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  1. Yea well of course not lol. I meant those t20s that were played in Florida a couple of years back.
  2. Really cringey stuff. Aus reporter apparently engaged a petulant child. But to be fair he probably gets asked this so often that he is sick of it but it gets asked so much for a reason.
  3. Kaleroko

    WI tour to India - Warm up game.

    Why Patel ahead of Kishan ? Looks like in-form Agarwal will make another big score.
  4. Kaleroko

    Indian Football News

    Lost to Maldives recently. I thought there was some hope to stick around in the top 100. But still this team is an improvement over the past.
  5. Kaleroko

    Introduction Thread for New members

    Fixed  Ewww...no. WTH. Hi everyone, I love sports and love rooting for the Indian Cricket Team.
  6. Expats have money. ICC will try their best.
  7. Kaleroko

    Still time to craft a good WC19 squad

    All very young and unproven, maybe that doesnt matter and their youth, optimism and fearlessness would be a plus.
  8. I was going to say that he could retire at home against WI instead of abroad, but I realize that he will prob retire at home only after WC.
  9. Kaleroko

    23 sixes in 60 seconds

    Will we see him when play Aus ?
  10. Kaleroko

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    I still remember his failure in the CT final, but that maybe due to scoreboard pressure or just lack of experience. If only he was 10 years younger. We should have picked him years ago. I didnt watch this match but his smackdown of Sohail after the 1st innings in the 1st match against Pakistan was pretty epic.
  11. Kaleroko

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    I was hoping that Dhoni would be pushed (hidden) down the batting order and could possibly make some runs there with a good enough SR. My reasoning was that South Africa competed for years with Boucher, Aus with Haddin, Kiwis with whomever as their keepers. Seriously though, I really want to play the what if game. We wouldnt have gotten past Pakistan in 2011 w/o Sachin and we also lost the 2007 partly due to Sachin. The 100 100s was annoying af and India lost the game where he did score the 100. How can anyone forget when Ganguly was dropped lol. He raised such a hue and cry. When he was brought back after the disastrous SA tour, he scored a century against WI at NAgpur and once again chosen to open. Sachin unbelievably was asked to bat at 4 to make room for Ganguly. When Mortaza brought his A game and started bowling those 145+ kmph yorkers, he went into a shell and scored at a 52 SR, opening. W/e dude. If Dhoni was dropped now, he would only be remembered as someone on the wane so deservedly dropped. Great Post ! It was nice to learn so cricket history about Kapil as I was too young.
  12. These guys don't look good. Our MO should score runs. Just win.
  13. Kaleroko

    How come Shoaib Malik getting better with age?

    Bad fielding lol.
  14. Kaleroko

    in DK I still dont trust !

    Him and Dhoni debuted around the same time iirc and it was DK for tests and Dhoni for ODIs. Its been settled now then; DK > Dhoni in all formats.

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