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  1. Real McCoy

    Wimbledon 2019

    Federer had the match with two set points on serve but somehow couldn't convert. Hard to see the conclusion since Fed made all the winners and still ended up losing. Usually Fed wins tiebreakers, but lost thrice in one match Still I was surprised with the energy of Federer considering he is almost 38 and competed with a much younger guy of 32 years old. Now Novac is on the charge to break his grand slam record too. I always liked Fed and also Nadal. But with Djoker coming in, I don't think he is in that group but still gets wins. Fed and Nadal go for the winners whereas Djoker just keeps the ball in play. I can still picture the SF against Agut where he played 40 shots back and forth without moving much. Is it any wonder that he doesn't get the same respect as the other two. He will be forever remembered as the unforced error king and the guy that bores the audience. RIP tennis
  2. Real McCoy

    Relax India

    Their forum is a cesspool. No wonder this guy is such a wanker
  3. Real McCoy

    What if Dhoni was not run out

    Dhoni did try Joginder Sharma in the last over. But seriously Neesham was cracking under pressure in that match. Not saying we would have won but we were in with a chance if Dhoni made it to the last over
  4. I don't know about cheering but I certainly won't watch or follow the game until oldies such as Dhoni get booted out, Kohli is removed from captaincy, dumping bevda and his drinking buddies who were erroneously called team management, and having some young talent in the team.
  5. Real McCoy

    Reports of split in Team India

    +1. Honestly, I don't think any of the changes recommended are going to take place because of this. The agent business is a dirty one. I know players need to earn money but this makes me go Michael Holding on present day cricket. Maybe its time for me to find another sport to invest my time in. There are plenty of sports that are much shorter and more interesting than this
  6. Real McCoy

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

  7. Real McCoy

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    Or bevdas "normal" posture
  8. https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/108912/game-changed-in-the-first-40-minutes-of-our-batting-kohli They didnt force him to make errors. It seems pressure got to him. Check the NZ batting. They didnt score too many runs in the first 7 overs either but they played the ball on merit and saved their wickets. Rohit got out to a good ball. Kohli could have played straighter and KLR should have left the ball. KLR has a habit of choking under pressure and so is Kohli in ICC tournaments. At least, he owned up to it
  9. Rubbish thread. Pandya had plenty of 40s and was a good 5th bowler. He has the potential to be the finisher like Dhoni was in his prime. He is also captaincy material well exhibited in his bowling and directing field placements when he bowls. I think Kohli and Rohit shoudl do what Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly did in 2007 and should retire from the t20 format and make Pandya captain for the t20 world cup in Aus. Can't go wrong when investing in youth and encouraging them. Dhoni, Yuvraj, Sharma, all played in the 2007 T20 WC and won
  10. Rohit also dropped a catch on the field because he was fat and lazy 37.4 Hardik Pandya to Neesham, 1 run, a lazy effort from Rohit, will go down as a chance - the slower bouncer from Pandya and Neesham was completely done in - hung his bat as an afterthough, looped off the top-edge and lobbed wide of mid-wicket. Rohit ran across and then half-heartedly went with his left hand, can't even get a finger on that
  11. What a shameless bastard. He is asking for another chappal garland. Mumbaiwalas get ready to give him what he wants
  12. Real McCoy

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    True to some extent. I now find sports such as football and tennis to be much more entertaining than cricket. One reason is as you mentioned less time invested and more entertainment. A football game doesnt go more than 2 hrs including the break. Tennis is also similar. Most kids these days find T20 more entertaining which takes 3-4 hrs. PS - I'm not gonna watch if the same shitshow continues. Can't wait for the next generation of players to take over and make this game interesting. JAMODIs suck. Maybe we can revive trination tournaments but BCCI will focus on monetary considerations
  13. Real McCoy

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    What were Rat and his bewda team management was doing. Dhoni is also to be blamed for not putting his hand up but TM needs to be blamed more especially Kohli.
  14. Real McCoy

    Ian Smith commentary in final moments

    That's called professionalism and NZers strong work ethic shown by their own players. Ian Smith knows you can't rule a team or a player out until the last ball is bowled. Also Neesham can be taken for runs. With Dhoni still at the crease, anything is possible in the last over. Thats why I maintain he should have batted at 4 at the very least at 5 not at 7. If Dhoni was to play a 40(70) innings it was at 4/5. I thought its a NZ game to lose after the top order failed and too much for first timers like Pant and Pandya to do the hard yards.
  15. Real McCoy

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    Pandya may not but his bowling is about thinking as a batsmen and where they are looking to score runs. He definitely needs to be in the leadership committee. Definitely captain or atleast vice-captain material. I think his role will become more of a batsman who can bowl a bit. His frame is not gonna last long with his bowling intensity. Although he would be fun if he comes out to toss and bring his carribean flavor

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