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  1. Right now if Dhoni hatao, then Kohli will be nange
  2. BCCI should allow him. He has been a matchwinner for India and his career cut short due to his illness. I don't know if BCCI paid for his illness recovery and rehabilitation. If he feels he can earn some money to compensate for his lack of earnings during those times by playing in other t20 leagues, they should allow him
  3. Real McCoy

    Could DK become an opening option in the WC?

    DK opening? My answer is No. Let me think about it for a second. Fooking NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Real McCoy

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Yup, CB is focused on India matches primarily. I like their site layout. Less ads. They have to improve on their content. My appreciation for them went up for not covering PSL during the Pulwama attack but I was disappointed when they covered the finals. Good thing is some of the key commies such as Harsha Bhogle are in their staff. If they get a statsguru equivalent, I will dump CI for good
  5. Real McCoy

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    @Gollum Cricinfo has become a trash site a few years ago. Unlimited ads and video content you dont want. If I really want to go there for stats, the first thing I do is mute the volume. I dont want a video ad right on my face when Im in for a quick look. Most people dont realize how invasive and crude that is. People especially Indians are shoved with ads and they don't mind because we never respect noise pollution like they do in the West. My brother who doesnt watch cricket watched an IPL game. He was saying how the entire jersey is full of ads and we had a quick laugh
  6. Real McCoy

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Let it go man. No need for petition and stuff. Let them call Bumrah, Shami as fast medium. As long they are strike bowlers and get wickets and make us win, who cares
  7. Real McCoy

    "175" is lucky for Ind in ODI WCs

    You put it the right way. I forgot to mention the exact line
  8. Real McCoy

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    I think you are joking about the banning part. Its not democracy when one group takes over and bans the other group. This poll was not to promote schism but a soft sell civil disobedience. I like the broadcast part. But if all Indians collectively don't watch their games, they would ban it from our TV screens to show their "patriotism" and line with what the viewers want
  9. Real McCoy

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    I was talking about the oath some of us took when the attacks happened. Your trying to mock this thread using ludicrous examples. There is green in our flag too. Moron.
  10. Real McCoy

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    These kinda things happen. Those who sacrificed will be forgotten by the public. Our gen is hooked on TVs and mobiles. Take mobiles away from them and they will They will even sell themselves to slavery if these modern equipments are taken away from them. Even our ancestors were better than this. I can't imagine the current generation to take charge of the civil disobedience of the 1920s
  11. Real McCoy

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    I haven't made up my mind. I want to watch since its a rivalry game. But I see some people voting no and I feel like I'm sitting on the fence as @Gollum put it. I may have to bite the bullet and not watch it. That is the least I can do. Those soldiers did the ultimate sacrifice and if I'm not able to do this, I can't live with myself. So now, I won't be watching it. I have made my decision in course of me typing this post. I'm leaving my poll answer as it is to remind myself what I chose before so that I don't forget the fence sitting I did. No offense to you or other normal Pakistanis
  12. Real McCoy

    "175" is lucky for Ind in ODI WCs

    You said you watched 175 game. That game was not televised I think
  13. Real McCoy

    "175" is lucky for Ind in ODI WCs

    You were in the stadium for that game?
  14. https://www.scoopwhoop.com/harbhajan-is-so-unhappy-that-he-didnt-get-picked-for-india-that/#.oi9pkwg5s He said this 2 years ago. Looking for put his name in the list for 2020 IPL
  15. Real McCoy

    "175" is lucky for Ind in ODI WCs

    Wht if someone scores 176 or 174. Will it be acceptable @zen I'm assuming @Laaloo wont go to the bathroom when Sachu was batting. I remember Gavaskar was saying during the 2015 finals that India scored 183 in the 1983 wc and defended it. Since NZ scored 183, he was making the case of NZ doing the same thing. It turned out Aus chased it in under 30 overs Let go of the superstitions and just enjoy the wc.

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