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  1. Mama pathi theriyatha mathiri scene podara
  2. They are playing away. Don't get ticket collection. I'm sure they will do it in their first home game.
  3. Real McCoy

    GOI bans Yasin Malik's JKLF

    Who are those standing behind him. Looks like traffic cops dressed in commando gear
  4. Real McCoy

    Can someone explain Hotstar coverage details

    I don't get it. Does it mean its like this throughout the city. They used to be much better a few years ago. I don't know why this cold shoulder now. I live in Adyar
  5. Real McCoy

    Can someone explain Hotstar coverage details

    I switched to hotstar. Lets see how it goes What it is then. They don't want business? This month they cut the channels for every flat in our compound just because the guy who collects money didnt come sooner. Others paid up and got the channels back. I told him to bugger off.
  6. They are not fence sitters. They are very clear in what they want to achieve. They are the traitorous fifth column within destroying India. If it was Pakistan in our place, they would be cannon fodder if they barely raise a stink
  7. I hope so. Seeman did a speech with that JKLF guy which is banned now. Not just put them on the backfoot but drive them all the way into the Indian ocean
  8. Real McCoy

    I fit the role of 4th bowler India wants for WC: Umesh

    In other news, Praveen Kumar and Sreesanth see themselves as the 4th seamer in the upcoming WC
  9. You would know Mr.mani...sorry baba
  10. Dhoni is the Rafa of cricket
  11. They can win in Bangalore . This is the first match after a long time. CSK needs the home ground advantage and needs to start well.
  12. Look. Its Srini mama
  13. Garuda is my account. I don't know the password and I forgot the email id
  14. Real McCoy

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    She's a cleaning specialist

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