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  1. Hisham

    India Under 19 vs South Africa Under 19

    There are bowlers with higher averages than Rasikh in the U19 team. Was really looking forward to watch him bowl but maybe we may see him in the IPL.
  2. Hisham

    India Under 19 vs South Africa Under 19

    It is quite surprising that Rasikh Salam is not in any of the teams. He averaged close to 19 in both Ranji Trophy and Cooch Behar trophy this season and yet he wasn't picked. He surely is the quickest amongst all the fast bowlers at this level and is only 17.
  3. Hisham

    India Under 19 vs South Africa Under 19

    True.They were pretty special and even their batting was great. They won every single match so comfortably.
  4. Hisham

    India Under 19 vs South Africa Under 19

    Quite a few good players in these squads.Fast bowlers are mediocre this time but there are some quality batsmen in there.Three good leg spinners too.
  5. Afridi had a mediocre PSL last year.He bowled one dream spell in which he took 5 wickets and conceded just 4 runs.Besides that performance he was being smashed by the batsmen. Pakistan tend to pick some players in the team just because of their raw talent but in India one has to go through a process before being selected. Shaheen would not have been in the ODI team if Pakistan would have played well in Asia Cup.The other pacers struggled and Shaheen was lucky to get the opportunity and he has not looked back since. Mavi will get opportunities after this world cup but I don't think he is as good as Shaheen.
  6. Hisham

    Prediction for WorldCup Semifinal teams

    India Pakistan England Australia Would love to see Ind Vs Pak in the final. England clearly are the favourites. India have a good team but then again if the top order fails in big matches then the chances of India losing increase rapidly. Australia might do slightly better than SA and NZ.With Smith and Warner coming back, their team should do better. Pakistan generally play well when they play in England, when no one sees them as favourites.Believe me they can be really dangerous on their day.
  7. Hisham

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2024865250934246&id=1618049164949192&anchor_composer=false Averages twenty in his first season of Ranji Trophy
  8. But don't you think it's wise to play attacking cricket on these type of wickets against the likes of Rabada,Steyn,Philander.Azhar Ali was probably their best batsman before this series and he plays with a strike rate of 40 and he has failed miserably in the whole series.Not that I am saying you can't play defensively here,there certainly are players who play slowly and yet have been successful, examples are Pujara, Williamson.
  9. Shan Masood certainly has played some good "test innings" in this series.
  10. Yes,maybe it has to do something with fitness or maybe he is deliberately bowling a bit slow in tests as he plays all 3 formats and is interested in prolonging his career and stay injury free. They have some good U19 bowlers coming up.There maybe a lot of talk regarding Mavi and Nagarkotti but if you look at their U19 bowlers you would realise that they certainly are good.Saw Musa who bowled consistently over 140 and touched 147 in U19 WC.They have 3 to 4 genuine fast bowlers coming through.
  11. What's surprising is that Amir is capable of bowling at 90 MPH but in tests he just doesn't try to bowl fast. They do have bowlers who can bowl fast but do they have the skills that Abbas possesses??
  12. Markram will most probably not be opening
  13. Right now it has to be Abbas.He is just a genius.
  14. Hisham

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Interesting match going on between J&k and Assam.Qamran Iqbal,the 17 year old who played for Ind U19 is playing a gem out there.Decent debut for another 17 year old MI boy Rasikh Salam.
  15. Indeed, everyone should see that innings.Some of the shots that he played were just incredible.Hit Steyn for 10 boundaries in 3 overs.Wow!!

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