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  1. Unadkat bowling 115Kmph thunderbolts.
  2. Saini bowling 135-140kmph.
  3. He has been disappointing since.
  4. Pretty disappointing attitude so far.
  5. Karthik does well in one 20-20 game against Bangladesh and we have people talking him up like he is Bevan.
  6. Saini and Pant had to be in the squad, dont see this team going far.
  7. Jadeja being called an " All-rounder" has been the biggest scam in Indian cricket.
  8. Jadeja seems to be a CSK quota pick.
  9. Karthik wont do anything, has been playing for freaking 15 years.
  10. Jadeja has been selected, It should have been a fast bowler.
  11. Karthik above Pant and three spinners in England. Ridiculous.
  12. The number of people clamouring for Karthik over Pant is ridiculous.
  13. Anyone is better than Umesh Yadav right now.
  14. Siraj has lost a bit of pace. Dont see the same zip in his bowling.
  15. He is the same age as Rayudu. Its an absolute travesty that someone like Rayudu has played so many games for India.

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