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  1. Avg in an ODI is not the same as a test average. You could give up 80 runs and pick up 3 wickets and end up with 27 avg. But is that good enough. He was never a strike bowler and a leader of a pace attack like Bumrah today or Srinath or Zaheer in his heyday. Just one test LOL. That too in which Dravid scored 220 and 70*. Again we are talking about ODI stats here. His test AVG is 47+ Are you a new ID of sachin bhakts we see around here. You sure smell like it.
  2. I'm talking about these minor players. These players are lucky to have played with Mcgrath, Warne, Ponting, Gilchrist, Waugh brothers, Hayden, Lee, Martyn, Symonds, Clarke etc. If they had played for any other side, they would be on the losing side
  3. He jolly well made a bloody difference. Be careful. If I find your criticism agenda driven, I will throw a punch back at you
  4. He is punch Bala. He fires his tracer bullet shots with lead....you know lead. Not plain blanks. And hes jolly well made a difference
  5. How? In your dreams? Not in reality pal. Im laughing at this mental midget trying to settle scores as an "analyst". Him getting dropped in 2007 was one smart thing the selectors did. Imagine him playing in 2011 WC. We would have lost to Aus in the QF
  6. Yeah cocacola or pepsi cup right . The desert storm cup was also called like that. What next TVS cup, cycle agarbathi cup, Kingfisher cup
  7. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8039/scorecard/65200/india-vs-zimbabwe-8th-match-icc-world-cup-1999 Agarkar 9ov 70-1. Second highest score of 51 was extras. Agarkar bowling most of them. He was an ordinary bowler. He is only remembered for that Adelaide performance. If Rahul didn't score the double century, his bowling would be forgotten as a lucky spell. The Aussies were pushing for a win and playing aggressively. They soon came back in the next match in Melbourne and won the game.
  8. Australia also had lucky players to have played in that time. They had Neil Harvey, Brad Hogg, Bracken who were extremely lucky to have been playing at that time.
  9. Not conviced. Haven't seen his batting much. He played poorly in the Nidahas trophy final until DK saved his butt. He seems to have a good technique. I'm not convinced of his lower order hitting capabilities. His bowling is total sh1t. He's a 125k trundler and cant even bowl line and length. He's a seamer version of Jadhav but Jadhav at least bats well. I don't think he's worth picking him for the WC squad. But then again, who cares about my opinion
  10. As someone pointed out, he was good in his first few years. But became a run leaker and not picking up wickets. He has a test century at Lords but couldn't follow Dravid's advice in a must win game in the 2007 WC. He surely has quitter written all over him. Dravid must have felt like his teammates have quit on him at the biggest stage. And imagine this guy criticizing Dhoni who doesn't leave it to the next guy to finish the job. That's why that innings where he quit comes to my mind. India were better when we got rid of him. Someone should do a W/L ratio when we played him and when we left him
  11. Since he started his career playing behind Srinath, he should have taken his role and be the leader of the pace attack. He couldn't do it because he was not good enough. This isn't demonizing. It's the truth. We have to stop blaming the support cast. Srinath had Venky for support cast and he delivered whenever we needed a wicket. Zaheer assumed the leadership role and he had Nehra, Sreesanth, etc. Zaheer's leadership came into effect in SA 2010-11 when he missed out in the first test where we lost by an innings. Also Sachin scored another meaningless century in the second innings lol. When he came back in the second test, all of a sudden we found strength in our bowling and we won that test. We almost won the third test and the series. We had SA at 120-6 in the third innings but Kallis had other ideas and scored a rearguard century. We had to bat out the day to earn a draw.
  12. He got a good first ball from Murali who picked 800 wickets in the test arena not just any spinner. I think he came in after Sehwag got out to him and Sehwag has murdered spinners even Murali on a few occasions. What I was pointing out is that Agarkar got out playing for glory when he had two unsuccessful swipes in a row before that dismissal. Rahul had a lengthy chat with him before that. Listen to Bumble's commentary. You are seeing the highlights. I saw the whole match live and I know what I'm talking about. He is a quitter. You can see Dravid was playing well. He struck four boundaries in one over of Malinga after this dismissal playing all along the ground. All Agarkar needed to do was stick with him. Even Harbhajan would have done that. Not this "allrounder".
  13. Oh please. He was a good ODI bowler who can take wickets but can go for runs. Wasn't consistent but picked continuously. Zaheer is an ODI great not this guy. Agarkar is the main reason we lost to Zim in the 99 WC. We would have got 2 points into the super six and we could have made the SF but that wasn't to be. Him not getting picked is the reason we went to the finals in 2003. If he was picked, we would have lost a lot of games in that tournament. Maybe for you but most of my friends used Mcgrath, Gillespie, Lee and Warne as an inspiration. They were true matchwinners unlike this guy
  14. Clearly triggered. Writing skills goes out of the window when someone is overcome with emotions . Lalloo needs to check his trigger movement

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