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  1. This. SMG vs WI in 1971. Nothing comes close.
  2. ExtremeBrainfade

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    Impromptu kyon? Paine will bat tomorrow and someone should forward this thread to Pant :-)!!! Bewda toh tracer bullet hai yaar!
  3. ExtremeBrainfade

    No follow-on

    Only caveat is the imminent rain. Frustrating.
  4. ExtremeBrainfade

    Kohli promoting his Wife's flop movies

    And of course, all ICF members who marry actresses will write honest critiques of their wife's movies on social media and promote only their hits.
  5. ExtremeBrainfade

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    Good clean stuff. Pant in Aus 2nd innings: "Would love to babysit Timmy's kids, maybe I can teach them some cricketing skills their dad doesn't have. Come onnnnnnn, let's go....."
  6. Leadership lesson #1: Accept praise, deflect blame. Wait ... what??
  7. ExtremeBrainfade

    Test team for 2020s

    You mean Superhuman Gill?
  8. ExtremeBrainfade

    Kane Williamson taking the piss out of pakistan sponsors

    Yep. All symbolism and false macho-giri. If they really want to make a point, don't take the trophy and don't take sponsors' real cheque, not blow hot air in public by throwing a freakkin symbolic piece of cardboard. Completely lame. And how would we react if he had done it to Jio or Airtel or whichever Indian company?
  9. ExtremeBrainfade

    Kane Williamson taking the piss out of pakistan sponsors

    I'd be more impressed if he rejected the real cheque. What he did was just posturing BS.
  10. It's probably the worst overall batting team overseas. It's cruelly funny - when our batting was strong (SRT, RD, VS, VVSL), we couldn't take 20 wkts. Now that we take 20 wkts routinely, our batting keeps laying eggs.
  11. ExtremeBrainfade

    Shubham Gill or Shubman Gill ?!?

    I used to think it was pronounced Shubmaan (auspicious person); just realized last week (while watching this video) that it is Shubman (auspicious mind). Pretty cool name. I really liked the name Prayas (as in Prayas Barman) too. We don't honor effort enough in our society.
  12. ExtremeBrainfade

    Kohli and paine Sledging

    Sorry, but calling someone a d***head means you ain't funny and you likely lost the argument.
  13. ExtremeBrainfade

    How Day 5 could unfold - Numerous Scenarios

    We have typically folded under these circumstances. But as a fan I keep dreaming scenarios like yours every time we are chasing in the 4th innings, especially on foreign soil. He will do this, he will do that, he will attack, he will grind them, he will shepherd the tail, he will hit the winning four ... been doing it for decades now. Will do it again tonight/tomorrow - what's the harm?
  14. ExtremeBrainfade

    Is Umesh really that great strike bowler?

    They probably do, but for some reason, seem to be afraid to try them.

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