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  1. I actually like vihari for ODIs.
  2. Tendulkar1996

    Ayush Badoni

    Inconsistent,not good scores of late.
  3. Tendulkar1996

    Work cut out for Team India

    Problems player for player basis. Dhawan - Not in the best form.Inconsistency is back in his batting.Getting out too frequently to loose shots. Rohit - Unfit.Wasting deliveries in PP and putting pressure on dhawan.Killing chases with tuk tuk. Kohli - Bad tactical captain. Rayudu - Failed experiment that never should have happened.Horrible against pace,bad strike rate.Horrible fielder. Shankar - Surprise inclusion.But not given enough time to mature.Doesnt have idea about his precise role in the team. Dhoni - Has lost the ability to score quickly and puts immense pressure on other batsman. Pant -Given no time to mature.Low on confidence.Bad keeping.Hasn't yet found the tempo of the ODI innings . Kedar - Good utility batsman.Bowling being worked out slowly.Fitness concern. Hardik - Concerns regarding fitness.Mediocre bowler on flat pitches.Batting suspect in collapse situation. Rahul - Low on confidence.Poor form.Not good strike rotation ability.Tendency to hit too many balls in the air. Shami - Bowling fine.No batting contribution. Bumrah -Bowling overburdened.Fitness scare.No batting. Chahal - Blows hot blows cold.Horrible batsman and fielder. Kuldeep - May go missing on crunch matches. Bhuvi - Can go for tons of runs on an off day.Not confident in his wicket taking ability.
  4. Tendulkar1996

    How can you waste 90 balls on such a surface?

    We lost because of dew,mostly.
  5. Tendulkar1996

    Team is sabotaged by bad selections.

    Biggest problem is sudden loss of form for openers.Now kohli is left alone.If Rohit and dhawan dont get their mojo back asap,we are done for the world cup.
  6. Tendulkar1996

    Rayudu vs Pace !!!

    Has only 3 shots against pace - Defend with angled bat and try to steal a single/turn angled bat to third man for single. Hack pull. Coming down the track and blind slog over the off side. Total phattu waste player against pace ,should be kicked asap.
  7. Kuldeep and kohli most important.Followed by bumrah and rohit.
  8. Tendulkar1996

    Congratulations Sri Lanka

    Greatest upset i can remember in tests. Only makes me feel worse about our missed oppurtunity,oh well we will get them next time.No ABD will save them then.
  9. Chased down 360 like it was nothing.No sweat at all.Beating this england will be very hard.
  10. Tendulkar1996

    woow..vintage chris

    A warning to all teams not to underestimate west indies in this wc. 3 fours and 12 sixes...brutal.
  11. Tendulkar1996

    I bow to the Universe Boss

    12 sixes and 3 fours.Universe boss.
  12. Kuldeep yadav is the most important player for us.If he can replicate what warne did in 99 in the 2 knockout games ,we can still win this cup despite a horrid middle order.
  13. Tendulkar1996

    My transition from ESPNCricinfo is almost complete

    Cricbuzz layout and ease of use is much better.Cricinfo is still my go to for career stats.It also gives the occasional good article or analysis show.But for match commentary,schedule etc cricbuzz is better.
  14. Whatever,this no playing pakistan is world cup is meaningless.Play them and win. Real answer should come from armed forces shortly,thats what counts not this play or not drama.

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