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  1. ExtremeBrainfade

    The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    Is the doosra officially dead and buried in high-level cricket?
  2. ExtremeBrainfade

    Tri-Series (Ire/BD/WI)

    If WC2019 has the same road pitches, power-hitting Windies have a huge advantage. If they don't get bored and manage to stay interested in the tourney long enough, they'll be a real force.
  3. ExtremeBrainfade

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Unlike KLR and KKN, SI has a legitimate grouse. Unfortunately, his two best ODI innings were both overshadowed - one by a Rohit Sharma double-hundred special and the other by a Dhawan 100. After those two innings, he tapered off, but not so much that he is not even in the reckoning anymore. He has been scoring heavily in all forms of cricket since then and deserves strong consideration. There was some talk of him being too big for his shoes, but he has shown his maturity by captaining an IPL team to a playoff appearance. Not an easy task for a 24 y.o. player trying to establish himself. Bottom line: Along with Agarwal, Gill and Shaw, he is likely to be in the next group of good Indian batsmen.
  4. ExtremeBrainfade

    Which India player least deserves his WC 2019 spot?

    I went with Dinesh Karthik. I would instead have picked Shubman Gill or Mayank Agarwal. K L Rahul could be the reserve keeper. Vijay Shankar and Kedar Jadhav were a close 2nd and 3rd on my list.
  5. All cricketing eyes are now on the World Cup and the nerves are starting to fray. Over the course of the next several weeks, many questions will be answered by the teams and their players. One of those big questions is the composition of the Indian squad. This is the team that plays the most cricket and for whom the most data are available. Over the last year or two, many questions have been raised about age, floor, ceiling, all-round skills, ability to hold fort at #4, finishing ability, team balance, wicket-keeping, wrist vs finger spin, suitability for ODI vs T20 format, and of course, recent form. We've had everybody and their uncle chime in on why they are best suited for #4 (from Rayudu to Pujara to Rahane) or for #4 seamer slot (Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav), spinner (Ashwin). Now that all possible data are in, let's line-up the suspects and see who does not belong. I hope that every one of these guys makes me eat crow with stellar performances and bring the WC back to India, but for now, let's vote. After you vote, reply to the thread with your reasoning and who should be the replacement. In no particular order: (1) Vijay Shankar: Most recent entrant to the all-rounder and #4 sweepstakes, VS has been impressive in flashes. Some days, he looks like a million bucks with bat and on others, like a cat on a hot tin roof. Seems technically compact enough, has a little bit of power and most times, a calm head (but Nidahas ...?). He is a decent fielder, too. Now, his bowling - is it really worth discussing? Not too many opportunities to showcase it and there is no argument to be made for English conditions, because the pitches are roads and the weather will be hot and trundlers are fodder. Current form looks spotty. This selection is very interesting. (2) Dinesh Karthik: 15 years of DK. 1 big moment. In a T20 match. Against Bangladesh. The man has a lot of skills, but somehow they have not come together consistently. Should he get another chance in a big tourney like this? (3) Ravindra Jadeja: I am admittedly a huge fan of Sir, mainly because of how electric he is on the field and his ever-high effort levels. If we had to pick a specialist fielder, he is the guy. Or a test bowler. But bowling 10 overs of finger spin on flat English pitches is suspect and he is not really a finisher with a bat. What is his role? (4) K L Rahul: I have been watching cricket for 40 years and can't remember anyone as enigmatic as KLR. A prodigal son. He was oft-injured early in his career and thus never established himself, and when he got a chance in 2018-19, has not impressed consistently. But, on his day, he can be completely dominant and make batting look like a cakewalk. And he had some of those days in the IPL. But those days are few and far between, and often his technical weaknesses against the incoming ball rear their ugly head before he settles.. Moreover, what is his role in an LOI context? Is he an opener? A #4? (5) Kedar Jadhav: Again, I am a huge fan of this guy, because he is one of the grittiest over-achievers. He was selected because of his domination of domestic cricket and made a big impact early on. His batting, while not pretty, is great to watch. He works the field, keeps things moving and can hit when needed. And not to forget his horizontal off-spin. But a few things work against him: he often disappears on the batting front; he is at-best a mediocre fielder; he is often injured. If he recovers from his most recent injury, how much longer before the next one? (6) M S Dhoni: Now, for some controversy. This man is an undisputed legend of the ODI game. The best keeper to ever don the gloves in ODIs. One of the most astute ODI minds. And on an on we can go. Also add IPL 2019 superstar. But, is his IPL form deceptive? Can he keep it up against the best attacks in the world? Will his body hold up in a 50-over setting over several weeks? Should we have picked a younger 'keeper instead? (7) Rohit Sharma: Another legend of the ODI game. But his recent form has been K L Rahul-esque. He is a good catcher, but his overall fitness seems suspect. He takes a long time to settle in and if he gets out like he has recently after facing 40-50 balls, it puts pressure on the guys coming later. Should we have picked a more in-form young bat instead? (8) Yuz Chahal: Wristspinners are all the rage these days and his recent form (yeah, it's the IPL, but still ..) has been decent. But he is a liability on the field and can't bat too well. Would we have been better off picking a younger wristie like Gopal or is Yuz's experience too valuable? (9) Other: Kuldeep? Bhuvneshwar? Other?
  6. Actually, I would put Mayank Agarwal in as the first choice opener along with Dhawan, and make Rohit Sharma run back and forth with drinks. The man needs some exercise.
  7. This. SMG vs WI in 1971. Nothing comes close.
  8. ExtremeBrainfade

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    Impromptu kyon? Paine will bat tomorrow and someone should forward this thread to Pant :-)!!! Bewda toh tracer bullet hai yaar!
  9. ExtremeBrainfade

    No follow-on

    Only caveat is the imminent rain. Frustrating.
  10. ExtremeBrainfade

    Kohli promoting his Wife's flop movies

    And of course, all ICF members who marry actresses will write honest critiques of their wife's movies on social media and promote only their hits.
  11. ExtremeBrainfade

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    Good clean stuff. Pant in Aus 2nd innings: "Would love to babysit Timmy's kids, maybe I can teach them some cricketing skills their dad doesn't have. Come onnnnnnn, let's go....."
  12. Leadership lesson #1: Accept praise, deflect blame. Wait ... what??
  13. ExtremeBrainfade

    Test team for 2020s

    You mean Superhuman Gill?
  14. ExtremeBrainfade

    Kane Williamson taking the piss out of pakistan sponsors

    Yep. All symbolism and false macho-giri. If they really want to make a point, don't take the trophy and don't take sponsors' real cheque, not blow hot air in public by throwing a freakkin symbolic piece of cardboard. Completely lame. And how would we react if he had done it to Jio or Airtel or whichever Indian company?

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