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  1. Aiden

    ICC events program till 2023

    So Pakistan will remain the Champions Trophy winners for ever.
  2. Aiden

    Sidhu kicked out of PUNJAB cabinet

    Resigning is not kicked out
  3. Aiden

    Will NZ ever win a WC?

    Eng won in their 4th attempt in final. This was NZ 2nd attempt. Someday they will Inshallah
  4. Aiden

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    Are cigarettes specifically mentioned in Sikhs holy book as forbidden like alcohol in Quran?
  5. WI of 80s, Pak of 90s & Aus of 2000s and now Eng of 2020s. Exciting time ahead
  6. Aus winning next year T20 WC according to same logic
  7. Aiden

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    How is this different from Harbhajan wearing his funny cap all the time??
  8. No comparison between the sports. Federer & Djokovic qualified for finals after winning games not because of a technicality
  9. Aus were kicked out by one of the finalists
  10. Aiden

    Karma for New Zealand

    Losing a WC final on technicality after qualifying into semis on technicality
  11. Aiden

    BEST ODI ever.. in our lifetime

    92 Final was better imo. Eng is WC champion due to over throw 4 off a bat :facepalm
  12. https://www.crictracker.com/team-india-stranded-in-the-uk-until-world-cup-final/
  13. Aiden

    Unable to come out of Depression

    Warm up game

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