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  1. Tendulkar1996

    Aus India 5 ODIs in Feb. Is there any point ?

    Hopefully this doesnt save rayudu.My great fear.
  2. The dhoni brigade will have nowhere to hide after the world cup.
  3. Tendulkar1996

    Dhoni at #4

    Joke thread.Dhoni at 4,just try it when chasing 300 or when you get a good start and want to accelerate from 30 overs on.Put dhoni' can't hit a boundary' in and he'll kill the game.Lets face it we chased 230 that should have been finished 3-4 overs ahead once target was under 75.
  4. That is a horrible middle order.Jadeja makes for a toothless bowler. 15 man team - dhawan rohit kohli gill dhoni kedar pandya bhuvi chahal kuldeep bumrah shami jadeja pant rahul/kartik
  5. Tendulkar1996

    Team for World Cup 2019

    15 man team - rohit dhawan kohli gill dhoni :( kedar pandya bhuvi kuldeep chahal bumrah shami jadeja :( pant karthik/rahul (mayank or shaw not possible sadly)
  6. Tendulkar1996

    Dhoni at #4

    You guys are blinded.The fact that we took a 230 total to the last over is shambolic.The middle order of rayudu,dhoni,kartik will be total disaster.Let not one match fool you. We need pant because - (i'm not saying play him as first choice,but must keep him in side) 1.Need a left hander in middle order 2.Need an accelarator in middle order who can capitalize on good starts or chase big totals on english pattas. Need gill because - 1.He's special.You take a special player to the wc ,simple. 2.Rayudu is a total dud. 3.You are making a judgement on gill without even playing him once.Give him a chance in NZ and home series vs aus. Team should be - rohit dhawan kohli gill dhoni kedar pandya bhuvi kuldeep chahal bumrah pant shami jadeja rahul/mayank/karthik
  7. Tendulkar1996

    Dhoni at #4

    Either we take gill and pant to wc or we lose.
  8. Long term disaster for india if this leads to gill not being tried at 4 in NZ and pant being dropped from wc squad.
  9. 'Lightning fast behind the stumps ,MS dhoni' -Robin uthappa.
  10. Dhoni cost us the match,2 wasted chances of marsh.Now he's set.
  11. Dhoni still won't retire of his own?
  12. Tendulkar1996

    We need to replace Rayudu from his #4 slot ASAP !!!

    Vijay shankar will be a major disaster,another mediocrity.Go gill or go home.Need to back special talents,like imran khan with inzi in 1992,india with kohli in 2011.
  13. Tendulkar1996

    in DK I still dont trust !

    DK and dhoni combo in wc leaving out pant will be one of the criminal decisions in indian cricket history.
  14. Tendulkar1996

    Team for World Cup 2019

    Rayudu is unbearable,needs to be booted asap.Dhoni sadly is now lock.
  15. Tendulkar1996

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    Agarwal or Pant.We desperately need a left hander in middle order and an accelerator.Since dhoni can't be deposed anymore need to take pant as batsman.Kedar or mayank can be backup with gill replacing rayudud.

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