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  1. Extremely far fetched story, its obvious this goon is trying to save his a** .
  2. Looks like its this guy : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013979921399
  3. Krunal pandya doesnt belong at this level.
  4. This is all Dhoni can do now, score soft runs once the game is already lost or just get out cheaply.
  5. The fake aggression from this Zaheer Khan wannabe is making him even more insufferable.
  6. Watching khaleel bowl is an infuriating experience
  7. Why isnt rishab pant batting right now.
  8. With krunal pandya already playing we didn't need another left arm spinner in khaleel.
  9. Whoever the Indian commentator who is on right now, on star sports 1 is just terrible.
  10. If only he had more pace, would still take him over jadhav.
  11. sandsaims

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    Kedar jadhav should be dropped.
  12. sandsaims

    Shreyas Iyer and Rahane/Raina must be in WC team

    Agreed. Atleast Rahane is good fielder.
  13. Rahane is g3tting the bounty sajdeh push.
  14. Problem is rayudu and jhadav isn't just their batting but also their Fielding, between them we can expect at least one dropped catch and quite a few runs given away.
  15. Who is the Indian commentator currently on on star sports?
  16. Edged to the keeper by rayudu but no appeal from the kiwis. Biryani is extremely lucky.
  17. Looks like he got down on his knees to do a sajdah but their was a team mate in front of him.
  18. sandsaims

    Dhoni at #4

    Let's not forget the dropped catches and the edge to the keeper that the Australians didn't appeal for.
  19. Dhoni had two catches dropped of him and an edge that nobody appealed for and then Kohli gets out.
  20. Dhoni has to be the luckiest cricketer currently.
  21. sandsaims

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Dhoni was dropped by siddle. His fans crying about his dismissal conviniently forgot about the dropped catch.
  22. Is it Agarwal or Gill?? Cricinfo now reporting its Gill replacing Rahul.
  23. Can someone file an RTI on the expenditure incurred due to COA( their travel, boarding etc)
  24. Diana Edulji seems to have become a huge hindrance to indian cricket, its very clear she has an agenda and now the talk of Hardik and rahul missing out on world cup is ridiculous and she doesnt seem to want a quick enquiry even though this might hurt Indian cricket badly. It was two young guys speaking their mind on a talk show and what they do on their personal life should be nobodys business. A warning might have sufficed but this lady now wants a enquiry committee. What will they even enquire about, whatever was said is already in front of the world, so what will this enquiry committee even do?

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