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  1. nagraj85

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    he said that to steyn in some test on south african tour.
  2. nagraj85

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    Maybe language and accent problem and also sledging is new thing in Indian cricket. Earlier then just used to take it from others now they are giving it back as they should. Having a couple of quick bowlers in the team also helps.
  3. indian batsmen gifted wickets to him in second innings and indian bowlers can't get tailenders out.
  4. nagraj85

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    Wow u from pune. Yes you are right pune is losing it's old culture because of migrants. just like mumbai. TBH honest indian people are way more tolerant in general than others. Many of the indians literally give god like treatment to the foreigners in india. India has the most number of self-hating traitors too. But if you say anything to Pakistani which is slightly religious, then you may even get death threats.
  5. nagraj85

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    your aussie and white men are the most disgusting men in the world. They raped poor aboriginal women and Maoris and occupied their land. Even now all top countries in rape in this world are USA, sweden and UK. Even my white gf hates this mentality of white men. Also this thing which i have said has already been said by some aussie or brit cricketer before in olden days.
  6. nagraj85

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    many times family has been bought into the banter by the cricketers. For e.g mcgrath once asked some zimbabwe cricketer eddo brandes that " why are you so fat" to which he replied " because every time i make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit" you must be knowing the famous mcgrath sarwan incident too. also these aussies only understand this language. There is nothing offensive in it for the aussies. It's routine thing for them.
  7. nagraj85

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    Do you call this high level? lol this average nobody temporary captain of australia is barking too much. It seems kohli and pant triggered him very much when he was batting. lol I did not know that this joker was already married. If i was in the place of pant i would have said " i will take care of your wife and you take care of our kids"
  8. nagraj85

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    most of the Pakistani are very dark (nothing wrong in that) but somehow they feel like they are very fair and have perfect light brown skin based on some people. lol
  9. nagraj85

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    You have not seen old puneri sarcasm and humor then. Also it depends on each individual. Mostly Pakistani and bangladeshis r easy to trigger but not indians. Even a child in india can do banter in funny way but the problem is the accent. It is difficult to understand the aussie and brit accent for many indians and it is nearly impossible for the Pakistani and bongladeshis.
  10. nagraj85

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    for your info, english has many indian sanskrit/hindi words in it. No one gives a rat's ass about english in most european countries. They can't even speak a single word of english.
  11. nagraj85

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    what witty comeback. Speak for yourself. Indians in general have more wit than white men. Maybe hard to understand his aussie accent.
  12. pant should have said "i would like to holiday in australia with your gf (if u have one) if u don't mind"
  13. ur typical southie vijay can't score a run so does kl rahul
  14. don't worry. People like us are strong enough to not play into anyone's hands. We just want the H2H record to be corrected. Pak would not have any other thing to bank on after that.
  15. We do not treat them as special but they treat us as one. They always being up the H2H thing. So need to settle it.
  16. Pak is not one of those many teams. It is a special case for India.
  17. I say just play as many bilaterals against pak as possible both one-dayers and tests and get the head to head record in India's favor as soon as possible. Then you can stop playing bilaterals against them. But they will never do that. They would keep the head to head record in pak's favor always. At least arrange a couple of test series vs pak. In tests india is only 3 behind. So it can be easily changed in favor of india. In one-dayers it will take time.
  18. sir aggy has a test hundred at lords, a match winning bowling performance in australia, a match winning 21 against srilanka, second fastest ODI fifty for india vs zimcocks and 250+ ODI wickets.
  19. pak has always been a minnow team. India kicked your ass in 2005 in front of your own crowd by 4-0 in ODI and 3-0 in tests. lol pak was lucky to win some games against india in past because of pakistani cheating umpires, ball tamperers and sharjah fixed matches. Otherwise pak has always been a minnow against india in all important and big games. in Tests, pak is only ahead by 3 tests even after so much efforts by pak.
  20. hopefully he did not issue an apology. He should have said even jesus and mohammed are idols and they were humans and not gods and no one has ever seen alla. So how can one worship a invisible unseen god?
  21. nagraj85

    manjrekar says tone down expectations from dhoni

    Marathis in general are very unbiased and would not think twice before criticizing their own people. So many marathis used to criticize tendlya when he used to commit mistakes. On the other hand bengalis even supported south african team once when ganguli was removed from team. Everyone knows the behavior of south indians.
  22. ok people that' set. the only good thing that came out of this asia cup was two sweet little victories against pokis. Something to console after CT final fixed loss. A shameful victory on last ball in final though a victory and the fixed tie on last ball against afghanistan. These two games have taken off the shine of asia cup win. The match should have won by india in max 40 overs. Dhoni once again played his favorite test innings in one-day to maintain his average. Some altu faltu cricketers such as rayudu, kartik and dhoni should be removed from team permanently ASAP. Even jadeja does not deserve a place in the team for fielding alone. Cannot see the face of that dhoobi anymore. shastri has started his cheerleading and would be difficult to stop for next few days. Now indian players would show their "mardangi" against weak west indian players in india and shastri would thump his chest again or maybe they would make the series interesting by playing bad intentionally like they did in last two games of asia cup. anyway not interested in home series. So see you people during the aussie pussie series which starts from november end i think. Till then enjoy daserra and shubh diwali. Bye

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