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  1. this joker can't even win a single game that too against a minnow but then they did not wanted to win in first place
  2. clearly fixed match. lol they wanted to send Afghanistan home happy.
  3. new trend is going to start with this match. India losing to afghanistan. lol what a gift of match by these loosers
  4. which idiot invited that cartoon shah and he is anchoring a cricket show. Aur koi nahi mila kya inko?
  5. it seems India is going to gift the match to afghanistani snakes and start a new trend.
  6. now go and watch cricket munna.
  7. i don't get offended when a dumbo calls me dumbo. I forgive them as they are dumb.
  8. it seems kid got offended because of using the word kid. hehe
  9. Dhoobi ko hatao. uska mooh dekh ke gussa aata hai.
  10. the fat ass plays much better than his so called hero Dhonii
  11. tarek fateh speaks truth kid. Don't drag him here.
  12. the match was not fluke but it was fixed. Kohli and co lost on purpose to remove kumble and give him the worst send-off possible.
  13. what vada pav? it seems you eat too much mishra pedhas. do you work at mishra pedhawala shop? just see the belly of amit mishra. lol no one can beat that.
  14. for most of their playing days, they were belly free. where is vengsarkar, agarkar?

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