep up the run rate, will fall.
  9. He wil hit couple of boundaries when their is no hope and stay not out, his fans will hail him as the lone warrior.
  10. Will stay not out.
  11. Karthik has been a waste of space. What is Dhoni's role in the team??
  12. Rahul needs to be dumped forever.
  13. And that is that, India lost the match when they picked Bhuvi over Shami.

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