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  1. He looks like a kid who has been kicked and forced to sit in the classroom without his will.
  2. Jimmypage

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    What about Nagarkoti, he hasn't played a single match for Rajasthan. Is he still injured ? Now almost an year since he last played.
  3. Robin Uthappa is having multiple orgasms just talking about Dhoni What was that, close up of his face
  4. This win will dent India's chance at world cup, whatever little was there, say goodbye to that as well Brace for Dhoni orgasms coming from everywhere now. But well played Thala
  5. Dhoni 45 off 49 balls, now he has probably secured his palace for 2023 WC as well
  6. What an eyesore of a performance today by the blue tigers, what an anti climax after the first match, so near yet so far, only good thing is SC has resigned. Man I can't even sleep, hopefully Indian team would ease bit of the pain tomorrow morning. See y'all. Good night
  7. This is getting weirder by the day, now Pant has been rested, as per our chief selector he has played 4 tests and 3 T20Is in Australia and that has had an an impact on his body, what does Prasad think, is Pant that fragile that he cannot last a bloody effing season of cricket, he is 21 for crying out loud, he should be playing as much as possible. Even if he is rested for 2 weeks, why not pick him for New Zealand tour , why England Lions, I am sorry, is there some A team's world cup that we are not aware off, that Pant is playing for A team and not senior team. I can understand them resting a fast bowler like Bumrah, but this is something else, are these slectors themselves sure what the hell they want to do, or are they too effing scared to drop Dhoni and get Pant in. If he is part of the world cup plans when does he get into the team ? After the world cup ? Or is he part of the 2023 world cup ? If spewing non sense was an Olympic sport, Prasad would win the gold medal hands down, because he thinks people are such idiots that he can spew any nonsense in the media and everyone will happily buy his nonsensical things.
  8. Shubman Gill selected in the team for New Zealand Thank you KJO, atleast something positive came out of this facade called KWK & whatever stupid Sh*t that is going on atm
  9. Cricbuzz says Gill is going to New Zealand
  10. This whole fiasco is gotta be the most bizzare sequence of events I have seen in sometime. At best those were just crass & stupid comments to make on TV, these two must be dumbstruck at what just hit them.
  11. A lot of Dhoni supporters in social media saying India was 3 down early and top order failed so why is everyone blaming Dhoni. Well those fan boys & girls seem to have to dud knowledge of the game, anyone can get out early in the innings, it's the one who is in has the responsibility to carry the team, and our top three in the last 2 years have been bloody consistent, when they get in they make big runs and win matches, but when Dhoni gets in he scores 50 from 100 balls and kills matches. Today's match is a perfect example of how pathetic our batting is without our top three, inspite of Rohit's big hundred we were never in the game, we need atleast two from Dhawan, Kohli & Rohit to fire to win matches, and that can only take us so far.
  12. https://twitter.com/bhogleharsha/status/1084029004267511808?s=09 Can't blame him for not saying it directly, nobody wants to loose their job.
  13. With a S/R of 53 no chance of winning, nobody is asking you to play the helicopter shot, but just rotate the strike for crying out loud. You don't play Nathan Lyon for a maiden on a patta
  14. You obviously missed the key word, let me quote that in bold "trying", nobody cares what margin you lost by, doesn't change the result by an iota He can't even rotate the strike now, that's disgraceful, has already lost all his credibility.

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