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  1. Aiden

    'Hussein Mubarak Patel' Indian Passport

    You are not following the case but still knows the credibility of arguments from Pak POV. Typical biased reply with blue glasses on.
  2. Aiden

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    The attrocities by Zimb government were real unlike mere allegations by India against Pakistan. Go to international court with concrete proofs and if proven guilty then talk about kicking Pakistan out of ICC. On the contrary, Pakistan can also ask ICC to kick out India based on attrocities by India in occupied Kashmir which are well documented.
  3. Aiden

    'Hussein Mubarak Patel' Indian Passport

    Absolutely. Suspend his death sentence and give him life in prison and use him exclusively to defame India and their terrorist intentions against Pakistan via Afghanistan just like India use hafeez syed and massod azhar on every sneeze in India without any concrete proofs.
  4. If Indian wants to take a stand then should do it themselves not force other countries to go along with their stand. Writing letters and begging ICC to force the whole cricketing world to go along with their beliefs without giving any solid proof is not only unfair to all ICC nations but doesnt make any sense.It shows that they are not sure what to do. India doesnt want to lose economic benefit of WC but also want to show fake tough stand against Pakistan. India cant have both ways. If Indians believe that Pakistan is responsible for the attacks then just boycott ICC and not play any intrnational match until Pakistan is out or issues are settled between both countries.
  5. Aiden

    Saudi Arabia to invest $100 billion in India

    https://timesofislamabad.com/20-Feb-2019/top-saudi-minister-refuse-to-speak-against-pakistan-in-india-lauds-pakistan-army-terrorism-war-igniting-india?utm_source=push-notification&utm_medium=direct Indian media tried hard but KSA is true friend of Pakistan. Infact he praised Pakistan for the fight against terrorism.
  6. Aiden

    Saudi Arabia to invest $100 billion in India

    Friend of enemy is not an enemy when $$$ are involved it seems. MBS also called himself ambassador of Pakistan in Saudia. MBS released all Pakistan prisoners in Saudia with one request from Imran Khan.
  7. Indeed. PCB is not like SLC or WICB who cannot survive BCCI bheek. PCB is surviving and profiting since last decade without single penny from India. PCB even pays BCCI legal fees
  8. Americans blood boil too when fake resume, proxy interviews workers on HIb visas do the IT work when so many american citizen engineers dont get work.
  9. Except Kargil rest are all mere accusations with no concrete proofs given to Pakistan. If we accept all are true for once what has India done to retaliate? Why a country as big as India and big army why dont India take a step to reply to "terrorist nation" except banning artists or boycotting cricket matches?
  10. https://timesofislamabad.com/18-Feb-2019/pulwama-attack-explosives-was-domestic-and-not-infiltrated-across-loc-from-pakistan-indian-army-commander?utm_source=push-notification&utm_medium=direct
  11. Perera did a Inzamam the famous Inzi last wicket chase with Mushy against Aus in 1994.
  12. Aiden

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Great. Ban the 20/20 league of number 1 ranked T20 team. This is like banning telecast of Olympics in USA during olympics.
  13. Indians hate Kashmiris but dont want to give up Kashmir. Doesnt make any sense

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