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  1. Tendulkar1996

    India tour of West Indies: Squad to be picked on July 19

    Dropped pujara from test squad and added rohit who's test career is finished.
  2. Tendulkar1996

    ICC events program till 2023

    2021 is not WT20...Its CT in t20 format.
  3. Mostly resting hope on gaikwad..kapil was a horrible coach..rangaswamy first time hearing the name.These are dinosaurs..im worried big time.Also shastri was a old boy of kapil..which means he might get his backing easily.We are probably *ed.We needed ganguly or vengsarkar in there.
  4. Tendulkar1996

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    Technique is suspect,but has a power game ,strike rotation and a very good strike rate.Doesnt need too much technique to play well on indian pitches.And most of all young.
  5. Tendulkar1996

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    https://thesportsrush.com/watch-shreyas-iyer-aims-to-learn-from-virat-kohli-ms-dhoni-and-rohit-sharma-ahead-of-indias-tour-of-west-indies/ Its true he deserves a chance,but first time i have seen a youngster nagging and whining like the way he has been doing for past 1.5 years.Multiple statements.
  6. The kohli gang needs to be broken up.Split the captaincy. Wholly change the backroom staff and coaches. Get a psychologist for mentally suspect players like rahul,kuldeep and pant. Make sure that even though shankar basu is leaving,his methods are continued. In reality though i think they will persist with kohli until 2020 T20.
  7. Tendulkar1996

    Batsmen tried at no. 4 & 5 since 2015 world cup

    Iyer,Rahul,Agarwal and Pant.These should have been the options.
  8. Tendulkar1996

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    Too much pressure on pandya,if he gets injured you are *ed midgame.
  9. Tendulkar1996

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    One question no one answered - who is the 6th bowler in our top 6? Without answering that we can't answer thread's question. Other option is jadeja at 7 and pandya 6,but thats risky battingwise.
  10. Tendulkar1996

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    I was talking of vihari at 5.Vihari actually of late has developed a better power game. At 4 will be gill or iyer.You can maybe play iyer at 5 and gill at 4 with pant and pandya to follow.But problem is vihari is a handy offspinner,and you need one of top 5 to bowl spin in next world cup as 6th bowler.
  11. Tendulkar1996

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    Funny thing is the name of abhishek sharma being raised.This is a 18yr old boy with 13 List A games behind him. Massive batting average of 16 and even more hilarious bowling average of 75.If it was reverse you would have a point.But of course he 'looked good' in ipl.Pakistani logic. Another is nitish rana with 38 avergae from 40 odd matches at 82 SR. Meanwhile no one talks of Vihari - 48 average from 70 matches at 83 SR.
  12. Tendulkar1996

    India's New Middle order player and finisher

    Rohit Dhawan (Mayank,Shaw reserve) Kohli (Gill backup) Gill or Iyer Vihari (can bowl,Parag long shot,Shaw can also be tried as lower order hitter) Pant (Kishan reserve - can bat at 5 if needed) Pandya/Jadeja Thing to note is one of top 5 needs to be 6th bowler.
  13. Tendulkar1996

    So where does Rahul fit in the line up if Shaw/Shubman play

    He doesnt fit.As a t20 opener -he can. Doesnt have big match temperament for other formats. He had his chance.Now mayanks' turn.
  14. Tendulkar1996

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    I'm struggling to understand why you would choose nitish rana with a mediocre 38 List-A average and 83 strike rate for number 5. Vihari has 48 List A average,same strike rate,is already blooded and has shown good temperament.He has also played twice the number of LIST A matches than Rana and averages 10 points more than him.AND he's a better 6th bowler.
  15. Tendulkar1996

    Focus should now be the T20 world cup next year

    Dhawan Rohit Rahul Kohli Gill Pant Pandya Krunal/Chahal Kuldeep/Chahal Bumrah Bhuvi

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