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  1. falcons360

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    The karala pace bowling unit is just impressive thumpi warrier nidhish and also km Asif just amazing one team has such quality pacers
  2. falcons360

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    All teams with good pace department are making the sami finals now that is great for Indian cricket rajpoot, mavi, thumpi, warrier, nathu singh etc India is enjoying gold standard in fast bowling
  3. Complete slap to indian selectors Mayank scores maiden 50
  4. falcons360

    Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    Vihari should replace pujara in the test team
  5. These pakiastani fast bowlers are not U19
  6. https://m.yahoo.com/w/cricket/news?id=6b8632d8-e778-3f1e-b678-86461930d5c0&back=home

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