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  1. for most of their playing days, they were belly free. where is vengsarkar, agarkar?
  2. gavaskar, agarkar, vengsarkar, patil, rahane, tendlya. no one had belly.
  3. pakistan is born from india. so pak would always be a beta and india would always be baap. Yes pak was able to win more matches because of sharjah dawood fixed matches and ball tampering of Pakistani PM and company. isliye baap se beta sawai nikla
  4. rohit sharma is a FTB. Also don't call him typical mumbaiya player. Mumbai players traditionally do not have such surnames. Also his technique is not even close to any past or present mumbai players.
  5. nagraj85

    Mohammad Amir avg 80 in last 8 games with jst 3 wkts

    and kohli threw his wicket away two times in a over to this hack in ct final all for punjabi brotherhood and removal of kumble.
  6. pakistan is a poor little country which is born from india. U people have big identity crisis.
  7. wrong. U need to have idle sambar odor or must have drink billi ka doodh from dilli the polluted capital
  8. we nearly whitewashed you in pak in 2005 lol in 5 match series 4-0
  9. if by UAE you mean the arabs, then you are wrong. They don't give a rat's ass about pak
  10. i was just saying most of the beautiful girls in stadium are Pakistani and not indian. I was not talking about blue jersey girls. Hope it settles it now. look for the comment made by vilander he also said the same.
  11. what blind? did i refer to any photo and say that those are Pakistani girls?
  12. he looks malnourished. needs to put on some weight. Not yet fit to play against better teams
  13. whenever it happens in future. Even if india wins this match, we cannot forgive them for the CT final.

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